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Sunday Sevens #144


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing, in theory, seven photos of your life outside the blog, giving you chance to get to know the blogger a bit more. Anyone can join in so please feel free to do your own!

1. Progress report on No.1 Son’s first week in his new home.

Here he is ironically proudly displaying his ‘beautiful’ dining room in its ‘before’ state. Note the textured wallpaper, polystyrene ceiling tiles, floral curtains and clashing Seventies carpet.

2. After ripping up the carpet, they didn’t find the expected concrete floor, oh no. Underneath the carpet was a laminate floor, underneath which lay TWO layers of vinyl flooring from who-knows-when.

3. Finally, underneath all that they discovered these wonderful flagstones. Trying to work out if they’re original to the 1900 house is a tricky one. This could have been the original kitchen, in which case flags are quite likely. The other floor coverings must date back to at least the 1930’s which rules out these being concrete reproduction flags. However, you might expect floorboards like those in the adjoining living room, so it’s a bit of a mystery. Can anyone help? I suppose a conversation with the neighbours is the best route.

4. Back home, Mr H-L and I went to our local garden centre and had tea while we were there. You can’t escape the fact that Christmas is nearly here.

5. I’ve been feeling rubbish all week, culminating today on another sofa/pyjama day whilst The Boys are at football. An irritating cough has robbed me of sleep and gradually developed into a full blown cold complete with catarrh and a thumping head – and now labyrinthitis has kicked in, which basically makes my eyes think I am drunk without the joy of so much of a drop of wine passing my lips.

On the plus side (thinking positively always makes you feel less self-pitying!) I have kept my hands busy.

I cast on these Hermione Everyday socks.

6. I’ve enjoyed seeing the pattern develop and have just finished the heel flap ready to turn the heel.

7. An unexpected bonus was the fact that the yarn was a perfect match to a shawl that I was making where I lost Yarn Chicken half way through the cast off row, believe it or not. It was hand dyed yarn so I have struggled without success all year to find a suitable match. Now it’s done and just needs blocking.

8. This is going to be a crocheted pin cushion for my Yarny Stitching Santa, for a lady who also sews,

9. And there was this Topsy-Turvy doll of course, shown here with our granddaughter who seems to approve of my efforts.

10. Feeling just a tad indulgent about casting on those pink socks for myself whilst still not having made all the Christmas gifts on my list, I cast on another pair, this time for a man in the family.

11. Yesterday, I took my daughter to Bath for our annual Christmas shopping expedition. We haven’t missed a year since she was three years old – she’s twenty-six now!

We started the day in style, arriving early and having a good breakfast in The Pump Room. Don’t you just love the silver coffee pot?

12. We saw this suit and thought of Mr H-L. I would have bought it if they had it in his size. I showed him the photo later and he loved it – as I knew he would.

13. Mr H-L was visiting his daughters in Hove, one of whose girlfriends works in a greyhound stadium. He was asked to present the trophy to one of the winning dogs.

That’s about it for this week folks so, from a snot-soaked sofa in Somerset – ‘bye for now!

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28 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #144

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been getting more and more under tha weather, but at least the bonus is that you could knit. No idea about the floor I’m afraid. Loving your socks and the colours in your man socks. Great to see you having fun with your beautiful daughter 🙂

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  2. Oh no I hope you’re feeling better soon! We were in Bath yesterday for a dance competition, did you get a chance to check out the Christmas market?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry you’re not well. Labyrinthitis is horrid. So glad you can still craft with it though. Hope you feel better soon

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hope you are feeling better – loving the little crochet pincushion.

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  5. Love the pincushion too, and the idea of 23 years worth of Christmas shopping with your daughter. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  6. I would so love for your Mr H-L to have that suit – wouldn’t he wear it with such aplomb!! Please, please find it in his size or get one made especially 🙂


  7. Get well soon 🌸🌺🕊💐


  8. Labyrinitis is ghastly. You have my sympathy. I had it a few years ago and couldn’t lift my head from the pillow without feeling sick, and walking felt like I was walking on a floor made of mattresses. Take care – hope it clears very soon. Despite being poorly you still managed to pack a lot in. Your son is going to have fun renovating his house. I’ve seen waxed flagstones looking glorious. Maybe a rag rug for comfort and colour.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, my head has settled down a little bit this morning, but I wouldn’t dare try and drive yet! Waxed flagstones are a lovely feature, but I believe the plan is to put down a room size rug with a wide border of flags showing around the edges for, as you say, comfort and colour. More crafting from the sofa today, so at least I’m being productive whist sat on my backside!

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  9. I love the house your son bought. It is a keeper. I remember my parent’s home having flagstones in the kitchen area, which was pretty large, with a huge coal stove and separate washing up and storage areas.
    Get well soon and look after yourself. Hugs. xx

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  10. OHHH Bath how delightful! Love the pump rooms – those silver tea pots reminded me of the Old John Lewis in Southampton – their tea room had been the same since the 1950’s and they had the most beautiful silver tea pots and crisp linen – it was like stepping back in time. Looks as if you started your Christmas shopping with a real treat!

    The suit is wonderful – shame it wasn’t in his size! Greyhound racing is such fun – did he win much money on the Dogs?

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    • Half the fun of our shopping trip is eating out somewhere nice for breakfast, lunch and supper, and it always has to be somewhere nice – no chains or nasty pizza places. I think I’ll look online for that suit in his size, it’s so him! Mr H-L was at the greyhound stadium to see his daughter whose girlfriend works there, not to bet on the racing.


  11. Hope you feel better soon, I love the way I can see a dogs head in the sofa snuggly pictures, clearly she makes a very good hot water bottle. Your grand daughter is sweet and your daughter is very beautiful. The crochet pin cushion looks very pretty and unusual, certain to be enjoyed. I vaguely recall that there were flagstones like that in my Grans kitchen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Cathy, I’m not so bad today, but more sofa-crafting will be on the cards I suspect! Yes, The Dogs couldn’t get any closer to me – they’re such good company and I swear they know I’m ill and want to comfort me. I think most of us remember flagstones in our grandparents homes – peeking out from under the lino that was put down to modernise them!

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      • We had red tiles in our kitchen when I was little with a coconut mat on top which frayed round the edges and was a trip hazard, and what with a rayburn and a large dogs basket you could barely move!


  12. Unexpected time to craft, great ! Sorry to hear you were under the weather though. Like the socks, esp the second pair. LOVE the jacket, my hubby would not have been up for that but a friends’ husband would have swiped that from your fingers! Crochet, how pretty, I thought it could be bunting at first. What a colourful week for you. x


  13. Hope you are better soon. Loving the sofa makes though! Mxxx

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  14. Sorry you were under the weather and hope you’re feeling better now. It’s a blessing to be able to sit around and yet still be functional between naps. Your daughter is the mirror image of you…gorgeous! She has your brilliant smile. That suit!! Um… I could just imaging the look on his face if I brought that home to my cattle ranching husband. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how different our lives are yet we share a passion to make things, blog, and enjoy each other’s company? Hope you’re up and around real quick!


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