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Crochet Glastonbury Festival Bag!

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Well, the festival season is here upon us once again and I happen to live near to the biggest and best – Glastonbury! 

Whilst I’m not actually going this year, two of our daughters are stewarding for free tickets and the eldest son is taking the traditional route in.  By that, I mean he bought a ticket and is not planning to climb over the fence.  (Did you know that Michael Eavis is on record as saying how disappointed he is at the lack of ingenuity shown by would-be festival crashers when trying to sneak in for nothing?).

We used to be able to hear the music from our house but, since moving seven miles further east, no longer have that (dubious) pleasure.

I digress….

The first event was in 1979 and attracted 1,500 party-goers at the cost of £1 each (including FREE milk from the farm!), but it wasn’t until ten years later that Eavis used it as a fundraiser for CND, raising £20,000 for the cause. 


Last year (2013) saw 175,00 ticket holders paying £210 each and raised £2,000,000 for charities and local good causes!

So what images spring to mind when thinking of the Glastonbury (or, more accurately, Pilton) Pop Festival?  Think hippies, rainbows, love, peace, cannabis, wellies, mud, sunburn etc. (although my husband refers to the annual migrants as “smelly soap-dodgers”!)

Taking the optimistic view and thinking ‘sunshine and rainbows’, I designed some free-form crochet bags in the “Hippy-Chic” style.

Would you like to see them?

Of course you would!

Here is my very lovely daughter modelling them together with that other festival staple – wellies (well, my Dubarry’s actually): –


Here’s a close up of the front showing that gorgeous “ripple” pattern…


…and the back is felted wool.  Fully lined with contrasting blue fabric with white polka dots, there is a pocket inside for your mobile ‘phone and it closes with a magnetic clasp.


Here’s the other one: –


This was made in one piece so the back is a continuation of the front.


Lovely spotty fabric for the lining and this shows the ‘phone pocket and magnetic clasp –


Are they “Festival” enough for you?  Both crochet Glastonbury Festival bags are available from my shop on the link at the top of the page – go on, unleash the hippy in you!


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