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Ready To Be Loved Again – An Adorable Beanbag Pattern


I made this beanbag for No.2 and No.3 Sons for last Christmas and, boy, has it been loved!

Dog beanbag2

Not only has it been the comfortable resting place for tiny bums whilst reading “Biggles”, but I suspect it has also been a ‘plane during a re-enactment of said story as I discovered when I found a leg ripped out at the seam and tossed across the bedroom!

Dog beanbag leg


As the saying goes “Better to have been loved and broken, than never to have been loved at all”.

Well, OK, perhaps the original wasn’t worded quite like that but the sentiment is still appropriate!

Just look at those boss eyes, mis-matched ears and saggy body – what’s not to love??  No wonder The Boys played with it so much that bits started to fall off.

Dog beanbag face

The trouble is, I like making new things and repair jobs were not as high on my priorities as a handmade Christmas was.  Split seams and leaking polystyrene beads do not get my creative juices flowing, so procrastination set in.

After a couple of lonely months up in The Sewing Room, Doggy Beanbag finally reached the top of the “Must Do” list and this afternoon he was finally repaired.

Here he is in all his splendour, looking frightfully pleased at the thought of returning to The Boy’s Room to be subjected to all that love once more.

Poor thing……

Dog beanbag

For those of you who would love to own such an adorable beanbag, here is the pattern I used:-


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21 thoughts on “Ready To Be Loved Again – An Adorable Beanbag Pattern

  1. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous, my grandsons would adore him!

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  2. Utterly gorgeous and fun!! No wonder it’s being loved so very much!! Have pinned the pattern to my pinterest board – a definite must make! Marianne xx

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  3. Awww what an adorable bean bag. My grand babies would all love him. I could easily make it into a “she” right? I have one grand daughter age 10, two grand daughters age 3 and four and one grandson age 2. Love them all to bits. This definately would be perfect. Especially since I got a brand new sewing machine for Christmas. 🙂


  4. Those boys are so lucky to have you!!!!


  5. What a fun beanbag, no wonder they loved it. I’m on the lookout for a plain pattern to recover the three very worn and sorry looking ones in our household. I must have a search on line to see if I can find a free one…

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  6. That is AMAZING. No wonder your boys love it!

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  7. Wonderful repair job – you would think he was brand new! I’m sure he’s set for many more Biggle’s Adventures now he has all his limbs back in place, best keep your needle and thread at the ready though….just in case 😉

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  8. Ohh that is so gorgeous! How lucky are they 🙂 Repair jobs are never fun sewing and always goes to the bottom of the list

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  9. Gorgeous pattern. I really should make something similar for my boys.

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  10. This looks amazing!! I love it

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