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Sunday Sevens #135


Two week’s worth of Sunday Sevens this week….

1. My sister and niece came for a couple of days. Always something to look forward to and we just chatter non-stop the entire time. And go out for coffee, obviously.

2. We have actually had a few open fires already and The Dogs are first there to hog the best spot and soak up all that heat.

3. Other days it’s still been mild enough to throw open the French windows and let the fresh air in.

4. No.3 Son did some target practice with the BB gun under Daddy’s supervision. Note the newly pruned back blackberry bush:)

5. Mr H-L obsessed over the weather forecasts and finally found two four-hour windows in which he could oil the decking.

6. We cleared out the last of the storage unit and completed the difficult task of sorting through Mr H-L’s late parents’ possessions.   A tough job but it had to be done.

7. It’s been quite a productive week, creatively speaking. The Cow-Print dress I made had it’s first outing that very evening as we went to see “Dunkirk” at the cinema. We did something we NEVER do – had pizza! Having eventually committed to going gluten-free a month or so ago, I really fancied a pizza and, luckily, a place right next to the cinema offered a gluten-free option. With prosecco, of course.

8. This will be another Christmas present. I’m ticking off the list slowly but surely.

9. It’s beginning to look like an elephant.

10. Christmas sock number six is under way after a break of a few weeks. Well, I needed something portable to take to a football match.

11. No.3 Son picked up his knitting again.

12. Talking of knitting, I picked up these two books at a bargain price and, having put it on Instagram, have already been asked to do a commission of a West Highland Terrier. Fab – an excuse to make one!

13. One of my students proudly showing her newly finished fabric storage pot.

14. Although I forgot to photograph the finished article, a friend asked me to make her a roman blind from this Orla Kiely fabric.

15. No.2 Son came home for his first Exeat weekend and he and I spent some time together whilst his brother was at football.

16. It is the GBSBlive in London this weekend. I couldn’t be there in person so decided to get in the spirit of things by making a skirt from the book instead.

17. I whipped up a second “Laurel” too, both inspired by a scarf I had in the wardrobe. See, I told you I’d been productive!

18. Not only that, but I managed to squeeze in craft night at a friend’s on Thursday. Look at all these lovely ladies!

19. We took The Boys out for an Indian on Saturday night. I must admit, we did miss not being able to have poppadoms or naan bread, especially as The Boys were obviously enjoying theirs so much.

20. Still, gluten-free isn’t always a hardship – does this look like we’re missing out?!

See you for more Sevens next week:)

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #135

  1. I did look at those ‘Best in Show’ books but some of the reviews made it sound as if the patterns were very difficult. I’m still tempted so I’d be really interested to know how you get on. Will you be using wires?

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  2. I love reading your Sunday sevens, look forward to then every time I open my WordPress app.

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  3. All that food, thank goodness it’s nearly lunch time.

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  4. And thank goodness I’m almost finished breakfast over here! (But that plate of ham, egg & sausage was tempting – and don’t get me started on naan & papadums – lol!) Good for you for getting on with your holiday gifts list, and making such lovely outfits for yourself! xx

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  5. What a wonderful couple of weeks. Such a sweet family. I see you let in the fresh air and the chickens! πŸ™‚ I adore that Simplicity pattern and what a lucky little girl! I’d love to make it but I’d get halfway in and move on. I have so many UFOs like that. Love your Sevens! Have a great week!


  6. Glad you did two weeks together. I haven’t had the energy for blogging reading or writing this week, so glad I haven’t missed any of your lovely pics.

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    • No wonder you don’t have the inclination for blogging, you must miss Hicks dreadfully. Glad my posts can perk you up a bit. X

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      • They do πŸ™‚ Thank you again. I’m missing him terribly, but attempting a little blogging is helping add some focus and helping me connect to my blogging friends – although my posts my be a little photo heavy for a while, that’s easier πŸ™‚ xx


  7. Such an interesting post and so many lovely images πŸ™‚


  8. You have been busy! Your decking is looking amazing! And i love the grey/yellow colour combinations.

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    • Thanks Nikki, you’ve no idea how much difference the decking has made, not least to the dogs who consider it the perfect toilet where they don’t have to get their feet wet!


  9. Oh such a nice post….I’m so taken by your chickens just meandering around indoors. I’d rather like that. Your crafting and sewing is just humming right along! Pretty skirt, top and scarf! Very productive week. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh, it really is quite nice to have the hens wandering in and out when the doors are open. They’re such characters. The making is going to have to be stepped up a notch, but I’m glad I started early!

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  10. An absolute awesome week. So much happening. Indeed, you have been busy. Looks just perfect. πŸ™‚

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    • Busy indeed, and Christmas is just around the corner from a crafting point of view, so no chance of slacking off just yet!

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      • It feels like Christmas is now coming up fast. Last night my daughter actually mentioned that she has a list (on her phone) for Christmas gift ideas, if any of us just might be interested. πŸ™‚
        I hope your weather holds and you gt to enjoy time outside for a bit longer as well, its always so pretty at your place.


  11. Gosh! I thought you’d crammed a lot in! Then I remember you said at the start it was 2 weeks worth. Glad to see No 2 knitting, I still remember being taught by my mum and auntie when I was younger, and doing my knitting badge in the brownies. I’ll probably find out why you’re going GF as I back track. It’s good to see more places catering for those on a GF diet. Both my sisters kids have been coiliac for about 10 years and I can be really challenging when eating out.


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