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Sunday Sevens #171


Linking up with Nat at Threads & Bobbins for another Sunday Sevens…..

1. A child-free few hours saw Mr H-L and me nipping into Bath where we started off in The Pump Room with coffee and cake with a pianist accompaniment.


2. Isn’t this just the most artistic piece of gluten-free carrot cake you’ve ever seen?


3. The reason we went to Bath in the first place was so that I could start knitting some of these balls of wool that have been burning a hole in my knitting basket since they arrived…..


4. ….because the KnitPros that came in the same parcel snapped after casting on just SIX stitches! Even more infuriating was that Love Knitting were out of stock and refused to send me out an alternative as it was against their policy.

Great Customer Service – not. I won’t be spending any more of my money with them.


5. Newly armed with a perfect pair of ChiaoGoo circulars from A Yarn Story in Bath, I got stuck in with the Arno colourway from Stylecrafts’s “Head Over Heels Boho” sock yarn.


6. Whilst we were in Bath, we couldn’t NOT have lunch at Thai Basil, not when it’s only £7.95 for two courses of authentic Thai cuisine….


7. Back home, I also cast on a jumper for the husband in specially requested ‘Mustard’ wool. Initially intended for his birthday at the beginning of December, it now looks like it won’t even be finished in time for Christmas. Oops.


8. Knowing full well that a man-sized jumper in stocking stitch might just push me over the edge of Boredom Cliff, I designed a cable strip to run up through the centre.


9. My adult students finished their PJs in their Wednesday class.


10. Hubby and I popped down to Exmoor for a few hours to check out another house just in case our front-runner falls through.

We decided that we’d be quite happy with this as our local, especially after we’d sampled the marmalade-glazed ham in front of the wood burner.


11. My newest student finished her first project – a sewing bag.


12. The weekend saw us taking a road trip to the South coast, during which I had all the essentials to keep me occupied on the 3-hour journey.


13. It was sunny, so the Husband wore his sunglasses despite having sat on them and losing one of the arms.


14. A quick family selfie outside the coffee shop.


15. Our cheeky little granddaughter got in on the action in this one.


16. The reason for our trip to Newhaven was to watch No.2 Stepdaughter play her inaugural football match for a ladies team. In this photo she is three stone lighter to date, due to her commitment to the slimming cause!


17. On the way back to Somerset we stopped for food at a service station and were pleasantly surprised to find “Tossed”, a healthy Malaysian option amongst the usual crappy offerings from KFCrap, Pizza Crap and Mc-Crappy-Donald’s.


18. Finishing on an Exmoor note, I discovered a supplier of Exmoor sock yarn for the ‘Made On Exmoor’ items I am planning to sell in our future B+B. It’s a hardwearing yarn from the local Exmoor Blueface Sheep – a cross of Exmoor Longhorn with the Blueface Leicester.


We’re talking proper, quality souvenirs here – I wonder if there’s a market for it? There’s one way to find out…..

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #171

  1. Thank you SO much for the photo of The Pump Room in Bath! I’ve read stories about it and hadn’t seen it. I didn’t even realize it was still in existence. Congrats to SD #2 on her weight loss! I’m down 25 lbs myself so I know how difficult that is. Keto Diet has been my way. A canned gin cocktail? Sometimes I just know things here in the US are not right. Would love to have those here! Love the socks and love the mustard color. Always good to have Plan B on the house!

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    • Oh Becky, The Pump Room is glorious and is always our first stop in Bath! There’s a car-sized chandelier just behind us, out of shot, and always at least one musician in a dinner suit entertaining customers while they dine. Just fabulous – very “Downton Abbey”! Yes, the weight loss has been steady since May and she’s doing brilliantly. Gin and Tonic in a tin is perfect for long car journeys – if you’re the passenger obviously 😬Socks and jumper are coming on nicely, although knitting is so slow compared to sewing. I have some sewn gifts to show next week. Trouble with Plan B is just that – it’s not Plan A….


  2. So much yummyness in this post ❤
    Did you know that John and Juliet have a shop in Lynton? They also have a fabulous open mill weekend in late spring down in South Molton.
    Every time we drive past Allerford I think of you xxxx

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  3. #8 made me chuckle. All those yarns look super lovely – it is so nice when you discover really great boutique yarns, especially when they come with really great service. I thought Knit-pros were supposed to last forever – I guess I’ll keep on working with my fifty year old metal jobs. It’s good to know you have a back up B&B now – especially good if it comes with a comfy local.

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    • Hi Pauline, you understand how a boring piece of knitting can end up being a long term WIP then! Yes, I was so pleased to find some excellent local yarn as I know how hard it is to go home with an authentic “Made In….” souvenir. Hopefully our guests won’t have that problem. My other KnitPros are still going strong, although ChiaoGoos are my favourite, so I’ll stick with them in future. It’s the lack of good service regarding an alternative replacement that bothered me. A great local pub is almost as important as a great house in England!

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  4. Loving the socks! Your students do look super proud of their makes. Particularly liked your choice of essentials for a long journey!

