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Sunday Sevens #95


All these photos are in the wrong order because WordPress is playing up on my iPad and the draft hasn’t saved so I can’t fiddle with it on the iMac. Or iPhone. So bear with me and you should make sense of it all in the end.

1. The last photo from last night comes from the Beer Fest at Weyhill, Andover. No.3 Son was pogo-ing away like a good ‘un with all the big boys. They loved it and included him in their ‘dancing’. They were a bit bemused, though, when he re-enacted Marty McFly’s guitar solo in Back To The Future where he rolls around the floor on his back…..

2. Selfie at aforementioned Beer Fest.

3.  Mr H-L cleaning the pool in his pants…..

4. …..while The Boys indulge in a little Sunday morning knitting with their mother.

5. No.2 Son had archery on Friday morning at school. He loved it. It was hot but they had to wear long sleeves to protect their arms from the bow string. 

The school held a barbecue in the afternoon…but I forgot to take any photos. Can I just say that we took wine and had a very enjoyable few hours.

6. The bouquet of flowers and card that I received from the ladies as a token of appreciation for the Margot pyjama workshop that they attended. Totally unnecessary  –  but so lovely!

7. Attaching the bright yellow bias binding to the funky sleeping bag that I made for July’s blog post for the Minerva Crafts Blogger’s Network.

8. The pyjamas made by my adult students in a beginners dressmaking class.

9. The sample pair I made a few days before the workshop to familiarise myself with the instructions.

10. We used a pattern from Love At First Stitch by Tilly Walnes. A free copy of the book was included for each student to encourage them to continue their dressmaking journey.

11. Caught on camera – hubby cleaned all the French windows in the house. there are FIVE pairs!

12. Discarded fleeces from the sheep shearing. Should I pluck up the courage to ask for them?

13. A proper small holding in the next village. I’d love a few more chickens.

14. I love this lavender-lined pathway to the front door of this Georgian house. It smells wonderful and looks so pretty.

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #95

  1. Lovely pics. Would Mr HL like a trip to Yorkshire to clear out the frog pond and clean some more french windows! And you can come too and teach me all about pjs. Yes defo ask for those fleeces. Love the lavender, but I can’t understand why so much lavender goes unpicked. I often wonder what people would say if I asked to go and gather it!

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  2. Another lovely fun packed week, the pjs look great what a lovely beginning to their sewing adventures!

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  3. What a wonderful week! Of course you should ask for the wool. All you have to do is wash and comb until it is straight. Then you can sell it to reborners like me to use on the babies we make. I tell ya if your little ones can knit surely I can knit too huh?? They are so cute. Never a dull moment with the little ones for sure. In my sewing class we made pj pants too. I still need to hem mine. Your hubby takes such good care of you.
    Much love to you and the family!!

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    • I will go back tomorrow and enquiry about the wool, although I’ve never carded any before but would love to have a go. The Boys are sat on the sofa this evening knitting again. They can now knit, crochet, sew and cross stitch – no excuse for missing shirt buttons when they’re older! You’re so right, my husband does look after us all very well; we’re lucky to have him:)


  4. LOL…I see a theme playing out here…Son no3 does like to do a good stage act ;-)!! The quiet knitting times look great fun, as did the archery, never had that when I was at school ~ shame! Those flowers were a beautiful thought and didn’t those ladies make a fab job on their Pj’s!! Keeping them inspired with the sewing booklet is a lovely thought too πŸ˜‰ Something tells me…if you ask nicely twice…you could be combing sheep fleece and drying lavender by next weekend ;-D Another exciting week!!!

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    • Let’s just say that No.3 Son makes Louis Spence look tame!! The Boys wanted to watch television and I said that it was time wasted when you could be doing something. So they knitted at the same time instead. Fine by me! The ladies are already talking about the next, yet to be planned, workshop. Oh yes, it hadn’t occurred to me about the lavender path overflowing with potential dried lavender!

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      • Can you believe it, I’ve never heard of Louie Spence?! I had to google him… LOL, I hardly ever watch TV, never in the daytime, and, as it’s mainly on either sport or universe programmes in the evening with dearest ~ I still mainly give it a wide berth…all I can say is, your son #3 must have some moves after viewing Louie ;-D
        Good on your boys for multi-tasking too πŸ˜‰
        Always a good sign when a group are deliberating on future sessions, I’m sure they will have just as much fun and fab makes πŸ™‚

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      • I’d never heard of him either, until someone compared him to No.3 Son! I’m not an avid watcher of TV myself, and always have some knitting or crochet to do while watching. I’m happy that The Boys follow suit!

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  5. I’ve never seen such funky p.j. bottoms – what gorgeous fabric choices everybody made.
    I used to harvest my lavender regularly and make all sorts of scented bags, doorstops, etc. etc. However, after about 3 years I seemed to develop a bit of an allergy to it and now it makes me sneeze if I’m around it too much.
    Those fleeces must definitely be asked for – he can only say yes or no.
    I missed the pub this week but was reassured when I read that you ‘took wine’.

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    • Their fabric choices were great, I agree. Why not go a bit overboard with fabric for PJs? The walk incorporating the hens, lavender and fleeces was on the way to the pub – I just forgot to take any photos, lol:)

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  6. Fantastic! Yes, yes, do ask for the fleeces, it would be such fun to work with them. So you know what breed of sheep they’re from? The pyjamas look great and I’ll be showing the photo of your boys knitting to Josh, I can’t persuade him to give knitting or crochet a go 😞. Have a great week x

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  7. Lots of cool happenings, what a great week.
    Lovely sewing projects, they look so comfy. Just what I need to learn to make as well. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for all the farm photos, I can never get to see enough of your part of the world. Stunning.

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  8. Love the picture of your ladies in their PJ bottoms. And summer wouldn’t be summer without an indecent pic of Mr H-L πŸ˜‰


  9. Sparkly Windows and a clean pool! I’m sending mine down for husband lessons! A great week, hoping your having luvly time in Cornwall πŸ˜€


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