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Soap Bottle Apron!


Happy Wednesday Blogland!

I’m in a cheery mood today having spent a morning making a last minute list of ‘niceties’ for my son to go back to Uni with and then sifting through the charity shops trying to find them. You know the sort of thing – non-essential items but those that make student digs a bit more bearable and homely. We came home with everything on our list except a desk lamp. Our bounty included: –

  • cork noticeboard (brand new) – £2.00
  • large wooden mantel mirror – £4.00
  • two bedside table lamps with shades – £3.00 the pair
  • pendant lampshade – FREE! (they had given up on trying to sell it)
  • shade for standard lamp – £7.50
  • pair of lined, full length curtains – £5.00

A grand total of £21.50 – what a bargain!!!  (Although I did make a donation for the free pendant lampshade; it is for a good cause after all:))

When we got back home after a nice fish ‘n’ chip meal out (well, I did save loads on the shopping front), the creative bug was biting me but there wasn’t much time before the school run to make anything elaborate.

Cue a new blog post from After Dark Sewing (Thanks Beth!).

Less than fifteen minutes later and I had this made and photographed –


You’ll never guess what it is so I’ll enlighten you.

It’s an apron.

But not just any old apron, oh no…..


…an apron for your washing up liquid bottle!!!

Totally mad and pointless, I just HAD to make it!

Do you want to see how it looks from the back? No? Well I’m going to show you anyway.


It absolutely did NOT need any embellishment (it’s a bottle cozy for goodness sake!), but I made a bow just because I could.


Now it’s sitting pretty on my kitchen windowsill making me smile every time I look at it.


If you want to make your own Washing Up Liquid Bottle Cosy (you know you want to!), the original post is here over at Hostess with the Mostest.

God only knows what my husband is going to say:)

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11 thoughts on “Soap Bottle Apron!

  1. Aw! That was quick! I love the trim on yours. I wish I had something like that to use!


    • Told you I was going to make it NOW! The trim is actually button fastening left over from making a lace bolero to go over my wedding dress; the loops are elastic for tiny pearl buttons. I can’t throw anything away:)

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  2. Ok…. you’re aware that you drove me crazy with this fancy and sweet project,aren’t you…………?


  3. That is properly hilarious!


  4. Just what every well dressed washing up liquid bottle is wearing this season LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is so sweet, silly and stylish rolled into one – brilliant 😉 !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You HAVE to make a Christmas one!


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