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Sunday Sevens #115


Linking up with Nat from Threads & Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens – sevenish photos of your week showing what your life looks like outside of the blog.

1. The Mollie Makes Comic Relief magazine arrived in the post earlier in the week. I plan on hosting another fundraising ‘Crafternoon’ again this year, as the last one was a huge success (and great fun). Everyone is welcome – it will be 11-3pm on Friday 24th March at my home in North Cheriton, Somerset.

2. One of my students forgot to buy fabric for her next project so I had to improvise with some felt scraps I had to hand. She made this cute little flower brooch in her hour long class.

3. Mr H-L and I went out for lunch to The Grosvenor Arms hotel in Shaftesbury, because sometimes a pub lunch just doesn’t cut it.

4. I just love this little shaker-style egg collecting basket that No.2 Daughter gave to Mr H-L for Christmas. Far too aesthetically pleasing to be hidden away in a cupboard, it sits proudly on display on the dresser.

5. A corner of our house that has never been shown on the blog as yet, for obvious reasons – a neglected shell of a cupboard which is soon to be transformed into a downstairs cloakroom. The builders plan to start in a couple of weeks and hopefully it won’t take too long. I know it’s just a loo, but I want to give it a distinctive look. I just haven’t decided what, yet.

6. The ‘Yoga Jumper’ has been completely finished, ends woven in and everything. It is currently being reshaped .whilst damp. How exactly DO you block a hood, anyway?

7. No.3 Son picked up his abandoned knitting and enthusiastically worked on a few rows before noticing he’d gone wrong. I frogged it back to the mistake and then he lost interest again. I don’t mind – it’s all about encouraging them when they’re in the mood, isn’t it?

8. A gift for a little girl in the family in the making. It’s going to be a fold up, portable doll’s house – a ‘travel doll’s house’, if you like.

That’s it for this week folks!

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31 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #115

  1. Aww, the doll house looks so cute! Love the yoga jumper. 🙂

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  2. That dolls house! I want to be little again!

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  3. Hmm blocking a hood. How about a balloon…

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  4. Love the dolls house, great idea! You’ve got eggs! Our chickens haven’t laid a single egg since they got quarantined by Defra :-/

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  5. That little doll’s house is going to be gorgeous. Will you be able to part with it? I’m not sure I would 😉
    Good luck with the hoodie blocking – there doesn’t seem to be much info on the internet about it and I’m sure somebody somewhere must have had to block a hood before now.

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    • I’m not too bothered about having a perfect hood as this is only ever going to be a ‘Sunday’ jumper for pyjama days at home. The doll’s house thingy is such a cool idea for kids on the go, isn’t it?


  6. I love how that dolls house looks! Please do take more photos for us 🙂 (I’m sure you will anyway!) Your yoga hoody looks lovely, and the colour is gorgeous. And well done to number 3 son for having another go!


  7. I’ll be waiting to see how the new construction comes along, and I think every loo deserves to be distinctive! 😉 Love your little student’s flower brooch, son’s knitting, and oh my goodness, that traveling dollhouse is the best!


  8. Another wonderful week at Chez Sewchet! Love it all – especially your take on No 3 son’s knitting progress. Absolutely agree!


  9. Will you being going country or funky with your loo?

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  10. Think we’re all loving that portable doll house – what a great idea! Love your student’s brooch too – and not just a sewing lesson, but a good lesson in being creative and thinking on your feet when things don’t go as planned.

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  11. I love the doll house idea, so cute.
    Great week all round, and yes, sometimes we just have to spoil ourselves with a lovely lunch. Looked very grand.
    Have a great week.

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  12. Love your egg basket and dolls house

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  13. A lovely week – and I love the dolls house. Such a great idea that I’m sure will be a firm favourite 🙂

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  14. I’m sure whatever your plans become…it will be a lovely little room 😉 What a fab little flower brooch! Your mobile doll’s house is super cute there… are so many possibilities to make rooms over and again and always different…it’s the kind of gift you could add to each birthday or Christmas 😀

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  15. I love that doll’s house! What a lovely idea!

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