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One-Hour Poncho!


This is my first post as part of the Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network, and this is what I chose for my first make – a bold print Poncho with a cosy cowl neck, perfect for this time of year.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got your fingers in several pies and have lots of projects on the go at any one time, many of which are time-heavy and are completed over the course of weeks or even months.

Occasionally, just occasionally, I get impatient and don’t want to add yet another row to a seemingly unending WIP.

Once in a while I feel the need to make something quickly, to achieve something within a couple of hours, to finish something.

Well this is just such a project. In fact it is such a satisfyingly speedy make that it can be whipped up in just one hour!

No, really – look!

one hour poncho

Other than speed, the inspiration for the poncho came from browsing the huge range of fabrics available at Minerva, and happening upon this bold “Chic” print which I thought had a touch of the Parisienne about it – isn’t it fantastic?


The fabric is described as “….sweatshirt jersey fabric, a lovely heavy weight with a soft fuzzy-textured backing. The print is a fantastic bold design with the word ‘Chic’ printed randomly across the surface….great for making hoodies and comfy jackets”

Please don’t be put off by the word ‘sweatshirt’ – it’s such good quality that it looks deceptively like wool from a distance, the benefits being that it is cheaper and easier to wash.

If you like it, you’d better be quick as it’s on clearance and there are only limited stocks:)


I’m not a hoodie kind of gal, so I searched for a poncho pattern and found McCall’s 6209 which is half price at the moment, and decided to make view ‘E’ with a cowl neck to keep those chilly winds out.

poncho pattern envelope

I’ve actually got a knit poncho that looks exactly like the one illustrated and I wear it all the time in place of a jumper. It’s not substantial enough to replace a coat though, so I wanted to choose a warmer fabric which drapes loosely for comfort and the jersey does just that.

poncho pattern

I made the cowl up as per the instructions. The fabric has a lovely weight to it that stops it flopping too much.

poncho cowl neck

The top stitching around the neck edge looked so nice that I decided to stray from the directions a little and top stitch from the shoulder to the arm too, on either side of the seams.

poncho top stitching

I overlocked the raw edges before hemming them as a double-turned hem would have been too bulky in this fabric.

poncho overlocked edges

I meandered a little further from the instructions when I also decided to add some satin bias binding all around the lower hem.

This addition creates a more professional finish and the sheen of the satin adds a luxury edge to the poncho.

poncho binding detail

poncho binding

I’m so pleased with the bias binding, I wish I’d ordered more and done the armhole edges too, instead of hemming them.

poncho bias binding

So, one and a half hours later (due to the extra embellishments) all it needed was a cold, windy day to test it out and, being in good old Blighty we are not short of those!

chic poncho

I had no idea the poncho would cause such a stir though and I’ve already had loads of compliments. I suppose it is pretty unique and that in itself will draw comments.

Do you ever get the urge for a quick make?

What have you created in just a couple of hours?

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44 thoughts on “One-Hour Poncho!

  1. Gorjuss!! 🙂 [You have to say that with a Kiwi accent] I like the pattern and the fabric and LOVE things that make up in an hour and a half!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kiwi, of course, being quite distinct from Aussie as I am well aware! Quite why Americans often mistake Australian/NZ accents for English, I don’t know. We’re quite protective about it too. The one-hour make gave me an excuse to disappear into my studio and be back again before anyone noticed I was gone:)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks T – it looks better on than the photo suggests. I never have been any good at modelling for the camera:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • As usual, I have deleted your comment on my post about the topdown progress, sorry…. but I remember what you have written so…. if you had knitted both the front and the back sides, why not to knit the rest? If you have enough yarn, just make the sleeves… Your photos are gorgeous and so colorful! I have to learn from you !

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have plenty of yarn and it is a polo neck so I suppose I should make the sleeves otherwise it might look a bit odd. I am a Wedding Photographer by trade, more used to taking portraits than still lifes, but I am getting there. Thank you for noticing my efforts!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Your business explains everything! Chapeau!! I enjoy every single photo you publish! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Looks fab, great match….fabric & pattern. Love your red boots too!! ✂️😃✂️

    Liked by 1 person

    • PS all my urges are for quick makes, it’s takes a huge amount of effort to slow down. I once cut a dress out before my shift started at 8am, sewed it up in my 37.5 minute break, and wore it to go out that evening! Think that’s my quickest!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Wow! I’ve never done that before! I do remember making a pencil skirt out of a pair of trousers just before going to a Pogues concert in 1984. It was so tight that I could only wiggle like Morticia from the Addam’s Family:)


      • Wow, your parcel has just arrived – there’s so much in it! A bit of everything is absolutely perfect for the makes I have in mind for everyone so, on behalf of Comic Relief, a huge “Thank You”!


      • Your welcome! Sorry it was a bit rushed wrapping it up.
        when I saw the pics of what you planned to make it helped me put the parcel together. ✂️😃✂️

        Liked by 1 person

    • He he, they’re a rather gorgeous shade of raspberry and I wish I’d bought two pairs at the time because these are nearly worn out!


  3. What a fab stylish poncho! I’m sure it will be a very useful item to your wardrobe getting lots of use ;-D

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  4. LOVE, LOVE LOVE, your poncho I’m not surprised you have received tons of compliment it’s stunning x

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  5. Wow, I love this! What an easy to make, easy to wear-perfect! And the bias binding really lifts it to so etching more special.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love that you made the most of the fabric’s design. The satin binding finishes it off so nicely. You couldn’t get lost in a crowd!


  7. Love this! The fabric is very different from anything I have used but I really like it! I’m impressed that you made it so quickly too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The print is awesome! And I love that it’s a “classy sweatshirt” material, too! Warm, yet stylish!
    And all your extra embellishments – it really does look like something you could pick up in a small boutique! You’re making me wish I was a sew-er!! 😀

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  9. Oh that’s gorgeous! You’re so clever and we definitely have the perfect weather for it at the moment too x

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  10. It’s hard to believe it only took you 1,5 hours to make this gorgeous poncho! I love it and love how pretty it looks on you! Marianne xx

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  11. I love your poncho! The choice of fabric and pattern are spot on! After I take my sewing lessons on my Christmas present sewing machine I think I will have to try something that looks as stylish as your poncho. You wear it well 🙂

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  12. I love this! I love the black trim. It looks like leather from afar!
    I’m hoping the need for a poncho doesn’t continue too much longer but we’ve probably got a couple of months in which this will be very useful, to go yet!

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  13. Lovely work and the binding really gives the poncho a professional finish!

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  14. It’s gorgeous, and so handy to throw on when you’re heading out the door. Looks so comfy!

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  16. Hola!!!! Soy de Uruguay y quedé encantada con tu trabajo, estoy empezando ahora y me encantaría hacerme uno para mí, dime qué medidas usaste para hacerlo.


  17. I have some fabric that I think I can use to make this fab poncho. How many yards does it take for the “E” choice poncho that you made? I’m probably out of luck finding this pattern but I want to give it a go.


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