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Sunday Sevens #147


Linking up with Nat from Threads and Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens.

1. A good start to the week with happy mail from Little French Meadow in the form of a skein of hand dyed merino sock yarn in a glorious shade of lavender.

2. A very good friend of ours took us out for lunch on Tuesday.

3. This was just my starter!

4. Hubby took a pic of the gent’s loo. Why isn’t there a Chippendale offering hand towels in the Ladies’?

5. Just as well this arrived that morning – a treadmill. It’s the only piece of equipment we used to enjoy at the gym so, not counting the initial purchase price, saves us £100 per month on gym fees!

6. Really impressed with “15 Minute Meals” cookbook by Jamie Oliver. This was a photo from the book that tempted me……..

7. …..and this is how it turned out. Absolutely delicious!

8. A new student’s make from her very first sewing lesson.

9. We had lunch in a pub in Bruton after a mid week walk, and the landlord told us about a new café that had just opened a short walk away through the woods.

10. That’s it, at the far left of the picture at the end of the farmyard.

11. We had coffee and cake – everything on the cake menu was gluten free so it would have been rude not to:)

12. A lovely wood burner was a welcome sight after a second chilly walk.

13. Tess is really missing Fifi and has been off her food since we lost her. She used to cuddle up to Fifi as close as she could.

14. Bad weather has meant lots of crafting time – I finished this ‘Saxifrage’ sock by Rachel Coopey, although I still have to make the other one.

15. I promised No.3 Son that I would knit his other sock first though, so I cast on immediately.

16. Granny square count is up to fourteen now, so I’m making good progress on the wedding blanket.

17. A sprinkling of White Stuff although sadly not snow, but hailstones.

We’ve just got in after a long walk in torrential rain and I’m looking forward to an evening alternating between sock knitting and granny square crocheting. Until next week……adieu!

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32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #147

  1. Looks like a lovely busy week, although I know everything will have been tinged with sadness. Glad you got out a bit in the rain. The finished sock looks fabulous – no wonder you’re addicted when they come out like that. Ha ha! Love the French maid, but you’re right, why didn’t you have a nice sexy man in the ladies? I’ve been thinking about you this week and wondering about Tess. Poor love, but I’m sure with your TLC, she’ll soon be eating again.

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    • Tess started eating again this morning, but it must be so hard for her as she must smell Fifi everywhere. She refuses to take Fifi’s place welded to my hip when I’m knitting and leaves the usual space for her, curling up down by my knees as per normal. My theory is that the French maid is to encourage men to wash their hands after using the urinals as they’re notorious for not doing so, apparently, not like us ladies. I am totally in love with the purple sock and can’t wait to get stuck into the second one, so I’m already on the final straight of No.3 Son’s other sock!

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      • Bless her. So hard for her. Hope she’s continuing to eat. You’re right, the smell stays around for ages. Our neighbour’s dog came in just before Christmas and spent most of the time looking for Hicks, even though he never spent time with Hicks, because he’s a nervous rescue and Hicks was way to bouncy for him.
        Good theory about the French maid. Well done on the sock – guess you’re back to the purple one by now.


  2. Oh, I’ve been so tempted by that latest Jamie Oliver book …….. wavering towards ‘must have’ now……….. Beautiful knitting Sheila!

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    • It’s a surprisingly good cookbook and we’ve enjoyed the recipes I’ve tried so far more than we were expecting – he’s good at packing the taste in so there’s nothing bland about his recipes. Thanks for the knitting appreciation:)


  3. I just love that purple sock. I haven’t made any patterned ones yet and have come to a bit of a halt with the sock knitting at the moment anyway. Maybe next time.
    I was wondering how Tess was coping – it must be so difficult as she obviously has no idea what’s going on. I hope she starts eating soon and regains some of her spirit. I see you are managing the eating bit 😉 but I’m sure your spirits need lifting too so take heart that your student has made such an amazing first project under your tuition. x

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    • Well, patterns don’t get much more complicated than this where socks are concerned, so definitely not for the faint hearted! I can’t wait to start the second one, so I’m whizzing through No.3 Son’s other sock to free up the needles. Tess has started eating again this morning, thank goodness. It must be awful for her as the house must ‘stink’ of Fifi to her sensitive nose, especially their shared dog bed in the kitchen. She keeps dashing up the stairs of a morning to see if Fifi is on our bed, ever hopeful. And she won’t take up Fifi’s space next to me when I’m knitting – she leaves the same gap for her that she always has and curls up down by my knees instead:(


  4. WOW your student did a fantastic job, lovely to catch up on your week via your photos ~ your crafting is an inspiration, keeping Tess & you all in my thoughts at your time of loss 😦

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  5. You both look so contented after all the walking and meals and cake . You have built a good life.

