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Sunday Sevens #47


Welcome to this week’s #sundaysevens, as thought up by Nat over at Threads & Bobbins – a weekly blog series featuring seven photographs of your week to show a bit more about the person behind the blog.

1. Spent the first part of the week with my cousin in her second home in Cornwall. Here she is outside the cottage with her sons and two dogs. You can see more photos of the cottage in last year’s post here.


2. Our first visit to The Eden Project which was very busy but better than I expected it to be. The sheer scale of the project is mindblowing and continually evolving.

There is a dinosaur exhibition on at the moment, complete with life size dinosaurs operated by people within.

The dinosaurs are so realistic that the human’s legs have to be showing to show that is just a dressing up costume, so that the children are not scared half to death!

The actors inside were brilliant and did a great job of ‘hunting’ down the adults amongst us whilst being quiet and gentle with the kiddies.


3. Treated myself in the Apple store….


4. Cracking on with those crochet dolls and accessories.


5. Eldest step-daughter’s graduation as a mature student – here she is with the proud dad-to-be.


6. Naked cricket in the garden – Mr. H-L even mowed a cricket pitch for them!


7. My daughter and her boyfriend came over for lunch today and some fun in the sun which included the pool and some more cricket. What a glorious day it has been so far!


That’s it for this week – now time for a refill and catch a few more rays while it’s still hot out. Hope it’s been nice where you are:)

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37 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #47

  1. What a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine. Cloudy, grey and chilly up north!

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  2. Looks like a lovely, sunny week. I have serious garden envy – it looks huge and like it has a beautiful view. What was your Apple treat? That Cornish cottage looks idyllic. I’ve been to the Eden Project, I also found it better than expected, there’s so much to see isn’t there?

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    • It might be big, but it takes a lot of work to keep it nice – even without any shrubs or flower beds (which the hens would dig up). The view is the sole reason we bought the house – we even have a balcony off our master bedroom to make the most of it. I treated myself to an iPad mini as my iMac is in the office and, therefore not portable, and my iPhone is too small for browsing. We could have spent another day at The Eden Project so will definitely go again.

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  3. Looks like a lovely week. I am especially impressed by the dinosaurs. They would have terrified me and I’d probably have hidden behind a child! Mxx

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  4. Another great roundup of another great week in sewchat land – love the naked cricket!

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  5. Another great fun packed week πŸ™‚ OMGoodness I have sky envy – look how blue it is!!! We have been having cold, grey and wet, so I think summer is over in the northwest for this year 😦 The little crocheted dolls seem to be the perfect thing to fit in amongst your busy week!

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  6. Another lovely week. The dinosaurs at the Eden Project look fabulous! πŸ™‚

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  7. I do hope no one got injured in naked cricket! Love the mowed cricket pitch – good dad! Hasn’t it been a gorgeous day today. I hope it continues! And finally congrats to your step-daughter on her graduation! πŸ˜€

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    • Thanks Beth, they were very happy boys when daddy did the cricket pitch. I’m being a typical woman though, and hoping that the grass recovers! I’m glad someone else saw some sun this weekend – our blog pals up North weren’t so lucky apparently:)


  8. You’re certainly making the most of the summer – I can’t believe to say it’s only 3 1/2 hours away it’s definitely warmer down your way. H used to love getting naked and playing out but now it’s the exact opposite! Not really sure when it changed! And you’re clever step-daughter is blooming and doesn’t look like she’s got long to go (though I looked like that from 6 months!). πŸ™‚

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    • I was huge too, she still had ten weeks to go when this was taken, although she’s only 4’10” so is always going to look bigger than someone taller. I seem to recall No.1 Son starting to cover up at age 11, so only 15 months for No.2 Son. I shall miss the childhood innocence that accompanies the gay abandon of pre-adolescence:)

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      • Gosh! It’s not easy when there’s no where for baby to go but forwards! I have long legs and short body so I was out of my clothes at 8 weeks! My jammy step-sister is nearly 6 ft and never came out of her jeans!! There’s definately an argument for the fellas to have the babies! It’d be a piece of cake for them!

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  9. Congrats to your daughter! It all looks very summery, I hope the good weather holds πŸ™‚ xx

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  10. I seriously need the dinosaur job, and from our previous conco your doll looks stunning :_)

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    • Doesn’t the dino-puppeteer job sound like a good one? Imagine being able to roar at everyone incognito and get paid for it! The dolls are seriously good and that’s a compliment to the book, not my crochet skills:)


  11. I think we saw those dinosaurs in a show a few years back, were they originally part of a tour? Looks like a lovely week in the sunshine, and yes very different from our weather…

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  12. We went to Eden the first year it opened (it seemed very bare) strangely when our girls leaned towards being bear too! We’ve never been back but bet it’s changed as much as our girls who are now ladies!!! How the time flies 😳

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    • I used to manage a photography shop and saw the complete metamorphosis from bare beginnings to maturity on peoples’ films, but this is the first time I’ve been. Very impressed, I have to say – sooo much to see and do. The tropical dome was incredible and they’re currently fundraising (it’s a charity) to build a behind-the-waterfall experience by next year!


  13. What a lovely week – you’ve certainly been enjoying the weather! I went to the Eden project around 15 years ago and thought it was amazing then; I would love to go again one day. What is the white dog your cousin has? It looks a little like a westie πŸ™‚

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  14. Looks like a lovely week! Oh ….. a treat from the Apple Store sounds good! Love your crochet dolls – can’t wait to see more! Marianne xx

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