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Sunday Sevens #41


Hope you all had a good weekend?

Ours was particularly busy, hence this week’s #sundaysevens being a day late.

Pop over to Threads & Bobbins where Nat explains what it is all about and how to join in.

1. I’ve started knitting another pair of socks from the same gorgeous 100% merino that this pair were made from.

hand knitted socks

2. I made this play tent out of eleven of my husband’s discarded shirts and raffled it off at the school fair – it raised £70 for the school funds! I will do a tutorial soon.

childs play tent

3. Went to another village fête – don’t you just love the traditional Summer fête?


4. Royal Ascot was on Thursday (see previous post here)  and, for those of you who were wondering why the limo bus left without us, this is what happened.

We hired car and driver for the day as usual at the cost of a thousand pounds (he arrived half an hour late) and all was well until 6pm. Some of the girls went back to the car early to enjoy drinks under our private gazebo only to find the driver had packed up and was about to leave. Four of us had decided to finish off Ascot the traditional way with songs around the bandstand until 6.45pm, as we do every year.

The driver refused to wait, saying the contract was until 6pm, despite a 7pm finish having been agreed. We got a ‘phone call, left the bandstand immediately, but the driver had already gone without us.

The four of us walked to the station, paid a further £130 for train tickets and had a peaceful journey home.

The ten girls on the bus had the journey from hell!

The driver confiscated two bottles of champagne that we had left for the drive back, saying they were now his property.

He stopped in the services for one of the girls to have a toilet break, nearly drove off leaving her there and, when the others stopped him going, he threw both bottles of champagne (£250 worth!) on the road and smashing them in a temper! The police were called and he was told to complete the journey – which he almost did. He dropped them off at the garage nearest their home, kicked them all out and threw all their luggage across the road.

The company is called NEWTON ABBOT LIMO HIRE, or HUMMER LIMO DEVON on Facebook – don’t use them!


5. Fun and games on the water slide at my brother-in-law’s football presentation do, followed by a midnight pizza run and camping out.


6. Cooking bacon and egg rolls for everyone at breakfast the next morning.


7. Exhausted after a late night/early morning, No.2 Son and Tess fell asleep on the sofa at midday.


Phew, what a busy week! Now I need to slow down and catch my breath for a bit:)

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43 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #41

  1. Wow, it certainly was a busy week! Your tent is brilliant, what a great way to raise funds! Your limo saga sounds horrible, what a shame to end a lovely day like that. x

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    • It didn’t ruin our day because Ascot is such an incredible experience and it seems we were better off on the train! I suspect I’m going to be asked to make a tent to raffle next year too as it went down so well:)

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  2. Phew that was a busy one for you!
    I am loving the tent and waht a super thing to do for the school!
    Daisy j x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Daisy! It’s such a tiny school of around 100 kids that every penny makes a difference. The winner was chuffed as it was the one thing she wanted to win the most!


  3. Superb week! (minus the limo)

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  4. What a fun week! You are so kind to make that amazing tent to raffle.
    But that limo story is so horrible! Get him fired!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I shared the story on their FB page until they blocked me! Dreadful firm, not just the driver, ignoring our calls and any efforts to get an explanation. The tent was really popular so I’ll probably do another next year:)

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  5. Now that tent is the bomb. It brings back childhood memories. Such fun. Nothing like sneaking a kiss from the neighborhood heartthrob.((sigh))
    It really looks you all had a wonderful time. That is fantastic. 🙂

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  6. That tent is brilliant. And I just love reading your Sunday Sevens posts.

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  7. It seems your time was not marred by the crazy limo driver and company. What a horrible experience. Thankfully, the time you had seemed wonderful and the pictures say it all!! The tent you made was fantastic and I look forward to the tutorial!! I’m sure everyone so appreciated your creative hard work and generosity!!! And your husband . . . must have a whole new wardrobe of shirts!!! Thanks for sharing such a happy time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The tent was a last minute decision after my husband gave me his shirts to take to the charity shop. He’d just bought half a dozen new ones and decided to have a clear out. The PTFA gave me two lovely bottles of wine as a thank you for the tent and all the other things I made – a lovely surprise! It would take a lot more than a horrible limo company experience to ruin Ascot:)


  8. I love the tent! I cant wait for the tutorial!

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  9. What a roller coaster of a week, I just love your weekly catch up, many congratulations on raising such a substantial amount for the local school with your hand crafted tent ❤

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    • Thanks Roma, it was mostly ‘ups’ rather than the one obvious ‘down’. I was pretty pleased with the amount raised for the tent, it made it all worthwhile. Cutting up those shirts took forever, and as for sewing them back together….!


