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Presentation Box With Bunting


If you saw yesterday’s post about the handmade fudge I created for the school fair, you may remember that I was just going to take it along in a bread basket.

Well, I thought that, since I had gone to the trouble of making the fudge and packaging it nicely, I could be a bit more creative with the presentation. 

An hour later I had made this: –


Inspired by this tiny scrap of leftover “Afternoon Tea” wrapping paper which was just too pretty to throw away…


…I decided the colour scheme could be pink and blue with paper bunting.

Here’s what I did….

  1. Paint the outside of a shallow cardboard box (I used the lid off a box of photocopier paper) in blue and the inside in pink.  I used acrylic paints which dried super-quickly.
  2. Using parcel tape, stick two wooden skewers at an angle to the inside-rear of the box.  Paint pink.



3.  Using PVA adhesive, glue down a piece of wrapping paper to the inside base of the box.  (I didn’t have enough to cover the entire       base, so I painted a strip down each side in pink beforehand).


4.  Attach a length of string between the top of the skewers using parcel tape.

5.  Draw a small triangle onto a piece of card and cut out to make a template for the bunting.  Fold your wrapping paper and place the template short edge along the fold.  Draw around, and cut out.



6.  Paste a small amount of glue onto the inside of your bunting pennant, hang over the string and press together.



And there you have it – a suitably themed box in which to present your homemade goodies for sale.  They look much cuter in this rather than the bread basket, don’t they?


A presentation box complete with “Afternoon Tea” wrapping-paper bunting – perfect for selling sweets, chocolates or small gifts on your stall at your school fair or Summer fête.

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4 thoughts on “Presentation Box With Bunting

  1. What a cute idea! Looks wonderful.


  2. Thank you! Let’s hope it helps to sell the fudge for the school funds:)


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