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Sunday Sevens #104

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing what you did in the previous week in photo format. Visit Nat at Threads & Bobbins to find out more.

1. No, it’s no longer in the dining room – I’m sat on it in the lounge, but this is the photo I took when we took delivery of our ‘new’ sofa, another eBay bargain. I’ve also ordered a brand new one to go with it which should be here in about six weeks. Can’t wait to get rid of the two corner sofas that we’ve had for the last ten years!

2. Here is Mr H-L looking very slim in his suit just before he left for an interview in Amsterdam. Over two stones lighter in less than two months – he got the job, too!

3. A change of artwork in the window next to the Post Office in our local town.

4. Mr H-L with our granddaughter in the cardigan I knitted her for her first birthday.

5. A bit of a cheat project – a pre-printed advent calendar panel that I put together and quilted, also for our granddaughter.

6. No.2 Son is now responsible for ironing his own clothes!

7. He won the school Conker competition later that same day – must’ve dazzled the competition with his perfectly pressed school uniform!

8. Popped out for a quick drink to celebrate Mr H-L’s job offer. The pub had their fire blazing and, even though its not really cold enough yet, fires are always so welcoming and cosy, aren’t they?

9. On Saturday we said The Boys could choose where they wanted to go for lunch. Did they choose McDonald’s or KFC? No. They instantly said ‘Tambourino Gold’, which is an Italian restaurant in Sherborne. We had lobster which was a tad pricier than a Happy Meal.

10. Friends came round for supper earlier in the week which resulted in a late night and a lie in. We woke up late and went downstairs to find them washing up the mess from the previous evening. Oops – not what good hosts should do! I did cook them a full English afterwards, though.

11. No.1 Son and his girlfriend all dressed up for a football Hallowe’en do. We promised to drop them off and pick them up which meant staying up until nearly midnight – something we rarely manage these days!