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Sunday Sevens #73


Another Sunday, another Sunday Sevens, as dreamed up by Nat at Threads & Bobbins – click on the link to find out how you can join in.

  1. I ordered some more gorgeous wool by Juniper Moon Farm to make a matching scarf for the bobble hat I made myself last week.

Juniper moon farm yarn

2. It’s my own design so I’ll share the pattern if anyone’s interested.

pink cable scarf

3. More yarn arrived in the post, this time with two faux fur pom poms which are OK but nothing like as fabulous as the real fur ones from Toft. At just £2.95 for two though, they are good value compared to £8 each for the Toft ones.

Drops yarn

4. Brown bobble hat (as requested by my daughter) already finished!

fur pom pom bobble hat

5. Beanie well underway for No.1 Son in his choice of olive green.

green beanie

6. We had haggis for Burn’s night. It never looks particularly attractive but we love it the traditional way with neeps and tatties.


7. Saw lots of snowdrops in full bloom whilst walking the dogs.


8. Managed to grab this rubbish photo on my ‘phone of a kestrel that likes to perch on the shed roof. We get loads of birds of prey in the garden as we back onto open farmland – you should see the size of the buzzards!!


9. My son’s not the only one with an eye for a bargain – I snapped up this pretty little cabinet in a charity shop for £30. It’s going to house some of my vintage china.


10. The local parish magazine did an article on ‘entrepreneurs’ and invited me to put a piece together about my sewing school.


11. The Boys have progressed to jumping. Freddy’s little pony thinks he’s a show jumper and clears the tiny jumps with a foot to spare!

Freddy jumping

12. Bertie’s larger pony doesn’t put in quite so much effort.

Bertie jumping

That’s it for this week – I’d better get in the shower now before the Tesco delivery arrives. No doubt there will be a knock on the door just as I get in…

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40 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #73

  1. What a wonderful variety of photos/subjects. Thanks for finding some cheaper pompoms – the Toft £8 per hat is a bit steep – there are lovely though, so silky. I made some out of some mohair yarn that I was given ages ago and they look pretty good.

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  2. Love your little display cabinet – what a find.
    Here’s to another good week for you and yours.

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  3. That olive green yarn is a lovely shade and the cabinet was such a great find!

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  4. Love the cabinet – great bargain. Lovely write up in the parish mag – can’t believe you have colour pics in your parish mag – must be far more upmarket than ours.

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  5. Lovely week’s photos and activities! My, that cabinet is gorgeous! Good to see your boys getting on with their jumping – they’re not doing dressage, are they? Had a relative who did that. Lovely yarns & work, as always, and love your kestrel piccie. Looks a great parish piece, so congratulations all round!

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    • Thanks for all that Del! I don’t know whether The Boys will be interested in competing in anything on the ponies. At the moment they’re just having fun learning the basics. No doubt I’ll keep you updated if they do:)

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  6. Love your yarns, and hats, and your own design. Will leave it to the knitters to make and share such loveliness. Congrats on your parish write-up! And your beautiful china cabinet must surely be the Deal of the Century!

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  7. A week full of more knitted goodies, love your scarf pattern! What a great feature in the magazine, you might find yourself needing more machines after that gets around the Parish 😉 Your Sons are doing so well too with their riding and jumping skills 🙂

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    • I’m hoping the article will lead to more students, although it will still only be four per class so no more machines are necessary. More classes are the idea – I work five hours per week at the moment and would ideally like to raise that to ten. I know, sounds like very little, but an hour teaching is pretty intense and I earn every penny!! The Boys LOVE their riding lessons as you can probably tell:)

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      • I wish you well 😉 I’m sure you won’t have any problems filling in those extra hours! I know how much prep and materials goes into putting classes together from past experience…. and I bet the monetary value doesn’t outweigh the satisfaction value though at the end of the day?! 🙂
        Your boys are so fearless and brave, the best I could do was to saddle a Shire Horse once on a ‘Pony trek’ LOL I don’t think my hips have ever recovered!! The dammed thing walked half a mile then refused to go any further…the rest of the pony trek class carried on as the leader yelled back to me…”Don’t worry we’ll be back soon…………………….! He only ever walks that far, then stops!
        ”Aaaaaarrrrghghhghg I sat for over an hour in the pouring rain on a horse that wouldn’t budge till the troop returned, and I didn’t even get a partial refund ;-(

