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Sunday Sevens #46


Time for another #sundaysevens as dreamed up by Nat over at Threads & Bobbins – seven photos that sum up your week in a nutshell that aren’t meaty enough for a blog post on their own.

1. No.2 Son won top goal scorer and player’s player of the year at the football presentation. 

2. Lunch at a very dear friend’s house.

 3. Visited the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracey – fell in love with the textile landscapes of Amanda Richardson 

4. Spent the day in Exeter museums/galleries with my sister and mum. Had a lovely lunch with bubbly to celebrate mum’s 67th birthday!

5. Sat in the car in a field on my own for FIVE hours while The Boys played in a five-a-side tournament on the way down to our mini break in Cornwall. Dogs weren’t allowed obviously, and it was too hot to leave them in the car, but we couldn’t even see the football from the ‘car park’! 

On the plus side though, I don’t often get the chance to crochet for five hours solid:)

6. The little old lady from a bungalow backing onto the ‘car park’ came out with a cup of tea as she felt sorry for me sitting there for so long!

 7. Playing table tennis in our cousin’s holiday home in Cornwall.  

 It’s raining, so The Boys have nipped up to play pool in the log cabin playroom and I’m about to put my feet up and sneak in a bit more crochet. Those dolls are coming on a treat…..


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25 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #46

  1. Congratulations to your son for his outstanding season! 🎉 And you’ve been back to Cornwall, and brought your crochet for a grand long session. Phew! Such a lovely (busy!) time being with friends and family – thank you for sharing with us! xx

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  2. What a lovely week and a super glimpse of it in this post. Am now very tempted to try one myself! Congratulations on the football champ. Kindness from strangers is rare but wonderful.

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  3. You lead a very interesting life!! Congrats to your son!

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  4. Happy birthday to your Mum. Love the textile landscape – amazing. It really has been raining, hope your break hasn’t been too soggy.

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    • The sun did come out! Eden project tomorrow so weather is not too important. The textile landscapes were incredible, I wish I could afford one, but at around £5000 there’s no way!

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      • Yes, that’s a wee bit much – but I’m sure totally justified by the work and expertise that goes into them. Glad the sun came out – have fun at the Eden Project – it was looking a little tired last time we went. Hope they’ve pepped it up a little.

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      • Completely justified – when you watch the video of her working, it makes you wonder if £5000 is even enough! The Boys are desperate to see the dinosaur exhibition that’s currently running, so if the rest of the Eden project is below par, they won’t even notice:)

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      • I’d forgotten the dinosaurs were there at the moment and, of course, boys love dinosaurs. That probably is the sort injection it was needing – don’t think we’ve been since 2012.

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  5. Love how you managed to fill five hours in a car park with crochet, and what a kind lady bringing you a cup of tea out. It’s the small things that make all the difference 🙂

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  6. Interesting week I say!

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  7. Totally agree on liking Sunday Sevens for the no-stress blogging aspect of it–as long as you remember to take some pictures, you have a post once a week. It helps to keep me connected to the blog even if I never complete any projects to blog about. 🙂

    Looks like a fun week! Congrats to your son!

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  8. That piece of art work is stunning! Was it available to purchase? You can’t beat a relaxed lunch with friends. What are you going to make with the crochet?

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    • All her pieces were for sale at around £5000 which, if you watch the video of her working, doesn’t seem like much (although, unfortunately, still out of my league). I’m working my way through an entire book of crochet of dolls and their accessories for a little girl’s Christmas present.

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  9. That was very thoughtful of the lady in the little bungalow! The textile artwork is AMAZING!!! Your crochet looks great, looking forward to seeing finished creations!!


  10. Awww Congrats to number 2 son! He looks thrilled. Your mom looks so happy to be out with her girls. Happy birthday to her! Tea and crochet go well together.. don’t know about the five hour wait. You are a super mom!


  11. A proud moment indeed! Well done and congratulations to son no.2 🙂 Thank goodness for mobile hobbies 😉 and the kind lady for her cup of tea!!


  12. Gosh a busy week! I think mums should have an 8 day week so we can have a day all to ourselves! Aren’t mums and sister lunches just the best! 🙂 and well done to you footie superstar!

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