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One-Hour ‘Ikea’ Bag


Continuing the theme of ‘One-Hour’ makes (well, it wasn’t really a theme until just now when I realised that this project also took less than an hour to make), I’ve designed a simple pattern along the lines of one of those big blue Ikea bags.

You know the ones; they make great laundry bags, shopping bags, picnic hampers etc., but there’s one major design fault – they’re just so damned ugly!


There’s a huge choice of suitable vinyl fabric out there, but I fell in love with this “Butterflies” print and ordered a couple of metres online which turned out to be more than enough.


I did come across a tutorial but it involved printing off a pattern on about twenty sheets of A4 paper, piecing it all together, sellotaping and then cutting out, all of which would take longer than actually making the entire bag!

There had to be a better way so, after hours and hours of head-scratching, making sample after sample and at least a dozen pattern refinements (not really!), here is my somewhat simpler pattern: –

Cut one piece of vinyl fabric 90cm x 120cm.

That’s it.


Now, vinyl is notoriously difficult to iron because, basically, it just melts and welds itself to your iron. So you can either buy it from a shop and ask them to roll it for you or put up with the creases which will eventually disappear. A hairdryer is said to speed up this process.

I didn’t bother:)

The only other supplies you’ll need are 2 1/2m of 2.5cm polyester webbing and some matching thread.



Stitching vinyl needs a little bit of forethought as it can be tricky. Sewing right sides together is no problem but when top stitching you may need to change to a Teflon coated foot or improvise with masking tape on the bottom of your normal foot. Putting a layer of tissue paper between the machine bed and the vinyl works for the bottom layer, with the added bonus of ripping away easily afterwards.

Use clips instead of pins to avoid any tell-tale holes in the vinyl.

A longer stitch length is used too, as a short stitch can weaken the vinyl and it could rip between the stitches.


Start by folding your fabric with right sides together aligning the two short edges and sew a 1cm seam along each side, leaving open along the edge opposite the fold.


Bring the seam to the centre and lay flat to form a corner as below. Mark 18cm from the corner along the seam and draw a line all the way across at right angles to the seam as shown.


Sew along this line.


Trim the excess fabric leaving a 1cm allowance.


Repeat with the opposite corner, then turn the bag right sides out.


Turn down a 2.5cm hem and stitch close to the raw edge.

Cut some webbing: –

2 x 35cm

2 x 74cm

Lay a short length of webbing on top of a longer length about 1cm from the end as shown.


Fold the overhang back over as shown below and tack together through all layers.


Repeat with the other ends of the webbing, being careful not to twist it in the process.

Make the other set of handles in the same way.


With the raw edges of the handles facing the wrong side of the bag, stitch in place 32cm in from each side seam.



To ensure that there is plenty of strength at the point where the handles join the bag, I stitched a cross within a square as shown in the photo below.


Attach the other pair of handles in the same manner.


Finish with a second row of top stitching around the entire top edge about 4mm in from the first row.


Fill with laundry and go peg your clothes on the line!









Well, the girls seem to approve of the stranger in the garden!

Anyone tempted to have a go at making an Ikea style laundry bag?

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70 thoughts on “One-Hour ‘Ikea’ Bag

  1. I love this!!!! Great easy to follow tutorial. No printing and taping a pattern together….thank you!! Loving your fabric choice and the girl’s are so photogenic… too cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. That would be great. I have a few projects lined up but I will touch basis with you soon, when it’s completed and I will link to this post in my blog. Thank you for the fantastic inspiration!!!

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  3. What a super cool project, thanks for sharing xx

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  4. I have quote you : “….but thereโ€™s one major design fault โ€“ theyโ€™re just so damned ugly!” This phrase made me laugh to tears!!!! I can’t agree more!

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  5. Me, me, me! I have an offcut from a PVC tablecloth I am just about to go and measure…..

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  6. Ooh, perfect! If you make one, don’t forget to show us:)


  7. Pretty and practical for purpose! My…your weather looks like summer compared to the snow we keep having up north – I’m looking forward to pegging out soon though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Truth be told, I prefer to use the tumble dryer as line-dried things are too hard and scratchy. Also, by the time I’ve pegged it all out, it usually starts to rain and I race to bring it in again:)

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      • I know what you mean – sometimes its like drying yourself with a loofah, when the towels have been out for a blow – I’ve never owned a tumble dryer in all my 27 years of marriage ;-/, one day Dearest might see fit to let me invest in one!! Though a fluffy towel might take some adapting to LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Towels are the one thing I never hang out for that reason. Although I remember how satisfying a line full of nappies looked, blowing in the wind and being bleached by the sun:)

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      • My last comment makes you realise what our poor little babes must have felt sometimes ?! Though they were joyous days way back when, I’m glad I don’t have to go back and repeat them now ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  8. Another lovely and clear tutorial. Should imagine you could put these to loads of different uses ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Thank you! This is a great tutorial. Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚ (Interesting how IKEA haven’t come up with this idea…)

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  10. oh that is just brilliant!….and yes I will be having a play around soon, thanks for a fab tutorial Daisy x

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  11. I love this! It still baffles me as to why Ikea haven’t made prettier bags! I used mine for everything! I really like the fabric you have used for this. This is a little off topicโ€ฆbut does your dog like the chickens?