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      • Well, the going rate is £40 per hour so it’s not too bad, but the satisfaction still beats it hands down. To see how proud the kids are of what they’ve achieved is just the best feeling. I’ve had my fair share of riding disasters, too, most recently being those broken ribs last Summer in Spain. Not from a horse that wouldn’t move though – quite the opposite! I still ride though, and The Boys are fanatical about it and have no fear at that age.

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      • It would be lovely if that was £40 per student/hour!! ;-)LOL but still a good rate. I used to have so much pleasure out of classes I ran (the money was ok, but the satisfaction on seeing the faces with achievement – even better ;-D )
        It’s good to know that the hiccup in Spain hasn’t put you off the pleasure of riding and your boys are amazing….long live their fearlessness and lack of injuries !! 🙂

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  8. The more I see your pompom beanies the more I like the pattern – is that your own design too? [I can’t remember what you have said in the past and I’m sure you have told us……. ] Another great week in the H-L household – way to go boys!! ❤

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    • No, the pattern is a free one on the Debbie Bliss website – I think there’s a link in the first blog post I did. The scarf uses the same cable pattern of stitches but in a combination I put together to match. The Boys are getting on well, aren’t they?

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  9. Yarn and more yarn. I love it. And your cabinet. Very nice. Congrats on the write up for your classes. Don’t you just love finding hints of Spring at this time of year?

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    • I can’t resist a good yarn when I find one – or a charity shop bargain. Not that I really have space for yet another piece of furniture but we don’t do minimalism in this house! I love the first buds of Spring found on our walks; they really brighten up a grey day.


  10. I really love your bobble hat. I have tried to learn how to knit to no avail. I did come across a pattern on how to crochet socks. I wish I could knit! The boys look awesome on their horses. Lots of luv and hugs to the family!! xxxxxxxx

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  11. I am in complete awe of how quickly you can knit such beautiful hats! I’m not surprised you have a list of people awaiting them, they’re gorgeous!
    I love all the spring flowers so it’s lovely starting to see them appear now. Good to see the kestrel too – I’m all for a bit of bird sporting wherever possible 🙂

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    • The hats take about twelve hours to knit, I think, so I’m happy to make them for family. Someone (a non-knitter, obviously) blithely mentioned that I should sell them but, even at minimum wage, I’d have to charge over £80 not including the yarn or pom pom cost! We see so many birds of prey that I’m nervous they’ll swoop down and scoop up one of the dogs one day!

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  12. I think that cabinet is absolutely stunning. Lucky you. I do love it when one comes across something so special.
    Nice hats, you are really on the roll, and I love the pompoms. 🙂 Your scarf is going to be stunning.
    Well done to the boys, lovely to see them riding and jumping.
    And congrats to being featured in the magazine, that is very special.
    Enjoy the new week. 🙂

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  13. Love the brown beany! Sorely tempted to make one. I might have to take a duvet day;)

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  14. You are just whipping up those hats! Nice article in the magazine 😀

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  15. A lovely productive week! And the boys look fab jumping! I’ve never been a proper horsy person but have some friends who are. No doubt your 2 will been developing a life long passion for horses. Great write up! 😀


  16. The youngest can’t wait to spend all day Sunday mucking out horse poo at the stables like his brother does! He’s only 8 though and he can’t go until he’s 10. They’re both loving the jumps as you can see:)


  17. If only I lived close to where you are; I would so looooove to enroll in your Stitch Acadamy ……

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  18. How great do the boys look! Send a big well done to them from me, a great achievement to jump at a young age 🙂 I’m impressed with the article, how great for you! And I’m still very amazed at the hats – I love the olive green yarn 😀


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