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A Quote A Day For Three Days – Day Two


See yesterday’s post which tells you what this is all about.

Again, I’m sure there are more eloquent ways of saying this, but this is the short, sharp version.

Quote For Day Two: –

“Put ‘Can’t’ up your arse and TRY!”

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9 thoughts on “A Quote A Day For Three Days – Day Two

  1. Ha-ha!! I’ve never heard that one before 🙂

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  2. Haha! Brilliant! That’s something my mum would say too! 😂

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  3. Perfect! There are a couple of people I’d like to say that to right now!

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  4. LOL! Like that. Well done to your Mum.

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  5. Yepper… I was told Can’t and Won’t aren’t in your vocabulary.

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  6. Hehe! We had the eloquent version quoted to us as kids and were told to add R Y and you will get CAN TRY. xx

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  7. Never heard this. I was just always told “there’s no such word as can’t.” At my daughter’s school they have learnt “don’t give up, keep it up” and she repeats this every time she’s struggling with something and on the verge of saying she can’t do it! 🙂

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