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Sunday Sevens #74


In the West Country the weather was awful this week and both the Saturday and Sunday football matches were cancelled. The dogs refused to set foot outside the front door and No. 2 Son didn’t want to go to the stables either which meant we had a rare weekend with both of The Boys and Mr H-L at home. This gave us the opportunity to do indoor ‘stuff’ (which doesn’t include technology) and I didn’t even turn my computer on – a reasonable excuse for my Sunday Sevens being late!

Hop over to Threads & Bobbins to see what Sunday Sevens is all about and how you can join in if you want to.

  1. Daughter paid us a brief visit to collect her bobble hat, much needed in this weather.

bobble hat

2. Mr H-L and No.1 Son worked from home a couple of days this week and this is what I rustled up for them at lunchtime. No wonder they’d rather not go into the office!

champagne lunch

3. I spotted these beautiful crocuses (not ‘croci’ as it’s not derived from Latin!) on a dog walk at the beginning of the week before the dogs vetoed any further walks.crocuses

4. The dogs hate the wind and rain so much and this photo says it all really. Fifi climbed up onto the hearth and stared at us until Mr H-L obliged her by lighting the fire!Fire dog

5. I managed to finish this month’s project for the Minerva Craft Blogger Network -a fur gilet with gold Paisley lining. A full blog post will follow next week.fur gilet

6. I adapted the bobble hat pattern to make a beanie for No.1 Son in his requested colour, Olive Green. One row of cables was dispensed with so the hat was less pointed and more rounded like a beanie should bobble hat

7. I was given this set of notebooks for Christmas, but they are so lovely I can’t bear to use them! They each feature a different vintage McCall’s pattern envelope on the front and back covers.sewing pattern notebooks

8. The inside pages are all different, too, some printed with paper pattern excerpts.pattern books inside

9. Yet another bobble hat was cast on, this time in navy blue for a birthday present for a good friend. Navy is NOT a great colour to knit with in the evening.

navy bobble hat WIP

10. How do you get from a skein of wool to a yarn cake?skein and cake

11. With a swift and yarn winder, of course! I treated myself to this quality wooden swift a couple of weeks ago to give Mr. H-L’s arms a break. swift

12. The yarn winder was a Christmas present and, between them, they make short work of a previously tedious job.yarn winder

13. I’m still managing to squeeze in a few rows here and there on the scarf to match my pink bobble hat which I made to match my Raspberry Pink boots:)cable scarf

pink boots

That’s all folks! Are you more productive in the Winter because of the enforced staying-in?

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47 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #74

  1. You have given a whole new meaning to ‘working from home’.

    I found both a vintage wooden swift and wooden wool winder here but don’t often get the opportunity to use them as I don’t usually buy wool in skeins. Still, if I do, I’ll be ready!

    I have notebook envy. I feel an Amazon order coming on.

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  2. Those boots, oh my, they are am az ing! I have been taxing my brain with sewing and cable knitting! Your daughter looks just like you, the hat looks super on her

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    • The boots are three years old now and don’t look quite as pristine as that any more as they are my favourites and get worn a LOT! I love knitting cables as it looks impressive and complicated but takes very little work. My daughter is definitely me with blonde hair, isn’t she? And when I used to weigh 7 1/2 stone back in my thirties……


      • I was going to say your daughter is beautiful just like her Mom. ..totally looks just like you! Love all your yarn projects…I need to step up my game. Haha. I am a homebody and love to stay inside all cozy especially when it’s dreadful out. We are supposed to have nice weather next week so i should venture out!


  3. Ah! I love those notebooks!

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  4. I love all your beautiful, colorful projects–February requires working with lots of color! And don’t our pets have us all figured out? My two cats wait for me to turn on the gas fire in the mornings, too. I’m pretty well-trained. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • This time of year is definitely brightened up by working with colour, I totally agree! Our pets certainly have us wrapped around their little finger, so to speak. I, for one, can’t resist such a blatant request:)

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  5. OMGoodness that’s a winder and a half ๐Ÿ˜‰ and, with lunches like that I’m surprised they ever go into the office!! You definitely seem in pink mode this season…and lots of lovely knitting ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • The winder and swift make things so much quicker – I do NOT miss the hours spent winding wool into a ball around my fingers whilst hubby or a reluctant child moans about aching arms! I love having the men home during the day so always try to make lunch something special. I love pink, especially the deeper shades like my boots:)

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  6. I’m still loving your hats, in all colours! I think I requested a navy one from my Nan but she explained that wasn’t a choice – haha! Funny about your dogs refusing to venture out, one of mine is completely indifferent to bad weather but the other has to be dragged along like a rock!

