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Hazy Days of Late Summer


Wow, what a glorious Indian Summer we are being treated to! Together with May, September is my favourite month and both are often surprisingly good in the weather stakes, this year being a classic example.

I took the opportunity, after the school run, to take a few snaps in the morning sunshine. This is my outdoor crafting space (click image to view larger);


They have just baled the second lot of hay this year and, I don’t know about you, I rather miss the old way of baling. Somehow the green polythene wrapping that farmers prefer nowadays isn’t as aesthetically pleasing is it?



Tess hopped up on the day bed where the quilt is warming up nicely in the already hot sunshine.


I’ve got a WIP to show you; a Christmas present of a blanket for a family member.



I’m also going to paint these two bedside tables that I picked up in a charity shop yesterday for a song;


The leaves are dropping from the Elderberry bush already so soon the hens will have to find shade elsewhere in the garden.



Mind you, they perch on the crossbar underneath the table sometimes and it does provide shade later on in the afternoon. Amber likes to sit there just to be close to us.


We have a young apple tree in the garden which isn’t doing very well although there are a few apples this year again.


But the hens LOVE them!



Enjoy the sunshine!


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12 thoughts on “Hazy Days of Late Summer

  1. What lovely open space you have!


  2. School hols over,it would seem you have wasted no time… already a WIP and more for your ‘to do’ list with your new bargain finds and still able to enjoy your outdoor day bed – sheer luxury 🙂 Love your photos too!


  3. We live quite near a field but sadly there’s a wacking great road in the way! I love your gazebo!


    • We upgraded to a permanent gazebo after the cheap one kept blowing over into the field at the first hint of a breeze! Great investment – we even sleep under it:)


      • My husband tried to convince me we needed one… But although we have an 80ft garden, it’s not that wide… I sit outside a lot but as there’s a wracking great sycamore tree the other side of our wall, sadly no need for shade. He he loves buying garden furniture (honestly it’s like an obsession) but hardly ever voluntarily sits outside!! If I lived in my dream house (a Victorian rectory) I’d definitely have one like yours 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. i love your backyard too!! can I ask you what camera you used for these beautiful pics???


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