  10. Wow – that tent is AMAZING! I would love to see the tutorial! I bet the school was thrilled at your fundraising 🙂

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    • The school asked me to make 60 scones which I had to do on the morning of the fair so they were nice and fresh. They also asked for some homemade jam and marmalade but I was the only one who volunteered to make any! I whipped up a batch of elderflower cordial and some bags of fudge a few days before the fête. The day before the fête I had the idea to upcycle the shirts so turned up on the day with the tent as a surprise raffle. All in all, my makes sold for £130 and I was given two bottles of lovely wine as a thank you so, yes, I think they were pleased:)

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  11. What a great weekend – you make me feel tired just reading all what you manage to fit in LOL 😀 I hope your hubby’s new shirts are just as colourful…for next year’s tent!!! 😉 Loving your raspberry coloured socks too 🙂


  12. Crikey! Can’t believe how the man behaved!! Glad it didn’t spoil your day. You did look gorgeous in your posh frock. And what a fab way to use up old shirts. Looking forward to your tutorial 😃

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  13. The tend is amazing and the bus driver a real bastard!!! He should been taught a lesson indeed…. 😈😈😈


  14. Love the tent, my husband has far too many shirts and needs to have a good sort out, sounds like the beginnings of a plan forming… 🙂

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  15. My goodness ~ what an unbelievably bad showing from that rental company & driver. Shocking. 😱

    Your dress & hat were divine, and I was delighted to have a full account of what actually goes on during the Day, which I’d only heard of (nothing about) until your post.

    Love your tent, and admire your ability to knit, socks specially! Never been to a village fête, but they do look like fun when I see them on “Midsomer Murders.” Glad to hear the writers aren’t too off the mark. In this instance!

    Hope you have a more relaxing week.

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    • Village fêtes are EXACTLY the way they are portrayed on Midsomer Murders – minus the murders, of course! Our village is pretty much the same – thatched cottages, church etc. and there are only 230 residents. As for Royal Ascot, well, the blog post only really touches on the atmosphere and fun that everyone has so I’m glad you got a feel for it:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, my – am truly grateful to know this. Thank you! (Do understand the body count is for telly only! 😘 ) We get Midsomer broadcast years behind what you see. The second (cousin) Barnaby hasn’t appeared here at all. But our library has the videos. I waited weeks for the newest (still just 2013 😢). Had no idea Royal Ascot went all day long, and singing at the end. Unheard of here, as Americans have gotten out of the habit. Thanks again!

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      • Royal Ascot is over five days – we only went to the best day, Gold Cup or ‘Ladies’ Day. I love Midsomer Murders and Morse, as well as the Agatha Christie ones. All good crime dramas without the gore!

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      • Wow! Five days of Royal Ascot? Had no idea! Yes, I enjoy most British crime programmes, although Morse is darker than I prefer. The photography of Midsomer is frequently astonishing – makes me want to crawl into the scene. Same with interiors of Poirot – so sad they’ve run out of stories. Don’t care for many of the current Christies as they stray a bit too far from the original stories, but that’s my peculiarity. Sorry!

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  16. Just as everyone else has said, what lovely week if you ignor the limo incident. We’re not so far from Newton Abbot, so will spread the word to friends that live out further that way.

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    • Thanks Bekki, it would be awful if this happens to anyone else. Although I get the feeling that it is probably a regular occurrence otherwise feedback and reviews would be on display.

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      • I agree – sounds like he’s someone used to throwing a paddy. Quiet unbelievable how many people can’t just do the job they’re paid for 😦 glad you all came out of it relatively unscathed in the end – although terribly unpleasant for you friends who didn’t catch the train xx

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  17. Busy week indeed! Love the tent 🙂 Such a lovely idea to use up the old shirts. Pity about the limo driver – but glad you had a lovely day despite the drama.

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