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Pattern Tester Required! (All Materials Supplied)


Just look at these gorgeous craft related fabric designs – they all arrived on my doorstep this last week!

Having long lusted after this design after seeing it as a banner on Teresa’s blog Navy Blue Threads, I discovered it was called “Sew Retro Montage” by Makower and tracked some down online. What initially began as a search for this amazing fabric …

sew retro montage

…ended with multiple purchases of fabric loveliness!

“Cotton Reels” also by Makower;

cotton reels

“Knitty Sheep” by Kanvas;

knitty sheep

“Sew Be It” by Henry Glass & Co;

sew be it

“Sew Retro Tonal Pattern” also by Makower;

sew retro tonal pattern

This fabulous Simplicity Pattern design by Fabric Traditions;

simplicity pattern co

I couldn’t resist this “Postcards” design either;


They’re all quite pricey at around £12.00 per metre for a narrower-than-normal width of 110cm but, as I intend to use them for smaller projects, I should be able to make them stretch a fair way.

I had in mind a WIP bag using my favourite two fabrics, this one for the main body of the bag…..

sew retro montage

…and this one for the lining;

sew retro tonal pattern

As this bag will be for myself, I could afford to be a little extravagant with my fabric and lining choices.

I also decided to make a real statement by quilting the fabric onto wadding prior to construction. This takes quite a long time to do but adds an air of “couture” to the bag and is totally worth it having invested in expensive fabric.

Free machine quilting is not difficult to do, just time consuming – take plenty of breaks to relax those shoulders!

Drop the feed dogs (or cover them, depending on your machine), remove the sewing foot and you’re ready to go. I did the free machine embroidery in a random swirly design, filling in the space as I went.

TIP: Use a new needle and good quality thread like Gutermann’s 100% polyester – cheap thread is often made from only two twists and will snap easily and frequently.


This is what the quilting looks like on the reverse;


The textured finish on the front is really lovely;


It’s not the easiest thing to show in a photograph, but here’s a direct comparison of an un-quilted and a quilted piece of fabric side-by-side to show you the difference;


Do you want to see the finished bag?



It’s HUGE, large enough for the biggest projects which is just as well as I have a penchant for making bedspreads and throws, whether they’re patchwork, crocheted or quilted. This bag can cope with the lot.

Here it is, holding my latest blanket; a crocheted super-chunky number that measures (at the moment) 1.5m x 1.5m. There’s still plenty of room to carry all the yarn and bag of crochet hooks!


Don’t you just love the lining?

It makes the inside a pleasure to gaze upon:)


When empty, you can see how cavernous it actually is.


Did you notice the sizeable pocket on the front?


Well that’s good then, because I was very careful to match the pattern so it just appears to be a continuation of the fabric.

Look again – you can just make out the handles of a pair of scissors peeping out of the top….


Inside the pocket I made provision for some sewing essentials; a pair of scissors, a seam ripper and a tape measure.

Even the pocket is quilted and lined for consistent quality.


I already know this is going to be the most used bag in my collection and I love, love, LOVE it!


Now, here’s the thing – I need someone’s help.

I have drafted a PDF pattern which I hope to sell in my Folksy shop, and I am looking for a volunteer to test it first to make sure it is easy to follow.

All materials will be included in a parcel that will be sent to the tester; fabric, lining, wadding, thread, wooden handles and pattern drafting paper.

The pattern will be sized for a smaller bag, but the construction is identical as that for the larger bag.

The quilting is optional but the wadding will be included if you wish to attempt it.

The pattern will be emailed in PDF format which can be printed off if preferred.

You will need to be able to follow instructions carefully and make a note of anything that could be worded more clearly/in more depth and any possible errors.

When completed, the bag is yours to keep – I would just ask that you blog about it (hopefully favourably!) on your own page.

So, is there anyone out there willing to give it a try?

Maybe Teresa, Karen, Beth, Lucie, Caren, or Lisa?


Update: Pattern is available NOW in my shop – CLICK HERE

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  1. I would love to test this pattern. How do I do that?


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