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Sunday Sevens #44


Sunday Sevens is a weekly feature showcasing a photo a day from your week. Sometimes things don’t warrant a full blog post, so save them all for Sunday Sevens!

This was thought up and organised by Nat at Threads and Bobbins – visit her site for more details of how to join in.

1. No.3 Son was eight on Monday so we had a day out the day before. A (rare) trip to the cinema followed by a three course meal at a restaurant of his choice.


2. Amber is obviously feeling back to normal – we found an egg hidden behind the curtain! Hens stop laying if they’re ill or traumatised so this is a great sign.


3. No.1 Son asked me to sew up the hem on his trousers in time for an interview. I told him I’d show him how to do it!

Well, everyone benefits from learning herringbone stitch, don’t they?


4. He did a great job.


5. My new assistant arrived!

I finally decided to buy a new dress form to fit my mature figure. It’s the Lady Valet by Adjustoform. Well, I might as well have the best that money can buy….


6. A friend saw this and thought of us. Needs a bit of work, but hopefully it will be in and working by Christmas.


7. Last but not least – my Ascot dress is featured in this month’s Love Sewing!

Mr. H-L was chuffed that he got in too.


That’s all for now – can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to this week:)

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45 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #44

  1. Happy Birthday to No. 3 son and well done to No. 1 son for learning the herringbone stitch! No one’s ever shown me and mine’s no where near as neat as his! I saw you in the magazine when it popped through my door yesterday! I was excited for you!! Seems strange seeing people I ‘know’ in print! And I’m having dress form envy – mine’s on it’s biggest setting and it’s too small and doesn’t look half as nice as yours! – I think i’ll have to bandage her up and buy her a body stocking! πŸ˜‰

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    • I was well impressed with his stitching efforts although he was a bit reluctant to be on the blog! I know what you mean about seeing fellow bloggers in magazines – I run around showing everyone! I paid extra for the cover on the dress form but it turned out to be a satin Jersey tube that I could easily have made myself. Have you thought about adding a duck tape impression of your body to yours? There are loads of tutorials out there to show you how.

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  2. Congrats on the mag article! Excellent that #1 son is doing his own sewing – that gets him onto the ultra cool list!!

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  3. Congrats on the mag piece. Good to see Amber is feeling better. Also lovely to see no 3 son chose to wear his upcycled t-shirt for his birthday meal. Happy belated birthday to him.

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  4. Ooh famous! Congrats on the article. Seems like half the bloggers I follow have articles & columns. Fab. And extra fab to teaching your son to sew!!

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    • Thank you! We crafters like to see our faces in print, don’t we? It never fails to put a smile on my face. Teaching my sons to sew their own hems and buttons is another step towards independence – not to mention the fact that it should make them better husbands one day too!


  5. Love the article!!!!! So wonderful — and I loved that dress!!

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  6. Oooh I’m glad it’s that amazing dress in the mag!
    Nice to see No. 3 Son wearing his new t-shirt! And No. 1’s herringbone stitch is so neat!! I think he’s found a new hobby!

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    • The T-shirts have been a huge success, thank goodness, otherwise it’s not true upcycling. I was quite proud of No.1 Son’s first attempt at sewing. Just because I do a lot of sewing doesn’t mean I want to do the dull stuff like mending – especially not anyone else’s! They will all be taught to sew hems and buttons so they don’t expect their wives to do it for them:)

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  7. Happy Birthday to no 3 son. You have such a sweet smile. I have never seen no 1 son… oh my how handsome. Great job on the pants. Congrats on the article. You and Mr. H look grand showing off your fancy duds. It is so good to hear that Amber is feeling better. Not much happening on my side of the fence. Just a lot of rain. It is a good thing that I have so many crocheting projects to work on. Lots of love and hugs to you and the family. Sure wish I lived closer.
    Robin over in the good ole USof A!

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    • It’s raining right now over here too so I shall sit down to Midsomer Murders with a spot of crochet in a minute. I’ve just finished making some shoes for a birthday present and my fingers are sore! No.1 Son is a good looking chap, I have to agree, but he wasn’t keen on being on my blog. He’s a little embarrassed by all the nice comments about his sewing, I think, although secretly pleased. Maybe we’ll meet one day – the world is getting smaller as we travel more:)

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  8. I spotted you in Love Sewing this morning – wow! But with such a stunning dress you deserve to be there. Glad your hen is feeling better. Cinema and a 3 course meal sounds like my kind of birthday celebration!

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    • Thanks – I never get bored of seeing my things in print! Amber is definitely on the road to recovery although she thinks she’s a dog now – clucking to come in the same way as the dogs bark to be let in! She shares their food as well:)

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  9. Hope son No 3 Had a great day, he looks really happy with his choice of restaurant πŸ™‚ Good to know Amber must be feeling better too!

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    • We all had a great day – he chose one of the ‘Ask’ branches in Yeovil which, whilst not my first choice, was conveniently close to the cinema and the food was lovely. Amber is definitely on the up – she’s terrorising the dogs again:)

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  10. Happy Birthday No.3 son! I’m interested to hear what restaurant he picked for a meal – I bet he loved choosing! It’s great to see that Amber hen is better…it’s a good job you found the egg before it was trodden on though :-0

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  11. Oh, I do love seeing a sewing ‘friend’ in a magazine! I did smile as I spotted you yesterday πŸ™‚ And a beautiful dress! Also very impressed with your son’s sewing, my hand sewing, although getting better, is still pretty bad…

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  12. Congrats on the mag feature!
    d x

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  13. Congratulations to your birthday son, and your eldest for mastering that stitch! Like Ali, I’ve never been shown, but it wouldn’t be a patch on his! So glad your feathered lady is laying again. (If she’s eating dog food, does it flavour her eggs?) Will be grand to see that rusty metal all fixed up and being used again.πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing your grand week!

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  14. Impressive stitching No 1!! Belated Happy Birthday to your boy too. after some hard work the wood burner should look great. x

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  15. Glad to see another one of us has made it to print! I’m saving my mag for my holiday but I wonder if that is actually a good idea as I’ll be a good 4 hours flight time away from my machine!

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  16. Woo hoo! Great article! And another busy week for you! So impressed with the herringbone stitch sewing!

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  17. So many important events this week. No 1 son can rightly say on his CV that he’s a quick learner who pays attention to detail! Hope his interview went well.

    The birthday boy looks radiantly happy. These photos are a snapshot (!) of your lives that you’ll treasure in times to come.

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