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Greengate Style Baby & Toddler Girls Crochet Poncho


Hello Fellow Crocheters – this one is for you!

I’ve just finished a crocheted poncho/cape for a little girl’s Christmas present and I thought I’d share it with you. It’s entirely my own original design and, as I attempted to make notes as I went, it took a little longer than it should have. I reckon you could whip one up in just a couple of evenings which is great news for those of us who get bored easily.

Greengate Girls Crochet Poncho

Based on the lovely Greengate colours, I have a huge WIP that is of the same ilk;


It’s quite simple really, just double and treble crochet with a picot edging, but the colours are so cheerful and bright.Greengate Girls Poncho4

Greengate Girls Poncho3

Greengate Girls Poncho2

This is my first attempt at writing a pattern so I hope you can work it out. The more experienced amongst you will probably be able to figure it out without referring to my instructions, but it is possibly more than a complete beginner could handle.

Anyhoo, here goes….!

Corrected pattern


This is a free pattern that you are welcome to share – but please do not copy and paste to any other site; just link back to this page. (Please also respect my efforts and do not make this design to sell elsewhere).

I’d love to see any that you’ve made yourself, so pop a link in the “comments” box if you do:)

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60 thoughts on “Greengate Style Baby & Toddler Girls Crochet Poncho

  1. Oooh that is GORGEOUS!!!! Can you *coughs in embarrassment at enormous cheek* work out how to make one for a ten year old?!


  2. This is gorgeous. I can just see it hanging in a Cath Kidston shop window.


  3. That poncho is beautiful and vibrant. And, by the way, I adore your crocheted project basket in the photo of you crocheting the blanket. Is that your own design or is there a pattern somewhere?


  4. Reblogged this on Kreativemrscrosby's Blog and commented:
    Oh wow! This is super cute! I know a little girl who would LOVE one!!


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    This seller is selling your design on Ebay. She sells many designs she has stolen. It is an absolute disgrace that she i sgetting away with it.

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  9. Hi! I own a wool shop in Brisbane, Australia and have featured your pattern in my latest newsletter and Facebook page because I think it would be fabulous in one of the machine-washable wools that we carry. I started on the shop sample last night, and I think I have found an errata in the pattern. It is in round 2, when you start doing the red clusters. If you increase the V stitch in the first stitch of round 2, then again 12 clusters later, the increase v’s are off centre – the increase v’s are supposed to be evenly distributed around the row – that is – one dead front and one dead back – there should be 14 clusters in between each increase v, not 12. What do you think? I tried to count them using your picture sample as well…

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    • Hi Gabrielle! Thank you for your feature and I’m sorry you’re having problems with the pattern. I made it up as I went and tried to write it down as accurately as I could but have obviously made a mistake. If you find more, I would be happy to trust your judgement and rewrite the pattern where needed, but please appreciate that I am an amateur sharing my designs for free. I would love to see a photo of your finished article if you wouldn’t mind? I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did. X


      • Hi Sewchet – I have re-counted the pattern and I have re-written Round 2 as follows:

        In RED, to increase and create the ‘V’ shape at the back and in the same stitch as join from Round 1, do the following: (ch-3, 2 tr, ch-1, 3tr) all in same stitch – back ‘v’ increase made. Skip 3, * 3tr in next st, skip 3*. Repeat between * and * a further 8 times. Now you will be making the increase at the front – this lines up exactly with the back ‘ v ‘ increase: (3 tr in next st, ch 1, 3 tr) all in same stitch, skip 3, * 3 tr in next st, skip 3*. Repeat between the asterisks, 8 more times. Join with sl st in top of beginning ch-3. – at the end of this round, you will have 2 x ‘v’ increases (front and back) and 18 x 3 tr clusters (20 in total).

        If you have started with a ch 80, this works out correct mathematically – 20 x clusters (20) plus 20 x ‘skip 3 chs’ (60) in between each cluster = 80.

        Hope this helps! I have made further changes to the pattern which I will put on my blog – mainly that the terms have been written for Americans – because I sell American yarns, and also have made changes to the ways each line of instruction is written – because that is how Americans write their patterns. I will of course put a reference to your original pattern, and of course mine is free also, in the true spirit of free-sharing and free-creativity.

