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Sunday Sevens #23


Nat from Threads and Bobbins organized this link up, whereby you showcase the things that aren’t quite meaty enough to dedicate an entire blog post to.

I’ve got a few things to show you this week and, whilst they only number seven, there are a few more photos than that.

1. A finished off blanket from last month.


I love the flower detail in the middle.


Such lovely, dusky colours in the softest yarn – Drops Andes.


2. I found a 1930s Grandmother clock, perfect for our house which was built in 1937! I’ve been searching for a suitable one for ages and was chuffed to bits when I spotted this in a local antique shop.



3. I picked up my knitting needles to start on the first jumper I’ve knitted since 1988!


This one’s for me and I fancied using a tweedy yarn (Stylecraft’s Aran with 20% wool) to make it a proper country jumper for when I walk the dogs. This is my first attempt at knitting cables though and I think I’ve got it right first time!


4. I don’t know if those eagle-eyed amongst you have spotted the new badge in my sidebar? I’m the latest blog to be sponsored by Minerva Crafts to use and review their products.

The materials for my first three months projects have just arrived! Don’t you just love getting parcels like this in the post?


My first make will be using this good quality sweatshirt fabric with a very modern “Chic” print.


I’ve got a great project in mind for this practical quilted leatherette.


I’m really excited about this one though – a gorgeous Chinese print brocade!


All these projects will be revealed and blogged about over the next eight weeks or so.

5. A couple of new book purchases (as if I haven’t got enough!). I blame this entirely on Teresa from Navy Blue ThreadsπŸ™‚


6. After we finished some amazing tea that was given to us by somebody who insisted they weren’t going to drink it, we hunted down some more.

At a hefty Β£25.00 for a tiny tin, I think we’d better ration ourselves with this next lot!


7. Finally, I whipped up a batch of eighty scones for a little boy’s Christening. Like you do.


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41 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #23

  1. You have been busy and will be busy! I love your crochet throw – that is soooo pretty! ❀ ❀

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  2. Exciting week! I want a scone! πŸ˜€

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  3. Look forward to seeing the jumper finished! Love the blanket and YAY for the Minerva crafts job! Congratulations πŸ™‚

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    • The Minerva thing is just great – I get to make anything I want and they’ll post me everything I need in exchange for blogging about it – which I would do anyway! They seem to be such a nice, family business too – can’t wait to start.


  4. The blanket is so romantic….. oh,I love it a lot!! And the jumper is going to look so beautiful!!I love the yarn you are using so awfully much!!

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  5. Beautiful blanket, very pretty pastels and the flower works a treat. Congrats on being selected by Minerva Crafts and for leading me to their site, if I ever needed an excuse to purchase more crafting products you have just provided me with one… and as for the scones they look very yummy… a very busy and successful week πŸ™‚

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  6. What a gorgeous blanket. This is just the sort of thing I’d love to be able to crochet. A lady at school’s been trying to teach me, but I seriously need to put in some homework to get any good at it. I really don&’to find it as instinctive as knitting…

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  7. Love the crochet blanket – love the colours. Yes! I received a parcel like that recently but it was a prize I won through a competition and it arrived on my birthday!

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  8. I love the afghan. The flower in the middle adds the zip that it needs. The colors are perfect. I can not wait to see what you come up with for Minerva Crafts. Personally I love the leatherette. That is such a lovely color. πŸ™‚

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    • I’m trying to get people to think outside the box when it comes to fabric choices, to be brave and consider some bold options for a change – hence my rather different fabrics. Rest assured, they’ll still be ideal for the projects I’ve chosen though!


  9. A beautiful blanket – all the colours shout ”’Spring”’ to me! Brilliant news about being sponsored too πŸ˜€ What could be nicer than having little parcels arrive every couple of months – looking forward to the crafty makes!! πŸ˜‰

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  10. Love the color of the jumper!!

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  11. That clock is amazing! How on earth did you find something that unique? Beautiful blanket, by the way.

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  12. I just want to snuggle under the blanket and eat the scones!

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  13. Beautiful Afghan,and I just love that clock!!! Looking forward to seeing what new lovelies you create with that yummy fabric, too!

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  14. I saw your Minerva badge last week; I thought it was a recent addition but couldn’t be sure! Welcome on board. I love planning and receiving my parcels every few months. I love seeing the look on my husband’s face when a huge stack of fabric comes through the door, until I tell him it is courtesy of MinervaCrafts!
    Looks like you are racing ahead with your Minerva makes – always a good idea, seldom executed by myself!


  15. Wow there’s so much to comment on in this post.
    1. I love the crochet blanket, the yarn looks lovely and snuggly.
    2. The grandmother clock is really special, My house was built in 1929 and I’m on the lookout for period items too.
    3. Your jumper looks great.
    4. CONGRATS on being a Minerva blogger – I look forward to seeing what makes you come up with. 5. I have The Sewing Book, it’s a really good reference guide.
    6. I LOVE scones.


    • Thanks for all your comments! It unintentionally turned into quite a packed post with picture overload. I’m thrilled with the clock in particular as you don’t often come across them – my husband would say that’s because they’re so ugly all the rest were burnt:)

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      • Such a shame they were seen that way. My dream would be to get an original 1930’s armchair. I think back to what happened to the wonderful furniture Granny had in her house. Like you said, it’s probably all been landfilled.

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  16. That blanket easily deserves a full post, it is so pretty.


  17. This is a very exciting post! I love the blanket and the yarn you are using for the jumper πŸ˜€ I’m very intrigued as to what you will be making with your Minerva Craft goodies!


  18. A truly beautiful blanket – I’m amazed you made it, it’s so gorgeous! The scones also look delicious, and remind me of some very late night baking I once did before a friend’s hen party-afternoon tea. Needs must!


  19. Such a good find is your grandmother clock. I have always loved those grandfather and grandmother clocks.
    The dusty colors in your afghan are very pretty as is your afghan. It looks so soft and cozy.
    That is quite pricey for that tea. I bet it is good though. Yes, it would be a tea to ration for that price.
    Good job on designing and making your ‘Knitting Project Bag Tote’.
    Congratulations on your sponsorship with Minerva Crafts. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the material.
    Wow! I had a lot to say. Notice, all in bullet points without the symbol. LOL
    p.s. brilliant cable work.

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