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    • Thanks for the sock love – they’re for Christmas presents as I now have too many pairs to even wear myself! Yes, when students surprise themselves with their achievements it gives me a real buzz. Gin and knitting…..should be a prescription!

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  5. Lovely socks – I still don’t know how you manage to churn so many of them out in such a short space of time. I still have a pair on the needles from last spring – I’ve just finished a big knitting project so I could make them my T.V. watching project – once I’ve done the heel that is. Problem is I don’t make them enough to remember what to do so have to sit in front of the online tute while I do the heel bit.
    I’m pleased to see Hubby is keeping up with the trends and requesting a mustard coloured jumper – it will look much more interesting with cabling and save your sanity at the same time.
    Both your students look pleased as punch with their makes. I did a little mini lesson for a friend the other day as she wanted to make a drawstring laundry bag. I didn’t get a photo but she did bring me a bottle of wine to say thanks 🙂
    Speaking of wine – I’m pleased to see you’ve been sampling possible local pubs which, as we know, is almost as important as finding the right house.

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    • Well, socks are my TV project as I could probably knit them with my eyes shut by now! I was pleased with hubby’s request, too, as it’s always nice to knit something for someone who really wants it – especially if it’s in one of your own favourite colours. Isn’t it great when you’ve taught someone how to make something? Such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that another person will carry on the skills. And seeing how pleased they are with their achievements is the best. My adult students bring a cooked lunch with them to share with me AND we have wine – can’t say fairer than that! As an ex-pat you totally get how a great local pub is almost as important as the house itself. Luckily, you’re spoilt for choice on Exmoor, even if it is a short drive (or horse ride) to the nearest one. Is “Drunk In Charge Of A Horse” a thing, I wonder….?


  6. That cake looks perfect. 🙂
    Lovely to see all the knitting happening, she socks are yarns are stunning. Love the exmoor yarn, they look super posh and expensive.
    And nice to find good food at a service station. 🙂 Ours really have non interesting offerings as well. Not even the coffee is worth it.
    Have a great week and enjoy the weather, I would hope it is pretty warm and summery around now.

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    • Oh my, that cake! It was for him, not me, but I did have a taste and it was good. Caramelised apples and carrots on the top and everything! The sock yarn is a new line from Stylecraft and it’s rather lovely, particularly for gifts, I think. I was so pleased to find a great locally produced yarn as it’s nice to be able to offer authentic souvenirs, and rare, too, if my experiences are anything to go by. I loathe motorway service stations and would rather find a pub any day, but with three males in the car all wanting a wee and food, I had to give in. I’m quite glad I did as it had been recently done up and was a really pleasant place to be. Finding the Malaysian food outlet was an unexpected bonus and one I’d happily repeat. As for the weather, it’s still T-shirt weather here and still up to about 12°C, although dropping to single figures from next week. The clocks go back on Sunday so the dark nights will be drawing in early. Nearly time to light the fire!

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      • 🙂 That cake really did it. Much better than what I have seen.
        I am going to be on the look for the Stylecraft yarn, as my one LYS carries the brand. They knit such gorgeous socks.
        True, local yarn is always a good buy. We have very nice local yarns, so I totally get your idea. Definitely more authentic, and will be popular I am sure.
        Lol, can not help but smile at the scene of having to stop at the service station. I have stopped at a few, and even though the facilities are always nice and clean, I do not fancy the food. It is mostly burgers, chips, rolls, pizza or the likes. I normally just settle for a cold energy drink, and take my own snacks.
        Glad the weather is good. We are in for a scorcher this weekend, with temps above 30C all weekend and no rain to cool things off. We will be lighting a fire of course, but for the BBQ 🙂
        Enjoy the weekend and take care. Happy crafting.
        ps Been wanting to ask, are we doing a Secret Santa this year. I know you are super busy and will be in the middle of moving as well, so if not, we will totally understand.


  7. I would buy local yarn on sale in a B&B, I love it when places stock local things. Two of our library volunteers keep bees and they sell the honey through the library and this is very popular. Hoping the sale and purchase are going well. The socks are beautiful.

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    • That’s good to know, although I was thinking more of making things FROM the yarn rather than selling the yarn itself….thanks for the idea! Yes, we always tend to buy local honey if we’re away – somehow it tastes so different depending on the flowers available for the bees. Sale is progressing well, but purchase is not yet agreed as we have to finish doing up the flat before we can put it on the market. Unfortunately, a commercial mortgage requires a bigger deposit, so we need to now sell both properties in order to proceed with the purchase. The amount of knitting I’m doing is directly proportional to the amount of stress it’s trying to relieve!!


      • Oh gosh so sorry to hear that this is being stressful . I would be more likely to buy the yarn rather than something already made- maybe have some simple patterns to go with the yarn? Certainly have both on offer. Fingers crossed for the flat sale.

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  8. Your usual wonderful mix of fun, family, fabulous food and a high level of productivity. I still wonder how you manage to fit it all in!

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  9. I just love that you took a can of G&T on your road trip – I like your style!! Well done to your stepdaughter on her weight loss, a fantastic achievement 😊👍


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