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Sunday Sevens #169


Only a day late, but trying to get back into the swing of things with another Sunday Sevens.

1. No.3 Son and his dance partner gained medals in their latest Latin and Ballroom competition – 2nd and 4th places in Waltz and Jive respectively.

2. It’s Somerset Art Weeks at the moment and I spent a day visiting some of the exhibitions with my sister and mother. This particular exhibition was in a converted barn on a farm where there were hungry piglets feeding.

3. My sister and I asked the artist to pose for a picture in front of some of her sketches.

4. Back home we’re still getting bookings for b+b guests well into October, so I’m kept very busy with laundry/cleaning/cooking.

5. I keep expecting business to die out for the season, but if more guests give us a bottle of bubbly from their own village in Italy as a ‘Thank you”, then I don’t mind!

6. Jumper weather isn’t here just yet, but I resurrected this make from a couple of years ago which has never been worn because I wasn’t happy with the way the seams were finished – so I unpicked them all.

7. Ready to be put back together with a better method of joining this time.

8. Following on from last week’s Christmas present make of a jumper, I cast on again.

9. This will be a really striking and unusual asymmetric poncho, also destined to be a Christmas present. And if they don’t like it – I do! This one will be hard to give away.

10. I cast on another present as well, in these two colours.

12. Progress as of Sunday night is looking good.

13. I finally wrapped up and sent off The Wedding Blanket to its new owners, who have since received it and sent their thanks.

I’m really focused on Christmas presents now and feel like I’ve made some good progress this last couple of weeks – how are you getting on with yours?

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #169

  1. #3 Son appears to be brilliant at everything he does – and he does a lot! I am so impressed! The wedding blanket is lovely and all the knitting is also impressive. I’m well into present making and this week I’m producing packs of greeting cards. #Ontopofthingsbutdon’tspeaktoosoon 😀

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    • Thanks Pauline, it’s amazing how much you can do when you’re on a roll. An hour here and an hour there adds up to quite a lot actually! Glad you’re keeping up with your gift making and cards too – Christmas will be here before we know it!


  2. Well done #3 son and partner.
    I’m on to my third Christmas gift but the October and numerous November birthdays need to be addressed too! Oh dear 😆

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  3. Your gifts so far look lovely – I’m not a poncho person myself but that is a beautiful one and I can just see you in it so, if the recipient wants to keep it (and I’m sure they will) you’ll just have to make one for yourself after Christmas.
    I started on a shawl as a gift but am so used to using a 3.5mm to 4mm hook and dk yarn for amigurumi projects and snuggly blankets, it’s come as a bit of a shock to be using finger weight and a 2.5mm hook. I just need to get used to it.

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    • Ah, I’m the other way around, having knitted so many pairs of socks in 4 ply and shawls in laceweight 2 ply, that using DK and Aran feels super chunky in comparison! I really AM a poncho person as they’re an extra layer without making me too hot like a jumper does. Not this one, though, as it is in Aran and has that roll neck. I love how unique the style is as I hate to look like everyone else so I may well make myself a version.

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  4. Another lovely week. and still so much going on. 🙂 I love it.
    Well done to your son and his dance partner, they are just amazing.
    Great to see all the Christmas gifts coming along, wow, you are going to be so ready. 🙂 I have started thinking, but not yet making. Soon I guess!
    Enjoy the week and happy crafting.

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    • Thanks Joey, birthday present done so I can get back to working on Christmas presents – the jumper and hat took an entire week to do so I feel a bit behind now! Good luck with starting on yours.

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  5. I love the Wedding Blanket, what yarn did you use, it looks lovely. My neice is getting married next year and I’m wondering about making something similar for her.

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  6. I love the rose and ivory (best guess for names!) wools together. I’m glad things are coming along well for you, and congratulations to son and partner.

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  7. Such great knitting progress & I love that poncho pattern😍
    Congratulations to your son & his dance partner. My girls used to do ballroom & Latin, along with ballet & tap, so I remember how dedicated they needed to be with practice.

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    • Thanks, the poncho is getting bigger, but it’s slow going as there’s a lot of knitting in it. My son has two dance lessons a week and doesn’t practice in between – they do it for fun but still manage to get medals when they compete👏🏻

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  8. Gosh, I wish I was more dedicated to my knitting! How do you manage to find the time with all that you do?! Everything looks lovely.

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    • Well, every time I sit down I pick it up and knit a few rows, even in the car, and it soon adds up. My hands do ache sometimes though, then I have to stop for the night😬


      • I think I need to have the same discipline! I’ve tried to keep a project around for when I’m watching tv, but oftentimes, the pattern needs more attention than the tv and then I miss something in the show (or I realize that I’ve been watching the tv for a solid 20 minutes with needles in my hand haha!)


  9. Congrats to Number 3. The poncho will be wonderful and they are so useful. I had one many moons ago and loved it. I haven’t started anything yet for Christmas, but I have a plan for one gift which I should get done in November.

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    • Ponchos are useful indeed and I must have at least a dozen in every colour imaginable! I’m a hot person and ponchos are so much easier than a jumper to slip on and off. Look forward to seeing what you make over the next couple of months.


  10. Your wedding blanket is stunning! As is that asymmetrical poncho – I wouldn’t want to part with it if I made it! Will we be seeing son No3 on Strictly any time soon I wonder? 🙂

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    • I keep trying the poncho on and am liking it more and more the bigger it gets! Is it bad that we don’t watch Strictly? Can’t stand any show with a panel of judges😬


  11. The Poncho is lovely. Would you share where you got the pattern please? You inspire me to try knitting socks. I am still somewhat of a novice knitter.

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