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Sunday Sevens #75


Time for another Sunday Sevens as organized by Nat over at Threads & Bobbins – seven(ish!) photos of your week outside the blog.

Well, I haven’t even turned the computer on this week and have a lot of blog reading to catch up on. Here’s my (very busy) week in pictures.

  1. Pancake day was celebrated the traditional way with lemon and sugar pancakes.


2. The Hens have started laying again after the Winter. They give us an abundance of different coloured eggs which get very dirty this time of year!


3. A lovely reader very kindly sent me a photo of her wearing the bobble hat that her mother knitted after seeing it on the blog. Hi Claire – love the cream Toft pompom!Claire's hat

4. No.1 Son agreed to pose for a photo in his hat (which he has actually worn a lot already!).green beanie

5. I made a pair of wristwarmers to match the bobble hat that I made for a friend’s birthday at the weekend.Navy bobble hat and gloves

6. Here is said friend – we took her out for a meal at Summer Lodge in Evershot.Summer Lodge Drawing room

7. The selection of 27 local cheeses was incredible!

27 cheeses

8. Went to Wells farmer’s market with Mr H-L who is off work at the moment with stress. Days out were prescribed by the doctor, so this was our first one.

Wells market2

9. The hot mulled cider helped a lot as we wandered around!wells market

10. A lovely few hours were spent in the Bishop’s Palace afterwards.Bishop's Palace

11. This is the Long Gallery inside.Bishop's Palace inside

12. We stopped in at Wells Reclamation on the way home.Wells Reclamation

13. Bad Hair Day at school in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.bad hair day

14. We stayed overnight at Holbrook House Hotel just a mile away for Valentine’s weekend while No.1 Son looked after The Boys.Holbrook

15. 5 course meal with champagne!Champagne

16. This was our suite of rooms – very nice (but not quite Summer Lodge!).Ninesprings Suite

17. Breakfast Sunday morning before going back home to spend the day with The Boys.breakfast

Sorry it’s a bit of a rushed post but I was due somewhere else five minutes ago!

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45 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #75

  1. I really enjoy reading your Sunday Sevens. It sounds like you have had a very busy, and varied week.


  2. This all sounds like a perfect way to beat stress. Is it working yet or will you have to keep going to lovely restaurants and cosy hotels? πŸ˜‰

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  3. What a nice weekend. Sorry to read about stress. Having suffered myself he has my sympathy. I had an excellent councillor, who helped me turn things around and get out of the situation at the root of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, I think it’s pretty obvious what the cause is – my Cancer scare, his dad dying and tough times at work. He just needs to step away for a couple of weeks and clear his head which is already starting to reap benefits.


  4. Your Sundays Sevens revolve a lot around food like mine! But this week in much nicer surroundings. Hope Mr HL is sooner feeling less stressed. Now this might sound daft, but how about him doing a bit of crochet? I find it really therapeutic and takes my mind off all sorts. Did you manage to find anything worth buying in the reclamation yard? πŸ™‚

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    • Do you really want me to repeat what he said about the crochet suggestion?! I’m going to take him breakfast in bed in a minute and we’re going out for lunch again so no doubt food will feature heavily again next week. Doc prescribed days out of the house, relaxing music and breathing exercises but I’m sure eating out helps too!

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  5. Lovely photos as usual. Wow another busy week. Looks like you all had fun K xXx

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  6. Wow!! So much! Love #1 son’s hat and the picture of you is just beautiful!! BTW…I’m back on WordPress! Yay!

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  7. Wow, 17 photos! Laughed at the picture of bad hair day. You should start selling these hats!

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  8. A great hotel escape and good therapy for stress I should think? Hope this week is another good one πŸ˜‰
    PS…never knew hens stopped laying for the winter πŸ˜‰ !

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    • Hotels and meals out are the best way to combat stress so we made good headway this week! He’s having a lie-in at the moment so breakfast in bed might help, too, before we go out for lunch:) Our hens are hybrids that are bred for prolific egg production, but they still have a couple of months off from laying each Winter.

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  9. What a lovely week and weekend. Awesome. Love the hotel, and gallery, so beautiful. Not to mention the Farmers Market, those are my favourites as well.
    The cheeses would have been my favourite for the week. It looks extra good. Hope you tried a few. πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the new week. Happy knitting (love the blue set) and crafting.

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  10. Your Valentines celebrations sound perfect! What a gorgeous setting! Lemon + sugar are the ultimate pancake topping as far as I am concerned, and anything mulled – wine or cider – is delicious! No idea how you managed to choose from 27 cheeses!

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    • We’re lucky that this hotel is just a mile down the road so meals there feature a lot in my posts! I chose six out of the cheese selection and matched them with a twenty pound glass of vintage port! Spoiled indeed:)

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  11. Looks like you had a good week. I hope the mr’s stress levels decline. Days out of the house will be good. I did cbt for a while for anxiety and that was great and my doc always recommends mindfulness.
    The hats do look lovely πŸ™‚ I might have to have a good at one, one day.

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    • It’s the first time he’s suffered from stress so acknowledging it and taking time off was a good step. He refuses to take up crochet though, even though it’s proven therapy!


  12. Fab week and, as always, lovely more than seven photos. Are you sure you don’t have more than seven days in your weeks? Sorry to hear Mr H-L is off work with stress. Hope he’s tickety boo very soon. It looks like you’re working hard on getting him there. Great hat pics – If there weren’t so many other photos, I’d have said it looks like a very hatty week πŸ˜‰

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  13. Take care of Mr Sewchet. It takes a lot for these men of ours to admit to stress. A wonderful prescription though. I shall suggest it next time I’m suffering!

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    • I think I cope with stress pretty well because I have so many creative outlets whereas Mr H-L has none. He refuses to take up crochet although it’s therapeutic qualities are proven!


  14. What a delightful week! Stress is a terrible thing but acknowledging it is a great start sending you both warm wishes and long may the day trips continue!

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  15. Always enjoy seeing your images, even when you’re in a rush. Hope your husband’s feeling better soon. Your night away looked lovely πŸ™‚

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  16. Beautiful sites, delicious cheese and the company of your love sounds like the perfect getaway. I hope the stress reduces with time. That’s a tough one. I enjoyed seeing the photos of you out and about.


  17. I enjoy reading your Sunday Sevens, you are always up to something fun and interesting! The hotel you stayed at looks gorgeous, and how lovely to sip champagne by the fireside πŸ™‚ I like the matching bobble hat and wristwarmers too.

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    • Oh yes, the hotel was lovely and we know it well as we eat there quite a lot, although we don’t stay overnight very often as it’s only a mile away. Glad you enjoy the Sunday Sevens and seeing what we’re up to:)

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  18. Yay, thanks for showing my hat picture !

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  19. What a great week! I haven’t been to Wells, but the market in your lovely photo looked really familiar – then I realised, it’s in the film Hot Fuzz!

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