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Stitching Santa Reveal #1


Everyone loves a Secret Santa, don’t they? Apparently so, because 45 lovely ladies (and a man!) signed up for #stitchingsanta 2016, a themed Secret Santa for fabric and yarn lovers who blog or Instagram. 

To read all about it and to join in next year, have a look at this post.

I participated in both the sewing swap and the knitting/crochet swap, so was treated to two parcels under my tree in time for Christmas Day – although I didn’t actually find a quiet moment to myself in which to savour their opening until the 28th December!

I had a lovely pub lunch in Wells the week before Christmas with Claire who, together with regular input from her lovely black labrador, blogs at Mollie & Claire. Claire had drawn me as the lucky recipient of her knitting/crochet parcel – and Boy, was I treated!

We have even both been to Stephen and Penelope’s in Amsterdam – highly recommended to anyone who visits this wonderful city. This project bag contained all my goodies and sat under the tree for about ten days……..

……during which time a mouse had chewed itself a little doorway……

….and helped itself to the tasty fudge within!!

There was plenty to go around though, so I didn’t mind sharing with a cheeky little mouse:)

Just look at this mountain of presents!

I must admit that I went straight for the one that looked like it might contain the hand dyed yarn that Claire had not-so-subtly hinted at previously. Dyed with her own fair hands, Claire had even caked the skein for me so it is ready for use. It’s utterly gorgeous – 400m of sock yarn in the perfect shade of pink, which may become a shawl or socks. I’ll take my time deciding what to make with it as I want to make sure it gets plenty of use.

More handmade items were revealed in subsequent presents – one of Claire’s many Mandala creations is far too pretty to be used as a mat of any kind and is destined for the wall in my studio so I can enjoy it every day.

I love this slouchy beanie hat and couldn’t wait to model it, so here it is whilst I’m in my PJs!

It sparkles with silver sequins – here’s a close up.

Two little felted baubles with yet more sequins!

I rather think they’d make lovely earrings:)

What about this ceramic heart brooch? How sweet?

I can’t tell you how bloomin’ useful this stitch counter is going to be. I’ve got two of the kind that go on your needles but, as I’ve invariably got more than a few knitting/crochet projects on the go at any one time, it will save me swapping between needles.

Claire also threw in some sewing related gifts – anyone who sews will appreciate the quality of these threads.

I love the snowman ribbon!!!!

A pack of Christmas pud decorations for the tree next year.

Some pampering treats which smell divine – when are they going to invent scratch ‘n’ sniff for the internet?!

Now this really is lovely and will be used every day until it’s all gone.

Claire even included a gift for Fifi and Tess from Mollie! That’s if No.1 Son hasn’t eaten them before we get home from France, mistaking them for iced biscuits……

I even rescued all the satin ribbon, which was beautifully tied around several of the gifts, for future use.

Finally, this car decal made me smile – how true are those words?!

Thanks so much Claire – I feel thoroughly spoiled!

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40 thoughts on “Stitching Santa Reveal #1

  1. What a wonderful Christmas surprise! I sent the email again I must have the wrong address. All of the hats fit and the chatter grew super loud when the change purses were opened! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Robin – I did get your email only I’m trying to stay off the iPad whilst we’re staying with family in France. So glad your gifts went down well. Happy New Year!


  2. I love it all! I’d happily steal it all from you except the row counter which I already have and the pre-chewed fudge πŸ˜‰ Mice? I think you need a cat. You know where to come if you need a good mouser.
    My daughter is thinking of going to Amsterdam shortly but she’s not a knitter so I probably couldn’t trust her to go in to that lovely yarn shop and get me anything unless I provided a list,
    Where are you staying in France? Down here in the South-West we have had amazing sunny days for several weeks. I hope you are getting some rays wherever you are. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re in Lille and it hasn’t reached positive figures yet, temperature-wise – the frost gets harder, and prettier, every day! I wouldn’t say that we are overrun with mice, but we do seem to have a new one for every one that we catch. I don’t mind them at all – except when they eat my Christmas presents! You’d love anything from Stephen & Penelope’s – they only do luxury skeins of yarn, in every colourway imaginable:)


  3. Some absolutely gorgeous gifts. Thanks again for organising secret Santa. Such fun. Enjoy France.

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  4. What beautiful gifts! I keep reading about all the lovely gifts that have been exchanged as part of the Secret Santa. So many wonderful gifts by very generous people! Happy New Year, and enjoy France!

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  5. Wow! You lucky lady! I think you must have been at the very top of the ‘good list’ this year. πŸ™‚

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  6. What a lovely parcel! Looks like a real treat! Glad you had a fab Christmas can’t wait to see what is in store Next Year! πŸ™ƒ

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  7. Wow that was some haul! Gorgeous stuff. That wool is just lovely. 45 ladies (and a man) signed up? Amazing!

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  8. Now I’m feeling sorry for the person who received my package! That’s a marvelous package. Maybe I should start gathering things now for next year. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t be daft! Yes, if you fancy joining in again next year, gathering freebies throughout the year is a great way to bulk out a parcel while keeping the costs down. It’s fun, too – I love getting an ‘as new’ sewing or knitting book for just a pound in the charity (goodwill) shops!


  9. What a lovely pile of pressies!

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  10. What a wonderful parcel of gifts I’m sure little mouse agrees too πŸ˜‰ I was so pleased to have joined in the excitement this year, Many thanks again for your organising!! Have a Great 2017…looking forward to seeing what you get up to πŸ™‚

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    • I’m really glad you joined in this year and that it didn’t disappoint. It seems to grow year on year and I love that people are keen to join in. I think it’s the ‘secret’ part that makes it popular and the fact that you have no idea who is putting your parcel together.

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  11. It was so clever of you to come up with the idea of Stitching and Knitting Santas. Thank you for so generously organising it this year (my first). I really enjoyed taking part. I will post my reveal tomorrow.
    Happy New Year.

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  12. What fun these secret Santa’s are. I loved seeing all the clever, creative and inspired gifts you received, and hope to visit the others posts as well. I did chuckle just a little when about the mouse and the fudge. I’m glad the little critter didn’t move in on the yarn for nesting. That would have been tragic.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the magic you weave with that pink yarn. Happy New Year, Sheila.

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    • Thanks Alys, I am always amazed at the talent and ingenuity of the bloggers taking part in this swap. They take the time and trouble to get to know their recipient and tailor the gifts appropriately. The mice have nibbled away at more than their fair share of yarn over the years, unfortunately – there’s no way they’re going to get their teeth anywhere near this one!


      • It’s wonderful of you to organize the swap. I know that sort of thing takes a lot of time and organizing skills, so I applaud you for the continuing effort. I wonder if you can leave an offering for the mice in one place: scraps of wool and yarn that are leftovers. Too simply?

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  13. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part. How do our partners know how to send such absolute treasure. I got one of those stitch counters too and I absolutely love it πŸ™‚

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  15. What a lovely selection of gifts! I completely forgot to sign up this year but been fun seeing everyone’s posts and that yarn is such a gorgeous colour!

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  16. Congratulations on all your super pressies …each one thoroughly deserved πŸ™‚


  17. Wow!!! I enjoyed looking to evry single photo!


  18. Wow, what a great bunch of gifts and goodies. So much to open and enjoy. You are to kind, even the little mouse got a share. πŸ™‚
    Super to see so many bloggers in this swap, I have made new “friends” online and happily follow them on their daily crafting.


  19. Wow this is amazing and so lovely! What a great thing to be involved in x


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