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New Range, Outdoor Living and Crochet!


Blimey it’s been a busy couple of weeks – so much so, this is my first post in a fortnight and I can’t fit it all in!  I’ve been quite productive on the creative front and have loads to show you, so I will try to catch up in the next few days and hope you’re not too bored…

First up, the most exciting event.  Well, for me, anyway because I cook loads. Our ‘old’ range cooker pretty much gave up the ghost after seven years of hard labour and I kind of decided that, as you get what you pay for, I might as well upgrade seriously.

This is the old one…

Old range small

..and this is the lovely new RED one!

New range small

(If anyone knows how to change an oven thermostat and repair a grill element, we have an electric range cooker with ceramic hob going begging…!)

Four ovens including a slow cooker and five induction rings on the hob – I’m in cooker heaven, seriously, and I need to make more jam.  We’ve just finished the last of last year’s jam and the new crop of blackberries is looking promising, although it’s a fine line between them being ripe enough to pick and the hens deciding when they’re ripe enough to eat.  At least they can only reach the lower berries so we should still have plenty for jam making.  About another four weeks, I reckon, before the first berries turn black and sweet.  It’s a thornless bramble which is perfect for the garden, and domestic varieties are always much larger, juicier and sweeter than their wild cousins. They also ripen earlier which means the picking season is extended – good news for our household of blackberry lovers.  Blackberry and Apple Crumble anyone?

Blackberries small

We only have a small, young apple tree and an elderberry bush in our (quite large) garden which means shade is almost non-existent and, in this current heatwave, makes it too unbearably hot to enjoy the garden. The hens have commandeered the elderberry bush so my lovely husband created a shady retreat just for me!

Gazebo up, it needed bunting obviously. Well, doesn’t everything look better with a string or two of bunting??

Bunting small


Then, I had a brainwave and decided to utilize the under-used daybed from my sewing room as an outdoor sofa.  After a bit of under-the-breath muttering and “Why do want me to put the bed outside?”, husband complied.

I covered the ‘sofa’ with some patchwork throws I made thirty years ago – very faded and a bit worn, but I tell myself that it adds to the rustic charm!

Lace quilt small

Padded quilt small

I piled it up with loads of squashy cushions including the crocheted ones I made recently and it looks soooo inviting that everyone who comes to the house dives straight in and that is where they stay!

Kids small

Day bed small

I even get to use it too sometimes!  There’s nowhere nicer to relax and enjoy a bit of crocheting with a G&T.

Me small

This is what I’m working on, curled up in a cosy corner of my new favourite place…..

Granny blanket 3small

Granny blanket 4small

…..Ta da!

Granny blanket 2small

I’ve got a few more ‘Ta da’ moments to share with you in the next few days, so watch this space!

In the meantime, here’s a snippet of my latest work-in-progress using Drops Paris Cotton – it’s already my favourite project to date!

Greengate small



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10 thoughts on “New Range, Outdoor Living and Crochet!

  1. Those blackberries look fantastic! I wish I had a place to grow some myself, I’ve always wanted to learn to make jam 🙂


  2. Why not pick some wild ones from the hedgerows? I’ve been making jam from them for years and only planted my own about four years ago. Jam is so simple to make and give as gifts – but don’t tell anyone or they won’t be as impressed!


  3. What a wonderful way to spend your summer days! I think all crafters should have an outside day bed after seeing this and your beautifully crafted pieces too! 🙂


  4. Thank you Caren! Much as I love my sewing room, working outside in the sunshine takes some beating – I could sit there all day!


  5. I want an outdoor haven like yours deep sigh, love your ta da photo and the latest project looks stunning WOWEE your range is to die for LOVE LOVE LOVE IT 🙂


  6. Ah, that’s so kind Mrs P, thank you!


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  8. LOVE the new range. We’re looking for something just like it! What is the brand?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thank you sew, sew much! 😀 I just downloaded the brochure and will start my savings bank for one immediately! Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

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