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Burda 6632 Crepe Blouse

The full blog post for this month’s Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network can be read by clicking on this link: –

Burda 6632 Crepe Blouse


Sunday Sevens #151

Linking up with Natalie from Threads & Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens.

1. We took The Boys for a walk while we had some glorious sunny days in half term last week. Mind you, we’ve had SO much rain that the ground was still waterlogged and ultra muddy, much to Tess’ disgust – she hates getting wet feet!


2. Unlike The Boys.


3. As usual, Tess gets as close as is humanly (or doggly?) possible to the woodburner in the tea room.


4. Pancake Day!


5. No.3 Son ate two homemade Tiramisus after his brother declared them “Horrible – too sickly!”


6. On the subject of food, I’ve been trying to take some appetising photographs of meals for the Air bnb website.

The family wasn’t complaining:)


7. We’re still a soppy pair when it comes to Valentine’s Day.


8. The rain came back with a vengeance, but that didn’t stop The Boys spending hours over the fields and in the river.


9. Craftwise, I finished and wrote up the pattern for these little beauties and will do a blog post soon.


10. These socks were blocked and given a pretty wrapping.


11. This sock came off the needles, the second one not yet on them.


12. This month’s project for Minerva Crafts.


13. Cushions were made for the other b and b room….


14. …as was a roman blind.


15. Went to Unravel on Sunday and had an amazing time.


16. Met some colourful characters…..


17. ….and came home with lots of lovely yarn.


18. I just had to buy one of these, too!



Beaded Crochet Wine Glass Covers

Going through my photos, I realised I hadn’t shared this Christmas present that I made for my Aunt in Spain.

The outdoor lifestyle means that flies are at risk of getting into your sangria at any time and that will never do! My Aunt already makes use of this type of thing, although only offcuts of net mesh with a few large, heavy beads attached to weigh the doily down, so I thought I’d make her some proper crocheted ones, much more delicate and artisan in feel.

I bought these two online from Etsy or Folksy a few years ago but, try as I did, I couldn’t find the original source, so decided to have a go at deciphering the pattern in order to replicate them.

I already had some #8 cotton, which coincidentally was bought on a previous visit to Spain, and some blue and red 5mm beads.

I used a 2.5mm crochet hook but will try a 2.75 or 3mm hook next time, as they came up about 1cm smaller in diameter with a denser stitch making them ever so slightly less drapy than my own.

The beads are threaded onto the cotton at the very beginning and only incorporated into the crochet on the last round.

Here are the finished doilies which are a near identical match to mine.

I made His ‘n’ Hers versions; one with red beads and the other with blue beads so that they can tell their drinks apart.

I think I’m going to have to make another two with different coloured beads for when we visit – I can always leave them there as a little ‘thank you’ gift.

If anyone is interested in the pattern, let me know and I’ll write it up – it’s just a series of scruffy notes at the moment!


Sunday Sevens #150

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing seven-ish photos of your life outside of the blog. Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins.

1. A dog walk ended at our local pub again. This is becoming a case of same photo, different jumper!

2. A quick visit to the only charity shop in town unearthed this brilliant find – a whole basket of Liberty sticky tapes! I bought four rolls but will almost definitely go back for more…if there are any left.

3. A friend’s plea to rescue her from the boredom of being stuck at home due to a knee injury, resulted in a car drive to our new favourite café in Bruton.

4. Our newest student finished her sewing project bag. Looking at the fabric she’s chosen, it should be no surprise that she’s following the boy’s syllabus rather than the girl’s!

5. Popped my head around the corner into the living room and this sight melted my heart.

6. Craftwise, I’m well into the second sock of this pair.

7. Progress on the wedding blanket has been slow this week, but I now have thirty squares, half of which are already blocked and ready to join together. Duck Egg is such a calming colour to work with.

8. Opened the freezer door to find this…..

9. Luke Skywalker frozen from the knees up in an ice cube tray. Boys!

10. We opened our home to paying guests last week and had our first booking on Friday night! Here’s the link to our Air BnB.

11. They left a lovely review.

That’s it for this week, folks – how was your week?


Sunday Sevens #149

Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens – a weekly blog series showing your life outside the blog.

1. We may have to keep up Dry January as it’s saving us a fortune in the pub – sparkling water, lime and soda and a huge portion of hand-cut chips to share came to the grand total of £3.90! Yes, I did ask her to double check, and she insisted that’s all it cost.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this photo for an almost identical one in last week’s Sevens – this is our favourite spot in the pub.

2. On the days we haven’t managed to walk Tess, she can be found basking in the sunshine on the back of the sofa.

3. Another day, another walk, this time it was cold, but dry and sunny. We sat next to the pub fire and had lunch. Tess always gets as close as she dare.

4. Well, the menu doesn’t get any more typically British than that, does it?!

5. After the pub lunch, we walked on to ‘On The Brook’ café for coffee.

6. Tess took up her favourite spot by the woodburner again.

7. Craftwise, I’ve cast on a new pair of socks, which must mean……

8. ……I’ve finished the purple ones!

