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Sunday Sevens #175


Two week’s worth of Sunday Sevens today – on a Monday, of course:)

  1.  The husband has been hard at work in the evenings finishing off the bits that need doing before we exchange contracts on the house. We finally almost have railings on our bedroom balcony!!

2. Exploring a new local walk with Tess. I love the way the sun creates flare through the trees.

3. We discovered the derelict building that The Boys have been playing in for years!

4. Another trip down to Exmoor to get to know some of the other villages that we are not so familiar with.

5. We tried out one of the local pubs.

6. We had a stroll through what will hopefully become our neighbouring village very soon. Could there be a more quintessentially English scene?

7. Popping out with a friend the other day could be an expensive exercise when I spotted an all-singing, all-dancing coffee machine….

8. Just after The Hunt galloped at a rate of knots through the fields behind us, we were happy to see a deer that had avoided capture.

9. The view across the fields is ever-changing with the seasons and I caught this rainbow streak as it briefly coloured the sky.

10. No.1 Son called in after a night out with friends in the area. The ‘phone rang mid-haircut….

11. Lobster tail for supper. You’ve got NO chance, Tess!

12. Our local Farm Shop has just extended its café, so I had the perfect excuse to go there.

13. The Farm Shop also has a Trading Barn attached and I picked up this sock box for a fiver. Obviously, I now HAVE to make a ninth pair for myself to fill that last cubby hole.

14. Perfect! Well, almost…..

15. Turns out that handknit socks are far too bulky and the lid isn’t even close to fastening.

16. Talking of socks, the third Christmas pair are blocked and ready to wrap….

17. …..and the fourth pair are already on the needles.

18. I made this Polo Neck, so called because it’s neither a cowl nor a scarf and is all the better for it. It sits nice and snuggly against the neck because of the double rib and doesn’t let in any draughts.

19. I finished this poncho whilst watching Marple. It has been quite the marathon and just needs blocking before I can photograph it properly.

20. Well deserved, as it was quite a feat, that poncho. Prosecco with Pomegranate seeds that travel up and down with the bubbles….:)

21. I moved swiftly on to the gloves that will be gifted with the poncho.

22. Instead of casting on the second glove, I cast on a Polo Neck for myself, allowing just two evenings to complete it in time for the 24th Annual Christmas Shopping Trip to Bath with my daughter.

23. And here’s proof that I did it!

24. First stop, as always, was breakfast in The Pump Rooms.

25. A trio of musicians accompanied our meal.

26. “Quick”, I said, “the bride is in shot – smile!”

Turns out there was a wedding party having breakfast just behind us.

27. The moon is visible well before sunset at this time of year, although this was taken just as the sun had dropped below the horizon at 3:55pm. Days are getting short in the Northern hemisphere.

28. Finally, a festive-feeling shot of berries taken at the other end of the village. Christmas will soon be here!

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28 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #175

  1. There must be a market for Sock Boxes for handmade socks – they look so good all coiled up like that – maybe a fabric version ….hmmmm?!
    Wishing you luck with the move – I was between homes for 3 months in similar circumstances some years ago – not easy with children and pets to accommodate.
    I have a penchant for Rural Postboxes as you might have seen on my Instagram page – I like the look of yours with the stone wall and the berries.
    Lovely post as ever Sheila, plenty of seasonal joy and hygge!
    Keep cosy.


  2. I think it’s serendipitous that the sock box doesn’t close because the glimpse of the different coloured socks within is so good. (I do love the opportunity to use the word serendipitous.)
    I love the yearly tradition of shopping in Bath with your daughter. I had a similar thing going with my eldest – but Brighton not Bath – although we’ve missed out for a couple of years due to one thing and another. It will be harder to reinstate it as she’s moved down to Bournemouth so Bath would probably be easier now.
    Some lovely photos this week – especially the last one. A sprinkling of snow on that grass and it would make the perfect Christmas card.


  3. Stunning pictures and I think you will be a little sad to leave your current home and community, but just look at where you are going. The nearby village looks quite chocolate boxy. Loving all those socks.


  4. What a beautiful post Sheila! I’ve kept my fingers crossed for you on the house thing working out. The nearby village looks so pretty – The UK does chocolate box lids perfectly! The socks look wonderful in that box – I think I’d be inclined to take the lid off and just display them like that so colourful and textural and inviting. I’m still loving my socks. I’m so impressed by how they hold their shape. And a final word for your mitts, they look perfect. Is that your pattern or one that came from Ravelry? I should like to make myself a pair for next winter – or this summer if the weather continues on the way it is.


  5. Stunning to see all your photos and what you are getting up to. I could go for a walk there every day, and not get enough. And how awesome to get a glimpse of the deer, so very exciting and christmassy. Love the red berries all around, and even better when they are natural and just out there, not the “decorated” things. 🙂 You are so fortunate.
    Amazing to see the weather still seems to be pretty warm at times too. You still have a warm day here and there? The moon photo is so pretty, definitely shows winter will be around soon.
    I love the sock box, and I am sure with a bit of creative crafting, it could even be “adjusted” to suit and fit handknit socks. 🙂
    Lots of great knitting, and my favourite is the grey mittens. 🙂
    Have a wonderful week and take care.


  6. A gorgeous posting that leaves me, as usual, astounded at your energy and all you accomplish. The socks are wonderful and I was thinking of them, and you in your wellies, last week when we had a few rainy barely-above-freezing days. Grand news on your coming move!!! Know you and your family will make this Christmas memorable no matter where you are, nor how many boxes/crates Santa has to climb over. 🎄 🎅 🎄


  7. It was fun to follow all of your activities. I’m in the U.S. I remember reading about Bath and the Pump Rooms in Jane Austen novels. I’m not sure I’ve seen photos before. Your Tess is adorable.


  8. What a very British scene there. You could almost be on a Christmas card…
    Slightly alarmed at the amount of grey knitting you have going on there… your going to need some bright colours come Christmas.


  9. Busy lady!! And I bet that’s not even half of it! Hope you’re almost getting there with exchanging contracts and your move goes as smooth as a move can go! I’m a little partial to a prosecco with pomegranate seeds, but I found a Cocktail on the Passion Gin website – gin, prosecco, pomegranate seeds, and a splash of pomegranate and elderflower cordial. Bloody lovely!! I think it’s the modern version of a brandy and babycham!! xx

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  11. It’s been a while–I hope you’re doing well. Please update us when you can.


  12. Sheila! Have been thinking about you lately,hoping all is well with you and your new venture. So exciting and sooo much to do. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • No new venture as yet, but we’re looking at lots of potential properties 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      • Good for you, and warmest wishes for success! We all miss you! 😘😘

        Liked by 2 people

      • We were trying to move for a few years and one property purchase fell through after all paperwork and deposit were done, and the wretches STOLE the downpayment, tens of thousands, requiring a new lawyer to get back some of their ill-gotten gains but we did get frankly robbed of thousands. What a nightmare. It finally did work out for us to get the ideal place, where we live now, so I hope it works out well and in a timely way for you too.


  13. I hope you’re doing well–

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Happy new year, and I hope all is going well. You are missed here!


  15. Every year or two I say hello and hope you are doing well and come back and blog!


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