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Keyhole Top from ‘Love Sewing’


The other day I was browsing through the latest Love Sewing magazine after it obligingly popped through the letter box whilst The Boys were at football, meaning I could actually sit down for five minutes and read it without interruption.

The cover featured an inset photo with the model wearing a keyhole neck tunic which I rather liked the look of – not in mustard though, I can’t wear mustard.


After a quick glance at the line drawings, I thought I’d give it a go. Not being blessed with model-esque proportions myself, I don’t trust the photographs as I know it’ll never look like that on me!

I remembered some fabric that I had recently been given from a friend who was clearing out her studio which would be perfect for this top.


There were about four metres of thin, loosely woven cotton fabric which, according to the selvedge, was vintage Rose & Hubble.


The top came together pretty quickly and very easily. The neck keyhole opening was simply turned back twice to provide a narrow hem.


I narrow hemmed the bottom of the top, too, as it was such fine cotton.


I made some bias binding for the neck edge.


The pattern called for a continuous strip of binding around the front and back leaving a ‘keyhole’ neckline, but I fancied having ties at the front instead so extended the binding length accordingly.


The finished tunic fits my dressform pretty well. You can’t see the pleats because of the patterned fabric but you CAN see how low the front opening is!!


Sure enough, when I put it on, far too much cleavage was displayed. I do like how the front pleats are stitched down and draw the fabric in underneath the bust though, to stop the top hanging like a shapeless sack.


A vest top will definitely have to be worn underneath, which is a bit of a shame.


The shawl that Tajana made for me on a gift exchange (blogged about here) matches the blue in the tunic perfectly so, with a cardigan, it can be worn in the Winter too.


I’m not really a dark blue kind of person, but the shade is more Cobalt and is lifted by spots of red, white, yellow and green, so it feels quite cheerful and bright. The blue scarf stops the black cardigan from looking too gloomy, too, as I don’t like black next to my (almost) black hair.


Has anyone else made this top? What did you think of it?

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63 thoughts on “Keyhole Top from ‘Love Sewing’

  1. That is so cute! what pattern is it?

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  2. Lovely fabric! You’re right, that is quite a low keyhole – thank goodness for vests!

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  3. It’s great, and really suits you! I see what you mean about the key hole though. I’m quite short so I always have a problem with necklines!

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  4. Such a shame you feel like you have to wear something underneath this lovely top …. I’m not much of a sewer, but could you not try to fix this some other way? It looks really great! Marianne xx

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  5. Interesting! I’m in the middle of making this right now but I’m snatching 5 minutes here and five minutes there to do it in. I’m not making the pleated version though. I’ve used bias binding on the v as I made a real dog’s dinner trying to hem it. I’m surprised at how low cut it is on you actually, but then I’ve never minded a bit of cleavage on show! Your fabric is really pretty!

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  6. Ooer Missus! It looks like you’ve done the girls up like a parcel too with the ties πŸ™‚ Sorry, couldn’t resist. What a shame you feel it’s too low because it looks great on you otherwise. The line drawing doesn’t make it look low but, from what I can see of the photograph on the front of the magazine, it looks quite low cut there. If you put a modesty panel in though – will you be able to remove the ties because then I think it would look more like it was supposed to be there.

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    • If I put in a modesty panel, it will be in white so it looks like a vest underneath. Corrine has also made this and found exactly the same problem. If you look at the photo on the front of the magazine, the model is also wearing a vest underneath, so I guess I should have looked closer and adjusted the pattern accordingly.


  7. I’ve been eyeing up that pattern too so am thankful to be forewarned about t being a bit in the low side I didn’t think it was too low even though you mentioned it. In summer with white cropped capris and a golden tan everyone wears things a bit lower. When I wear my holly jumpsuit which turned out a bit low (and gave all my readers an eyeful) I pin a small piece of matching bias fabric to my bra and it’s hardly noticeable. Saves a bit of modesty tho! πŸ˜€

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    • With my cleavage on show to that extent everyone would be talking to my boobs and not my face!! A modesty panel is the answer, I think. Corrine found the same problem and is wearing hers with a vest, too. Enjoy your meet up today!


  8. Very pretty, I have a similar issue with a tunic and am thinking on my feet. Could you sew a dart at centre front, that’d raise it up a bit and it could look intentional and not out of place with the tucks you sewed. Love the colour on you and I echo your thoughts about mustard and black.

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    • A modesty panel in white will make it look like I’m wearing a vest underneath and is the solution, I think. Yes, comments have been made that it is bright but I was thinking that it is quite a conservative choice of fabric for me!!!