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    • The old one pays no attention unless they come in the kitchen and eat her food, but the puppy loves nothing better than chasing them round the garden if she can get away with it! We have one hen in particular that will chase the dogs though!


  12. Oooo! I need some of them, to replace the dozen or so blue ones I have. We use them for when we go camping as well as the things you’ve mentioned. We all have our own for our clothes. Only trouble is I’ve no vinyl in my stash. Dilemma! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • We use ours for camping too! Vinyl isn’t a stash staple, is it? I had to hunt this down specially with this project in mind. Charity shop vinyl tablecloths would do the job admirably though – if you can find a pretty one:)

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  13. Love it! Definitely tempted to give it a go!! Very useful too.

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  14. Great explanation and fabric choice. I have some that I intend to play with soon.

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  15. Glad the instructions are clear enough – it is very simple. I didn’t even have any problems sewing vinyl with the normal foot, although I put some tips in case other machines struggle:)


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  17. A perfect ugly to lovely make!

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  18. Thanks – it really is so much nicer to look at than those blue ones which seem to be there at every turn in our house!


  19. Fabulous! And infinitely prettier than the Ikea bag.

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  20. You and your big bags! I don’t like the texture of those IKEA bags – you’re looks a million times nicer. When I get my hands on some vinyl I’ll make one ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Big bags are just so useful – everybody has at least one Ikea bag that they use for all sorts, don’t they? I’m so happy with my new one – it looks so much prettier as a laundry bag:)

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  21. This is gorgeous! The IKEA bags are great in their size, but that blue is just, bleh. This is a much better option! I also love that you added the different handle lengths! Options are always good! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  22. Hi, I’ve been pointed in your direction for yarny advice! I’ve been spoiled this birthday and I am looking to get some special yarn. Usually I get budget or whatever is on sale. I was told that you make gorgeous things, so you must use gorgeous yarn!! Any ideas? PS I’m enjoying what I’ve seen so far of your blog, especially the T-shirt yarn! Xx

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    • Lucky you! My favourite has to be ‘Plump’ by Mrs – perfect for chunky projects, it’s the softest yarn ever! Don’t rule out Stylecraft’s acrylic with wool though which is much nicer than their budget range. I also love Drops Andes and Drops Paris Cotton. Happy spending!

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  23. Oh thats gorgeous. I can never get my machine to go through vinyl. I’ll have to give your making tape trick a try Thank you x

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  24. Love “the girls”, and the bag of course!

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  25. Just fabulous! Thanks for sharing – I love it! Marianne xx

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  27. Thanks for the clear directions! I made this using upholstery vinyl, so it’s very sturdy.

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  28. oh! thank you! so much easier than another tutorial!
    i’ll make one as a thank you gift for my son’s teacher who’s always carrying sooo much around ๐Ÿ™‚


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  34. Great tutorial! I wasn’t looking forward to printing and fooling around with a pattern! Straight cuts just make so much more sense. I am making for my granddaughter heading to college in the fall. She will get great use out of this bag!

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  35. Love how you made it so we don’t have to print and paste a pattern!

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  36. Thanks so much for sharing this. I was trying to come up with a way to make an easier pattern than the ones I found. You took care of this for me and I love it. Can’t wait to try it myself. Thanks so much.


  37. I love my big blue Ikea bags but you’re right, they’re so ugly! I use one for carting things back and forth to my sister’s (we are chronic borrows of each other’s stuff), one for the beach, one for laundry, two I keep in the car for hauling groceries… they have so many uses. I did see another tutorial but yours seems easier and after inspecting one of my bags I notice is yours is actually spot on to the design. I only am just realizing there aren’t 4 sewn side corners. I have always wanted my Ikea bag to have a closure so I think I will make one bag with 2 or 3 snap fasteners. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

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  38. I made two of these out of linen to use as laundry bags.

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  39. I already made 3, thank you very much!

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  40. This was such a useful post! We use the blue IKEA bags for our laundry but the cat has taken to eating them (and any other plastic-y bag he can find). I was given a roll of upholstery fabric and decided I might as well use it to make less appetising bag replacements. The fabric makes for a floppier bag, so I stitched vertically up the corners to give it a bit more structure and now have two bags!

    (Also, as quite a beginner sewer, I appreciated how simple your version of this bag is to follow. I too found an online version with a printable pattern, but couldn’t get my head around to even try to make it.)



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