These have been an absolute joy to knit from start to almost-finish, after a little hiccup where I ran out of yarn and had to buy a whole new skein just to finish the toe. I love them and they’re my fourth pair – I plan to have only handknit socks in my drawer by the end of the year.

9. No sooner were they off the needles, than they were on my feet. We stayed at a friend’s house and Tess made herself at home in their dog’s basket. I had a massive hangover at the point this photo was taken – I woke up the next morning still fully dressed and the only thing that could make me smile was looking at my lovely socks:)

So much for continuing Dry January – I swear that not drinking for a month has lowered my tolerance, hence the hangover at a far lowel level of alcohol than usual!

10. I thought I had a stone in my boot, but when I emptied it back home I found this. Our friend’s granddaughter had posted the remote control in my boot when I wasn’t looking!

11. Hangover cure.

12. Finally, some exciting news – we’ve opened up one of our spare bedrooms to paying guests on Air BnB, which should help when we eventually move to Exmoor to a proper B&B.

Here’s the link if you fancy a nose: – Air BnB

Now, we’re just waiting for our first booking……


Sunday Sevens #148

This week’s Sunday Sevens comes from a Super Soggy Somerset…..

1. Reluctant to let a “drop” of rain keep us inside, we decided to go for a one hour walk. Note that I said ONE hour.

The footpaths were a little on the wet side.

2. Impassable in places unless you wore wellies. Luckily, we did.

3. Even the roads were flooded and still it rained. This photo was taken ONE hour in, by which time we were soaked through to the skin.

4. Snowdrops were emerging everywhere and looked so pretty covered in raindrops.

5. THREE AND A HALF hours later, we got back to the café from where we started. Yup, his internal sat nav appeared to have temporarily broken down and we got utterly lost. Even my knickers were wet through, so we hogged the woodburner and drank lots of coffee/hot chocolate while we warmed up. Can you see Tess curled up right in front of the fire? She wasn’t AT ALL impressed on the walk, so much so that she refused to go out the next day!

6. Back home, hubby immediately lit the fire and I put on my cosy pink handknit socks.

7. Talking of socks, this pair was finished and blocked. The yarn was a Stitching Santa gift from Bekki at The Dartmoor Yarn Company.

8. No.3 Son had claimed these before I’d even finished knitting them. Here he is wearing them, all (un)dressed in his PJs just before going to school for a Bedtime Story event.

His headmaster now wants a pair:)

9. You may have noticed in the last photo that No.3 Son has had a much needed haircut!

10. We walked to the pub one rare dry afternoon after Tess had deigned to step foot outside of the house again.

11. Burn’s Night was kept the traditional way with haggis, neeps and tatties with a whisky cream sauce.

12. Craftwise, I cast on my second sock.

13. A little beaded crochet was completed, too.

14. We met up with my Auntie (who lives in Spain) in Nottingham for the weekend, where we had been invited to a 50th birthday party. After a hard day’s shopping, we shared a tapas board in a bar nearby.

15. The birthday boy’s cake, complete with the Cornish flag and Cornish pasties to celebrate his origins.

16. That night was The Party….and this was the only photo taken with me in it, so I thought I’d better show you.

16. A happy end to the week as Fifi came home and took up her rightful place on the sofa next to Tess.

It’s nice having her back:)


Sunday Sevens #147

Linking up with Nat from Threads and Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens.

1. A good start to the week with happy mail from Little French Meadow in the form of a skein of hand dyed merino sock yarn in a glorious shade of lavender.

2. A very good friend of ours took us out for lunch on Tuesday.

3. This was just my starter!

4. Hubby took a pic of the gent’s loo. Why isn’t there a Chippendale offering hand towels in the Ladies’?

5. Just as well this arrived that morning – a treadmill. It’s the only piece of equipment we used to enjoy at the gym so, not counting the initial purchase price, saves us £100 per month on gym fees!

6. Really impressed with “15 Minute Meals” cookbook by Jamie Oliver. This was a photo from the book that tempted me……..

7. …..and this is how it turned out. Absolutely delicious!

8. A new student’s make from her very first sewing lesson.

9. We had lunch in a pub in Bruton after a mid week walk, and the landlord told us about a new café that had just opened a short walk away through the woods.

10. That’s it, at the far left of the picture at the end of the farmyard.

11. We had coffee and cake – everything on the cake menu was gluten free so it would have been rude not to:)

12. A lovely wood burner was a welcome sight after a second chilly walk.

13. Tess is really missing Fifi and has been off her food since we lost her. She used to cuddle up to Fifi as close as she could.

14. Bad weather has meant lots of crafting time – I finished this ‘Saxifrage’ sock by Rachel Coopey, although I still have to make the other one.

15. I promised No.3 Son that I would knit his other sock first though, so I cast on immediately.

16. Granny square count is up to fourteen now, so I’m making good progress on the wedding blanket.

17. A sprinkling of White Stuff although sadly not snow, but hailstones.

We’ve just got in after a long walk in torrential rain and I’m looking forward to an evening alternating between sock knitting and granny square crocheting. Until next week……adieu!