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A Quote A Day For Three Days


I’ve really enjoyed reading these as and when other bloggers have taken up the banner and joined in.

If you’re new to it, it is exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak and I am happy to add my input.

Gardening Nirvana nominated me for this little jolly and I am re-posting her snippet from Pauline’s blog when it was her turn:

“…like so many of my friends here in the world of blogging, I’m not much given to following rules and I’m hoping some of you might just like to keep the thing alive by posting a quote on your own blog and you can nominate or not – according to how you feel about rules. Let me know if you pick up the banner.

This is what I think about ‘Quotes’: Quotes can be read and not understood. Quotes can be read and not seen. For a quote to have meaning, I must attempt to live it.”

And so, to break the rules even further, all three of my quotes are my own words which I quote to my children at relevant points in their lives, although I’m sure somebody else must have said them originally.

Quote For Day One: –

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

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13 thoughts on “A Quote A Day For Three Days

  1. Hehe, I can remember a version of that one being said to me and I say it around here from time to time 🙂 x

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  2. Ha, I can tell you where that comes from!! My mother! A universal truth! Oft repeated to my sons!

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  3. Nice one. Great idea to quote yourself. I look forward to the rest of your purls of wisdom 🙂

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  4. I wish more people took note of that quote!

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  5. That one I have heard and said on more than one occasion. More adults should repeat that one to themselves. Apparently as children they didn’t hear it enough.

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  6. I like your personalisation and delivery of the great and long lived non-sequiturs. That was said to me as a child and to my mother as well apparently – and heavens knows how many generations before that. Good to know it is still alive and well and being delivered! Looking forward to hearing more of your quotes 🙂

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  7. :-)! Perfect! What more is there to say 😉

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  8. Such a popular saying – imagine if everyone in this world actually listened to it.

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