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Sunday Sevens #119

1. Progress in the downstairs loo is rapid and, in an effort to get the loo fitted in time for the weekend, we had to lay and varnish a wooden floor overnight so the plumber could get on with it the following morning. I did all the sawing to length and Mr. H-L did the actual laying of the floor.

2. Oh, and fit and paint the panelling, which meant getting up at 6am to put a second coat on before they returned at 8.30am.

It wasn’t decorated, but we did have a functional loo in time for the weekend when we had a houseful of guests.

3. Having been forewarned by the electric company that there would be a temporary disruption to services, it was an excuse to go out so I popped to Wells one morning. I often have lunch in The City Arms, an historic old former jail dating from the 1500s but, as it was only 9.30am, I went elsewhere for breakfast.

4. Un-dyed smoked haddock with poached eggs in André’s Café – delicious!

5. When in Wells I make a beeline for Sew Vintage in the Craft Quarter. It’s in a lovely old building – can you see the hand-cranked sewing machine on the wall?

6. It’s stuffed full of quirky décor and haberdashery items and I spend ages just browsing.

7. They sell mainly Tilda-type fabrics for crafts rather than for dressmaking, and yarn.

8. I came away with some lovely Regia sock yarn and a pattern for knee high socks – the first of my handmade presents for next Christmas!

9. I also made a stop at Wells Trading Post on the hunt for vintage 1940’s frameless mirrors and managed to find two that were just the job for my vision.

10. Back home, the electricity was off until about 7pm but that didn’t stop The Boys from playing by candlelight.

11. Cake fail – I made a fabulous carrot cake…..then dropped it on the coffee table. 

It might look awful, but it tasted amazing and didn’t put my lot off and they made short work of it!

12. Cheeky relaxing lunch out with the Mister at The Sparkford Inn before a busy-but-wonderful weekend entertaining family.

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