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The Three Seam Challenge.


Meet Shawn. Shawn is an inspiration and I challenge ANYONE not to be motivated to try their hand at sewing after reading her blog.
She just proves that, with a lot of imagination but very little cash, you can do huge things.
The way she transforms the ugliest charity shop finds into cute new garments is amazing; check this post out:

For The Simple Life

My goal tonight is to prove to the world that anyone can refashion. If you have a sewing machine and an hour you’ve got this in the bag. Tonight is simple, but it goes to show a little tweaking can go a long way.   I’m about to look way too excited in an oversized men’s dress shirt. You ready? Bam!


This is my “you silly people can do this too” face.

IMG_3032The color is off in the pictures, but it’s a gorgeous emerald.  Green is my favorite color and it works well with a lot of my fall wardrobe. First, I took a tunic dress that fits me well and laid it flat on the inside-out shirt.


I used this to outline my would-be dress in chalk.


During this process I noticed the former owner had written their name along the seam with the buttons.  Sorry Langerack, but this…

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3 thoughts on “The Three Seam Challenge.

  1. Thank you so much for that beautiful endorsement! It makes me happy to know I’m spreading something that people can use and have fun with!


  2. love the idea!!! upcycle-recycle we are on the same wave length 🙂

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