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Stitching Santa Gift – Handmade Sewing Kit


So, before I even knew who I would be sending a parcel to for this year’s Stitching Santa, I made this not-so-little sewing kit. Well, what needlewoman couldn’t do with a new sewing kit?

Tilda's Sewing Kit handmade needlecase

Made entirely with fabric offcuts from my collection, the pattern comes from Tilda’s Toy Box, although you could easily copy mine just from the photos as it is pretty straightforward.

Tilda's Toy Box

Hopefully, you can recognise the shape of a house with its front door and a pot plant under the window.

A little robin perches on the sign above the door which, instead of the house name, says “Sewing Kit”.

The whole thing is quilted with a layer of wadding to add support.

Inside, there is a heart shaped pin cushion and two little pockets…..

…..a place to store hand sewing needles and embroidery scissors.

I’m adding my new labels to my handmade things now.

Including some “Handmade With Love” labels, buttons, pins and needles (all from my own supplies) will make the sewing kit more complete.

I haven’t included any scissors though, as I think I’m going to spend the whole budget on some fabric – a good pair of embroidery scissors could use it all up!

handmade sewing kit needlecase

handmade sewing kit needlecase

How are you getting on with your handmade gifts this year?

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49 thoughts on “Stitching Santa Gift – Handmade Sewing Kit

  1. That is unbelievably cute! It’s a very lucky person who gets you as their stitching Santa!

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  2. It’s beautiful. My knitted secret santa gifts are well on their way, in my head at least… shopping in York on Friday for some bits and bobs.

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  3. I’ve never done this before, so I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment… I’ve got ideas (I’m doing the yarny version) but I’m trying to manage the budget and get creative..

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    • If in doubt, spend the budget on a skein of yarn and then be creative with everything else. Knitted tree decoration, an old knitting magazine you don’t mind parting with, a free downloaded pattern to go with the yarn, simple handmade project bag…..these would make anyone’s day! Don’t forget to click on the links in my original post for lots more ideas. Most of all – ENJOY it! You’ve got plenty of time so please don’t be overwhelmed 😘

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  4. That looks delightful

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  5. That looks brilliant – I am afraid you have set the bar rather high for the rest of us! I am feeling a bit daunted just now. I had lots of ideas but haven’t managed to bring any to fruition yet, and it is a bit scary how quickly £10 can disappear!

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    • I have to – I’m the organiser! I try to give as many ideas as possible for everyone, but you’re not expected to make as much as I do. Have a look at some of the links in the original post and be inspired by what I’ve made in previous years. A needlecase, for example, is great for sewers or knitters. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as mine – I’m just trying to show how you can make something for nothing using scraps from your stash.


  6. That is delightful! I spent several hours hunting through my recipients blog and was feeling completely lost – then I woke this morning with a very clear idea, I’m going completely off-piste on the main thing ……… Stay tuned!!

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    • Sounds intriguing – can’t wait! Half the fun is getting a feel for your recipient and trying to make something personal to them. I’m glad you’ve come up with an idea already!


  7. Of course nobody who sews can have too many sewing kits – one in every room in the house at the very least – and this one is gorgeous.

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  8. That’s the cutest thing! Anyone would be thrilled to have it! I’m not making homemade gifts this year – might not even give any. LOL Plates of cookies, here I come.

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    • Thank you, I hope it goes down well as I’d quite like to keep it for myself! I love Christmas, so making things is not a chore but a real pleasure. Not for everyone, I know.


  9. So cute. Anyone would love this.

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  10. This is amazing! You are so talented and thoughtful. 😊😊

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  11. Oh, this is absolutely adorable! I love the bird under the roof but not just that! The whole detailing is so lovely! Very thoughtful!

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  12. That is the sweetest little sewing kit ever! I love the design and colours. Wow, lucky partner.

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  13. What fun – I am hoping to get started on a little something this weekend!

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  14. I’ve often admired this pattern when it comes up on my Pinterest feed, this is delightful, it is all the tiny details that make it so. I love the little bird and the flower pot at the front. Tilda fabrics are so pretty.

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  15. How cute! Your recipient will love it!

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  16. SO CUTE!!!!!


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  18. Love this idea, a lovely gift!

    May try this as a needlebook is on my list of things to have a go at and is something I need as I don’t have one, thanks for sharing!


  19. This is a gorgeous sewing kit. I’m a big fan of stitched house items. Love the heart inside, so cute.

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  20. Thanks so much for posting this. I will definitely be making. I’m teaching myself to sew this year and I’ve printed out to put in my “wish” book. Happy New Year!

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