        Merry Christmas!


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    • Hi Gabrielle from Brisbane, Australia. How do I find your blog to see your rewritten pattern for Sewchet’s Greengate Style Baby & Toddler poncho? Thank you in advance.


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  11. THAT.IS.AH.MAZING! Absolutely adore it , shared it, and will definitely try it! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Actually, I’m trying to access your Greengate pattern for the throw/blanket, but get a message that the path in your link is not valid. You were so generous to offer the pattern for this beautiful piece for free and I’d like to try my hand at it. Any suggestions?

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  13. Hi I love this I’m trying to make it for my daughter but I’m having trouble with it and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, so on row two with the red I have got 22 clusters of tr why? 😤 I have started 3 times thinking I’m not reading the pattern right x😉

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  15. Hi please can you help am trying to make this as a present am on 4 th time of trying I made half and then realised it was straight I did the increasing but am thinking if we skip 3 chains and then do 3 trebles we have lost a stitch do you chain in between or do you count the stitch you have done 3 trebles in and then miss 2 don’t know if this makes sense ? Thank you am in England maybe I’m reading it different to you ?_thank you x


  16. I would love this pattern but it won’t let me copy and paste to my documents so I can put it into my crochet folder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  17. Hi! I love this pattern and I am trying to work it out but am having a problem with it. When you get to the end of a row and you join to the chain 3, then what? For example, after finishing round 2, you join to the chain 3. Then it just says 3 tr in each space for row 3, but how do you start the row? If I chain 3 right there it’s directly over the previous rows cluster, not in a space. This part is not clear to me. Help!


  18. I have been looking for a pretty “English” Poncho pattern for my Granddaughter, and was thrilled to find yours. Can’t wait to make it and will let you know how I get on. x

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  19. I just found your beautiful poncho pattern. I would love to make this for my 13 year old granddaughter. I have never tried to convert a UK pattern to US. I tried to print it but it doesn’t print correctly. Just wondered if it would be easy for me to do this in US terms. I am not a great crocheter like you. could you tell me where else I might find this pattern where it would print up without double printing on the page. I love that you share your expertise with us. Thank you.

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    • If you send me your email address, I’ll send it to you. The terms are simple to convert if you look them up – you just have to remember to be consistent all the way through!


  20. how do you keep your tension so perfect?

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  21. Oh forgot to add, Thank you for the lovely consise pattern. I am not a newbie but more of a knitter. When I do crochet its with out a pattern, something i just make up, so I am eager to try, but my issues at times is the tension. so all tips are gratefully received. Thank you again.

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  22. Hi! I was wondering if you could please email me the converted pattern too? I absolutely LOVE this poncho and would love to make it for my niece!!


  23. I wonder what I am doing wrong. This poncho is extremely loose and holey.. I am using a 5mm needle and JK sport yarn, but this is as holey and limp as a doily. Not at all how it looks in the pattern! I am wondering if I completed it in DC instead of TRC, that it woukd be a tighter, firmer poncho.

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  24. I love this so much! I’ve spent hours trying to copy the pattern to another page and print it out larger so I can read it. Would you be able to copy the pattern to a page by itself? Thank you so much for this beautiful poncho pattern for my granddaughter!


  25. Hi there…I adore this little poncho. When you say please do not make this design to sell do you mean the pattern or the actual garment. Living in Australia these would be great when a coat is too much. Thank you.

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  26. Absolutely loved this have just finished your poncho for my one year old great neice for her birthday. I’ve used different colours and added a hood but your pattern was my inspiration thanks for the free patten

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  27. Hi please go through the pattern again the numbers mentioned at some places are not correct. I was finding difficult to follow Ur instructions.if u could make some corrections it will be very grateful and highly appreciable…thank you so much for your free pattern


  28. Love it and thank you for letting us know how to adjust it for an older child,, my granddaughter will love it!!


  29. Have not done yet but best and easiest pattern presentation i have seen on pinterest. Thank you.😊


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