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New Cloakroom – Finished At Last!!


As I have mentioned in my recent Sunday Sevens posts, we are getting the house ready for sale.

I know that doesn’t sound like it’s anything major, but I’m a stickler for detail and have delayed putting it on the market until I’m happy that all the little things have been finished.

Things like painting the inside of the cloakroom door, for example. In theory, no potential buyer would even see the back of the door as they’ll only poke their head in for a quick glance.

As I said, I’m a stickler for detail.

Last year (and indeed, for the previous ten years) this was a Cloakroom-in-waiting, (not so) dressed up as a cupboard/dumping ground, measuring an extremely modest 3ft x 5ft.


Now, as it’s the room in the house in which you spend just a few minutes a day, I had visions of going crazy with the décor. I seriously considered going this bonkers!


Thankfully, my sensible head kicked in just in the nick of time, as my finger was hovering over the ‘Add to basket’ button. Not the best choice for a house you’re hoping to sell in the near future.

Searching the ‘net for viable options, I came across this image and thought “Wow!”

The space was almost identical to ours and it had the unexpected ‘in your face’ kind of reaction when you opened the door.


Decision made, I ordered two rolls of wallpaper in the charcoal and gold colourway (there are five different options). At the regal cost of £146, you’d like to think that the fish are real gold leaf!!

I held up the wallpaper against the Farrow and Ball paint chart and was pleased to find that “Charleston Grey” was a pretty good match, so ordered a 5l tin of water-based eggshell for the woodwork.


Hubby installed the tongue and groove panelling and it took three coats of paint to get a good coverage – all to be done overnight before the plumbers came back the next day to fit the suite!


We have a fair division of labour – he does all the construction stuff and I do all the painting and decorating.


Decorating complete, it was time to gild the old mirror I picked up in a vintage shop.



Mirror up and then……..that was it for a year.

Last month I finally persuaded Mr H-L that it really was time to box-in the pipework and add skirting boards. I think it was the phrase “So you’ll have somewhere to put your coffee mug” was what clinched it!


No sooner up than painted.


Drum roll please, for the big reveal…..


A closer look at the details: –

The Oriental style Koi Carp wallpaper.


Mr H-L did a bloomin’ good job of installing floorboards that match the ones in the hallway that he did ten years earlier.


Downlights are much nicer than a central pendant.


A towel radiator heats the tiny space in Winter.


We even managed to find the tiniest of sinks complete with storage for the essentials. The sink measures just 16″ x 9″ and is the perfect solution.


A single lever tap was the obvious choice for such a diminutive sink.


A swivel plug is so much sleeker than the old fashioned chain that wrapped around the tap and dangled annoyingly.


This ceramic light pull is better than the bare cord.


Chrome loo roll holder and towel hook match the radiator.


This is the view from the loo….


….and when they’re bored of looking at that, I even put a few books in to entertain the men. Well, it IS only men that like to sit on the loo until their legs go numb, isn’t it?


For those (like me) who love them, here’s a good old ‘before and after’ comparison:

Finally, I would just like to say that I have never slavishly followed any design inspiration before, but this was so perfect for the space that I shamelessly copied it almost identically, apart from the floor.


Inspiration VS Reality

Yes, we could have played safe and done the usual beige thing of white ‘contrasting’ against magnolia……


…..but why would you when you can have gold Koi Carp on the walls?!


Who else has been bold with a downstairs loo?

I wanna see some of your photos, so put your link in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “New Cloakroom – Finished At Last!!

  1. Love the wallpaper and the ceramic pull. The books made me giggle!


  2. I think it even looks better with the wooden floor!


  3. You two certainly make a good team!
    I have never seen a more elegant downstairs loo.


  4. This is truly delightful and sumptuous…. I so have a matching book case in the smallest room…. not quite managed coffee in there too though!


  5. I wish there was a love button instead of the like one! It’s stunning! Can’t wait for you to see my house it really needs some of your ideas! x


  6. What a very elegant room – I particuarly love the carp wallpaper.


  7. So different! Beautiful.


  8. If these are just the photos for the smallest room of the house, the Estate Agent must have a whopping portfolio to show prospective buyers – I hope they have plenty of time for browsing 😉


  9. So, are the days longer there than here in the States? Just wondering! I have been following you for several years I think and marvel at the sheer enormity of what you are able to accomplish and yet still have time with your family. You are a talented woman indeed. I love the cloakroom.


  10. Elegant, whimsical, and extremely practical!


  11. You never know when a potential buyer will ask to use the loo, and now you are RedYY for that moment. How can you bear to leave the fish?


  12. Wowzer¬ Fabulous!!!! I thought I was bold recently when choosing hall wallpaper. You have surpassed me and I love it! Very glad you didn’t think of the clear loo cistern and fishy seat – oh my!


  13. You did a fantastic job. I think it looks even prettier than the one you used to base your idea on. Very grand. I love what you did. 🙂


  14. A throne room to be proud of!


  15. I think that’s great, and I applaud your skipping the live-fish potty–so are you indeed going to buy a B&B, as was hinted a bit in past, or have I missed the whole story somewhere?


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