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    • Thanks Camilla, the hats are proving to be quite popular and I’m sure I haven’t made my last one yet. Did your Nan not have any navy in her stash, or does she just not like working with dark colours? Dogs are funny creatures and have as many different personalities as humans, I think. Not that I’m complaining if I don’t have to walk them in the storms:)

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  7. I’m a gadget girl so anything that makes life easier is a must! If I was a proper knitter/crocheter I imagine I would need one of those too! Loving the hats, you must do these in your sleep the rate you churn them out!!
    PS on a different note, I’m keeping everything crossed that H gets into Yorkshire again as they’re off to Taunton on Tour for 6 days and we must arrange to meet up if he gets in. Unfortunately we won’t know until the trials at the end of May, but hopefully he will. It’s the 17th-22nd of July so don’t go booking any holidays!!:-)

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    • Winding wool by hand is such a chore when all you want to do is get on with the fun bit of actually knitting, so it was high time I invested in these. Now I’ve got more time to spend on the hats! It was a shame that we couldn’t meet up last year so it would be great to try again this year – my fingers and toes are crossed for H! I’ll have to do a bit of research on the fabric shops in the Taunton area:)

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  8. Good job I’m following on IG as your photos not come up on this, not sure why! I’m filling in the blanks from memory though. The weather’s been dreadful hasn’t it? Today was even worse again in the NW. Ugh! Like you, my knitting’ coming on a treat though ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I suppose it’s inevitable that there’s going to be an overlap from IG to the blog. I hope it’s not getting boring, but IG is all about pictures whereas you can expand on the story behind the pictures on the blog. Storm Imogen has passed now, so the dogs might get a walk later. It has just been too foul for them even to go out for a wee – they would rather hold it in all day than step outside in the wind and rain! Good for productivity though. I don’t watch TV much and never during the day, so lots of sewing and knitting gets done. Anything rather than do the housework. That reminds me, we’ve managed to find another cleaner and she starts next week:)

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  9. Love the winder and swift (you’ll not be surprised to learn I never knew there were such things)! I’ve worked from home, and certainly never mastered the art of proper lunching! Sweet little hearth doggie, she knows the place to be. Beautiful daughter in her big bauble hat!

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    • The winder and swift make short work of the tedious bit so I can concentrate on the fun of actually knitting – I should have got them years ago! The men only grab a quick sandwich on the go when they’re at work, whereas I make them step away from the computers at home and have a proper lunch hour, which is easier if lunch is a bit special. It’s not usually champagne though!

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  10. No 1 Sonโ€™s a colour-lover after me own heart: great green for his hat, and your daughter is lovely in hers. Such a posh lunch to keep your menfolk happy! Crocuses are lovely, and if theyโ€™re up, maybe your weather will moderate, too. My question is, has Fifi chosen her hat colour yet? Not being a pink fan, your boots donโ€™t tempt, but the style is classic and they look very comfy for walking in fair weather or foul. Lovely week despite the weather – thank you!

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    • Olive Green wouldn’t be my first choice of yarn colour, but it does suit him I have to admit. A bit like me and pink, I suppose – it doesn’t suit everyone but deeper shades work for me. Storm Imogen has now passed so hopefully that will be it. It was the ninth named storm to hit the UK this season. We’ve certainly had a battering this year!

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  11. I really like your boots, they look so cheerful and pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great weekend (and week) it looks like. You did a lot, its clear the colder weather is aiding in that. Its the same here, we do a lot more in winter, on the crafting side.
    Your little doggy’s face and expression says it all!! I can just imagine the look and stare.
    Great knitting, you seem to be on a “cable” roll at the moment. Love it.
    Have a great week and stay warm. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Iโ€™m not the kind of person to long for the Summer as I think each season has itโ€™s virtues. I make the most of cold, dark, wet days and manage to get lots more crafting done, so itโ€™s not all bad. And whatโ€™s cosier than curling up by a roaring fire and toasting marshmallows? Winter is good too. Try telling the dogs that:)

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  12. What lovely photos – I’m very envious of that delicious looking lunch & your raspberry boots!! You have been busy – your hat production line is fab, they all look lovely. Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

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  13. Those notebooks are soooo nice – they make great gifts for anyone who loves sewing! Little Fifi is adorable in front of the fire – you can tell that she is waiting patiently ๐Ÿ™‚ Your lunches look sooo tempting, I bet they look forward to working from home if that’s what they get!

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  14. That looks like my kind of lunch! The scarf is coming along nicely and I love that you are colour co-ordinating scarf, hat and boots! I have a yarn swift too and it makes such a difference doesn’t it?

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  15. Think I may have to come and work from home at your house too. Mind, with a bottle of bolly I’d need to nap in the afternoon. Where did you get your swift from? I’m still being an old curmudgeon and using a wool winder and arms – but hubby always wants to wind, so it’s my arms that need the rest!

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    • He’s getting breakfast in bed in a minute, too, talk about spoiled! I bought the swift from Artesano – did I not put a link in the post?

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      • If there’s breakfast in bed, I’m packing my bags right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks, don’t think you did put a link – although it may be me missing it ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re having a good week.

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      • I forgot the link, but it’s from Artesano, although I think either Love Knitting or Wool Warehouse also sell them at a cheaper price. Spoiling hubby seems to be working as he’s visibly relaxing a bit more and enjoyed his breakfast in bed!

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      • Thank you. I’m going to check them out at the knitting and stitching show too, then I can either get one there or come back and take your recommendation. Thanks again. Good to go forearmed to the Knitting and Stitching ๐Ÿ™‚

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