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  6. I love your socks, this purple yarn is so beautiful! And I got the Jamie Oliver book for Christmas, I can’t wait to get to it!

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    • I love the stitch definition with the purple yarn – it’s much better than I expected. There are some surprisingly sophisticated recipes in the Jamie book, considering his very unsophisticated style of cooking!

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  7. Oh poor Tess. I was wondering how she’s doing. Perhaps a teddy bear dressed in Fifi’s knitted sweater may make her feel better? Now that bathroom – Europeans are so legit. I just love it. If you put that thing in a men’s bathroom here in the States, somebody would put it on the internet, and then all hell would break loose about how the restaurant objectifies women and stereotypes them as sex objects only to be dressed in lingerie and serving men. Then there would be a boycott of the restaurant and the owner would be forced to not only remove the mannequin but go on TV and apologize profusely to everyone who he offended and blame it on President Trump. Americans have totally lost their sense of getting over themselves and their ability to see humor and take a joke. It’s really sad. Love the socks!

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  8. Lady in the loo – very funny! But you are right – there should be something equally tempting in the ladies loo. Poor Tess, hope she is on the mend soon, a surrogate in the form of a teddy bear sounds a good idea (I suppose it is a bit insensitive to suggest a new addition at the moment). Loving the socks!

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    • Maybe it’s to encourage men to wash their hands as they’re notorious for not doing so! We bought Tess four years ago to ease the pain of losing Fifi when the time came, which has helped to a certain degree, so we’ll probably wait until Tess is ten or eleven before doing the same and getting another dog. Thanks for the sock love!

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  9. Poor little Tess☹️ Looks like she’s comforted cuddled up to you while your sock knitting

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  10. A busy week, with lots happening. I love the new wool.
    I do enjoy the Jamie Oliver shows and the way he cooks, yours looked delicious.
    Hugs to little Tess, and I hope she eats better again soon.

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    • I can’t stop buying more wool but, the trouble is, so many new indie dyers keep popping up in my IG feed that I’m surrounded by temptation! Jamie’s book is my new favourite for the moment, although 15 minutes per meal is a bit ambitious. Tess started eating this morning so hopefully she’s getting back to normal. Lots of cuddles are the order of the day, I think:)

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      • I have noticed many new indie dyers here too. And their yarns and colours are just stunning, although I need to take it easy on the purchases and work with what I have for a bit at least. 🙂 It is not so easy.
        🙂 I will never be able to cook or prepare a meal that fast, maybe just a sandwich and tea.
        Cuddles for Tess from us as well. 🙂

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  11. Looks like your woolly crafts are a solace to Tess. Hope she is soon back to her old self. Lovely snapshot of your week. Hope the next seven days are as good. Mx

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  12. Looks like you have had a lovely week. Your student’s cushion is fab. Big hugs to Tess 🐾

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  13. That starter course looks delicious, as does your meal you made from the Jamie Oliver cookbook! Well done! I absolutely adore your purple knitted sock! It’s so sweet and heartbreaking how close animal buddies can become and how they grieve their loss as well. Hoping Tess starts to adjust soon.


  14. Your sock knitting is so inspiring! Whenever I see it I tell myself I will give it a go….. perhaps this year is the time I actually do! Just crocheting a afghan at the moment… x lovely week, poor you, you must miss your little doggie x so sad.


  15. Looks a lovely week. Very envious of the lunch venue – that starter, wow! – where oh where were you ? And I agree, a Chipendale or Mannekin of George Clooney would be great in the Ladies I suspect! Fab knitting too – had to mention food and fun first!


  16. A lovely recap of your week, Sheila. I love that purple sock. Poor Tess. It’s so hard when they miss their companion and you can’t explain it to them. I’m sure you’re missing Fifi too. I hope you’re off to a good week. And please let your new student know that I’m quite impressed with her first creation.


  17. Great idea to get the treadmill–now to figure how to use it reliably! That’s always the rub with me anyhow, back when I had one. You can’t do handcrafts while on it, but can do something like reading or watching videos. I used to work on sightsinging and have the sheetmusic in front of me.

    Poor Tess. Maybe she would enjoy a new companion now as opposed to waiting for her old age…

    That is a lovely purple sock. Best wishes–


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