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Sunday Sevens #164


I did actually upload these photos on Sunday, but haven’t had chance to sit down until now!!

  1. There was a blip at the start of the week when the tumble drier broke down – a minor disaster when you have a week full of B+B guests ahead of you. Luckily, Mr H-L used to be an engineer so was able to find and sort the problem.


2. Another annoyance when you need lots of eggs for guests’ breakfasts is when the hens lay in the field in a patch of metre-high stinging nettles instead of in their nice, easy-to-get-to coop.


3. The week got better, however, and we were in for a spell of hot, sunny weather.


4. The Elderflowers are nearly ready to harvest for cordial.


5. We took No.3 Son out for supper one night as he had an Inset day at school before breaking up for half term.


6. After another sunny morning, the skies turned black and we had the most amazing thunderstorms for a couple of days.


7. There are lots of baby rabbits in the field at this time of year and they spend a lot of time in our garden. Can you spot this one?


8. Our local farm shop was having an open day, so we took The Boys along. This fabulous yarn-bombed car was the first sight to greet us!


9. I had a nice chat with the equally colourful Tamsyn G who is a Master of yarn art.


10. Look closely and you will see an antique sewing machine that has been transformed into a light complete with dimmer switch in the form of a cotton reel! If it wasn’t £185 it would have gone home with me there and then. I may have to use some of our B+B takings to go back and buy it…..


11. We all had some of the hog roast that was on offer. No, it wasn’t the slightest bit cold, but apparently wearing a beanie whatever the weather is cool when you’re twelve.


12. I had a go at some simple flower arranging in the form of a flower crown.


13. No.3 Son put my efforts to shame as his was MUCH better than mine!


14. Together, they made a pretty table decoration for a few days.


15. Craftwise, this week I made some keyrings for the school fair.


16. Finished! These socks are now blocked and ready to send to New Zealand just in time for the colder weather.


See you next week!

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #164

  1. So many great photos.
    Particularly like the one of the chicken and cockerel chatting about the rabbit!

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  2. It all looks very lovely and very English this week – apart from the weather – which is apparently much better now than in southern France but I’m not bitter just a little homesick for farm shops and elderflower cordial and yarn bombing.

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    • I suppose it does look quite English this week – I hadn’t really thought about that. No need to worry – the weather has reverted to type this week. We’re on red alert for rain and thunderstorms tonight with ‘danger to life’ an apparent possibility!!!


  3. It all looks great. So HELPFUL to have an engineer in the house–if he does plumbing you can send him over here since apparently the people we bought the house from last year used to flush shirts, underwear, all kinds, down the loo and it’s started backing up and is not accessible from either the septic or indoors, although they did fish a shirt out of the septic tank last summer. Even the expensive plumber couldn’t get it all.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but do you have any photos of your husband’s trousers that you can show us please? Those brown ones look really interesting. He can even put a shirt on first if you want! ahaha!

    Oh, eggs in the nettles–too bad about that.

    Oh well–another good week. Those little moustaches are cute, and the floqwer crowns are adorable–lovely socks too.

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    • Whaaat?! Your previous residents sound like a nightmare! Hubby’s just wearing an old pair of shorts which are so tatty I would hate to photograph them! “Bench” one’s, I think, not made by me, I’m afraid:)


      • I think it’s fair to say they may have had issues–ahaha! I do love the tatty trousers though–maybe they are reminiscent of hobbits or somethinbg like that for me–


  4. Oh my goodness – yarn bombing – the yarn art master – hens ignoring rabbits – flower arranging – the yarn bombed car – AND SOCKS!! They look just lovely, and I have some cash in Paypal with your name on it 🙂 I love that yarny lady’s display – it looks like she has a load of fun just putting random things together and making them work. The sewing machine lamp would be a great talking point in your B&B. We had our first frost yesterday. indicating a longish winter so those socks are perfectly timed! You are a star!!

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    • Yay, socks finished at last! Sorry they took longer than normal, but they were definitely not the kind of mindless knitting that could be done watching TV😬 Can you send me your full address please and I’ll get them in the post ASAP ‘cos it sounds like you could do with them if the first frost has appeared. I can’t get that sewing machine light out of my head. I hope it’s been sold so I’m not tempted to buy it next time I’m in there!

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  5. Another super week. But I am worried that dinner out could almost have had baked beans with it!
    Glad the engineer has kept his skills and sorted out your problem.
    Love those keys rings.

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    • It is good to have a handy husband, although he was describing what he was doing, and why, and I have to admit that I’m amazed at how he works it out! Saved us a costly call-out and repair though, so very pleased. There are several more key rings than just these two, but I think I’ve finally run out of ideas for things to make for the school fair, so I’ll stop there. Still have a couple of dresses to make for the doll’s wardrobe, though…..

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  6. 🙂 indee, it always helps to have an Engineer around the house.
    Your hens sounds so cute, and definitely with a will of their own.
    Lovely to see the warm weather and Tess enjoying it with you.
    Yes, I know all about the beanie / hat wearing. 🙂 no matter what the weather.
    And another great crafty week, with lots happening. I love the fresh flowers and the crowns are just perfect. 🙂
    Enjoy the upcoming weekend, and I hope there is no big thunderstorms looming. Happy crafting.


    • It’s definitely good to have a husband with an engineering background – he’s saved us a fortune over the years! The hens are cute but a little less so when you have to go out and buy eggs because you can’t find where they’ve laid them!! We’re on red alert for rain and thunderstorms tonight, which means there’s officially a ‘danger to life’, although the skies don’t look too threatening at the moment. Hope you’re enjoying less severe weather going into your Winter than we are with Summer just three weeks away!

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      • It is indeed very nice to have someone around to fix things. Does save a lot.
        🙂 The joys of country live and free range hens. They will make us work for it.
        I hope you are not going to have to severe weather your way. We had a weather warning yesterday too. Very cold temps. I am well prepared at home, and have lots of soup on the ready too. Did stop to fill up the gas cylinders for heating too. Rained again during the night, and a very misty morning. Sun is out now, but your typical winter sun, not much heat. 🙂 Winter is here for sure.
        Take care and stay dry there. Enjoy the weekend.


  7. What a lovely week! It is a beautiful spring/summer here – my elderflower cordial is infusing, such a delightful seasonal job that is so pleasurable!
    Those key rings are going to be snapped up they are quite delightful! and the yarn bombed car is awesome what a talented lady!


  8. Hello, I would like to know about the B&B you spoke of “full of guests”,
    I enjoy your blog, so full of energy!
    I am going to make the poncho using Caron Cotton Cakes, it should turn out beautiful, Thank you so much for posting.
    The Lovely….Rita ( ;


  9. Busy days for you, I bet–I hope you are well and update us soon!


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