  9. Not yet, but on my list. Thank you for demonstrating the pleats under the bust, you’ve convinced me to give it a try. Funny how our colour tastes are so opposite, but this is really cheery and Spring-like. Looks lovely on you, and certainly not glum at all πŸ™‚

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    • With a full bust you need the shaping to draw it in otherwise it does end up making you look a bit blob-like, I find. It is indeed funny how people are perceiving this fabric – most are saying it’s nice and bright and here’s me thinking it’s a little bit too conservative for my taste!

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  10. I love the style and fabric they both really suit you and go perfectly with your beautiful gifted scarf, a small ‘modesty panel insert’ should sort out the problem in no time πŸ˜‰

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    • Thanks Caren. It’s always a bonus to find existing things in your wardrobe that it will go with, isn’t it? I’m not the organised type who thinks ahead to create mix and match items – more the spontaneous type in every aspect! A modesty panel is definitely the answer for the Summer, I think.

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  11. I love keyhole tops in general. They are certainly more interesting than regular tops. Very lovely!

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  12. What a beautiful top. It is perfect for you. i am still in the process of learning to sew with my new machine I got for christmas. Plus trying to learn to knit

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  13. Grand fabric & make, Sheila – congrats! Llove the styling for warm & cold, too. (Ms. T, wonderful gifty!). Thanks so much for sharing your issues with this design, tho’ it makes me more green we haven’t a similar mag/pattern over here!

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    • Thanks Del, it makes sense to see if an item will work year round so I was pleased to find that the shawl was a perfect match. It seems I’m not the only one who didn’t expect the keyhole to be quite as low, although it probably isn’t an issue for those with a less ample bust!

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  14. It’s really quite charming. I love the fabric. What a lucky gift.

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  15. Its very pretty. I love the fabric, it wears so well, in many designs. I am not that brave to wear something so bright and colourful though. I should really, its stunning.
    I don’t think its to much cleavage either, you look perfect all the time.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy, happy crafting! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Joey – isn’t it funny how you think it’s too bright and colourful for you whereas I was thinking it’s a tad on the conservative side for me?! I would feel very self conscious if I dared to wear it without a vest. I think my ample cleavage is best reserved for an evening gown!

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      • Indeed, funny. I tend to wear either cream/beige or dark blue or white. With the odd occasion of something brighter. I do go for brighter accessories and scarves, etc. Just a little pop of colour. I guess it makes getting dressed easy. πŸ™‚
        You always dress stunning. The vest with your top looks perfect. And you always look good in an evening gown! πŸ™‚ I love those, one feels so glamorous when being able to get all dressed up.


  16. Yes, it looks incredibly low! Thanks for the heads up. I quite fancied this pattern for a work top. Probably too much cleavage for an office full of men without some sort of adjustment!

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  17. I saw your post only today,sorry I’m quite away from blogland lately…. Oh I love your top,it fits you perfectly! This outfit is so fresh indeed!

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  18. This is so pretty and it looks great on you. It goes perfectly with the blue shawl too!

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  19. I haven’t made that one. It is a pretty blue pattern so I am glad you could save it!

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  20. Great fabric! I was thinking about making this one too – but I’ll check out the cleavage situation before stitching up – not that I have much cleavage! πŸ˜‰

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  21. I think your cleavage looked rather nice – consider yourself fortunate – but maybe not for the school run or teaching. The bright blue is lovely too – with the splashes of white, yellow and red.

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  22. Lovely make. Funnily enough I bought some fabric on Friday to make a tunic with really similar colours. Mind when I get round to making it’s a different matter.

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  24. Ooooh, it’s a lovely top, and the colors are wonderful! I love the pleating. Wondering if this magazine is available to us over the pond, they offer lots of cute patterns. (keyhole necklines can be quite challenging for office wear….)

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  25. This looks lovely on you! I am trying to make this right now, but can’t make any sense out of the pleat instructions – does the diagram show the inside or the outside of the garment? The mustard photo seems to show a “box” pleat, but the line drawing shows two separate pleats on either side, leaning in towards the centre front. What did you do? Thank you πŸ™‚

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  26. I bought the magazine for the first time this month and am just starting this pattern. I’d love to do the cowl dress too but I’m not sure I’m up to that standard yet! I’ve chosen the pleated front option with three quarter-length sleeves in a light cotton I already had. I like the very floaty fabric you’ve used though, as it makes it appear smarter and more suitable for evening events as well as daytime.

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  27. I too have found that the keyhole is much too low, luckily I made a mock up first as I thought it might be. Now trying to raise the neckline but a bit tricky as it needs to go up a lot.I don’t really think it’s worth the effort. Any other suggestions anybody.


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