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Sunday Sevens #79


It’s Sunday again – where did THAT week go? Well, I’ll show you in this week’s Sunday Sevens – a weekly blog series devised by Nat at Threads & Bobbins to give readers a glimpse of what you do outside the blog in about seven photos.

There are no rules, which is just as well or mine would have to be renamed “Sunday Twelves” most of the time. It’s easy to join in, so visit Nat to find out how.

  1. It was my birthday last Sunday, as previously mentioned and, because I share my birthday with my daughter, we went out for lunch on Monday to Summer Lodge in Evershot. It’s my favourite place – and now my daughter’s, too:)


2. The food was amazing as always and we even both had flowers, a birthday card and box of chocolates given to us by the hotel!

3. My daughter bought me a gorgeous Lamy fountain pen in pink……

Lamy fountain pen

4. ….and a bottle of 24K Prosecco!


5. Progress on my lacy cardigan is slow which means there’s no way it’s going to be finished for Spain in May:(


6. No.1 Son has finished painting the sewing cabinet he bought me for Mother’s Day/ Birthday. It’s much better but I still feel it needs something more. A bit of gold leaf maybe, to tie in with the gold cording on the inside?


sewing cabinet

7. To quote Hot Fuzz – “What d’you wanna do?” “I dunno……pub?”


8. Just LOOK at the size of those (empty) bottles of wine!


9. On the walk home from the pub, we spotted these deer grazing in the middle of the afternoon.


10. Our lovely cleaner hoovered the (not inconsiderable) dust from every single one of the buttons on our antique French bed. I wouldn’t have dared showing you what it looked like before!


11. The Boys washing up again!

Boys washing up

12. The Boys after another riding lesson. I think No.3 Son will be getting new jodhpurs for his birthday….


13. The hens appreciated The First Mow Of The Year. That’s Mr H-L with his head in the chicken coop:)

first cut of the year

14. And finally, I whipped up some sample bunting for one of the Easter Workshops. It will also be a late Easter present for our granddaughter:)


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32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #79

  1. What a busy week you have had, you make mine look tame by comparison!

    I can see why you love that restaurant – the food looks delicious and how special that they wrote Happy Birthday on the plate for you, something I’ve not seen done before.

    Your sewing cabinet is looking great now, almost finished and I bet it won’t take long to fill up all of that space.

    Debbie x

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    • It’s the attention to detail with both the food and the service that keeps us going back to Summer Lodge. The surroundings aren’t bad either! I’m dying to use the sewing cabinet, but need to finish it with something first.


  2. Your birthday celebration looks like fun! My daughter would love that too. The pub looks like fun too. I would love that! And I also like your bunting. So cute!

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  3. Your birthday meal looks beautiful. I love your bed, very posh!

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  4. Glad you had a lovely birthday – the food looks amazing! I love those fountain pens, such a stylish design.

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  5. What a beautiful photo of you and your daughter – you are both so photogenic.
    I love how your vintage sewing cabinet turned out but, yes, a little bit of subtle gold leaf might look good.
    I need your cleaner and, is it me, or are you always in the pub ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (only jealous)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lyn, gold leaf is top of my list to bling it up a bit. We’re not usually in the pub much, only once this week, but it’s good for Sunday Sevens to remember to take a pic! My cleaner is great and just does what she sees needs doing – I’d got used to the dust on our bed and had no idea it could look so clean!


  6. Agree with Lyn, that is a gorgeous pic of you both. Looks like you had a fab time. The sewing box is looking lovely – look forward to it being blinged, I know you’ll do a good job. Good to see the boys washing up again – long may it last.

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  7. Lovely Prosecco from your beautiful daughter, what fun to share a birthday! That sewing box is going to be fabulous when sparkled up a tad. Love seeing your boys in action…riding or washing up. And love, love, love your red oven! And my apologies to Mr. H-L, but that is a funny pic with his head in the coop!

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  8. That was a lovely touch by the restaurant for you and your daughter. The boys still look like they enjoy the washing up too ๐Ÿ˜‰ hasn’t the cabinet come up well..I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing the final finishing touches!

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  9. Another lovely record of your week that you’ll treasure in time to come. Your cabinet was a thoughtful gift and whatever decoration you do will enhance it, you have a flair for knowing what works.


  10. Lovely week and lovely photos – thank you! That sewing cabinet is so precious. Will enjoy seeing it when it’s completed, but not as much as you’ll enjoy using it I’ll wager!


  11. Happy Birthday once again!! Your daughter looks just like you. The huge bed looks fabulous! WOW!! hmmm now what can be happening there? LOL I am glad you had a great b-day!!

    Lots of love to you and the family!!


  12. Looks like a fab time was had! Love a Lamy!


  13. Fabulous week, lucky you! Bedrooms do gather an alarming amount of dust! The lunch with your daughter looks wonderful


  14. Your birthday lunch looks so good, an it looks like such a pretty place to go. Loving your sewing cabinet, it’s so unusual and I look forward to seeing what you do with it!


  15. I have a coworker whose wife is English (she’s over your way now for 5 weeks visiting the kids near Oxford) and he loves when I share your blog with him…especially the pub shots! He was stationed in Europe with the US Air Force for 14 years so your blog photos make him smile. I have a question not blog related for you and I hope you can help. I must have over 200 Regency Romance novels on my Nook. I love the time period of England in the 1800’s, horse drawn carriages, big dresses, Hyde Park, Lady Jersey issuing vouchers to Almack’s, etc. They use the term “ton” as a description for the society of the exceptionally rich and titled. It’s usually printed in italics so it might be French. Is “ton” pronounced different than it looks to me? Like fun? Or is it like tone with a long “o”. Or something altogether different? I’d like a phonetic pronunciation if you can help. My online dictionaries here are no help and my coworker looked at me funny when I asked. Men! Thanks!

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    • That’s so nice to hear! The term “ton” is short for “le bon ton”, meaning “good manners” or “good form”. It is pronounced the French way with a silent ‘n’ and was a reference to the upper classes in Regency times. I hope your colleague continues to enjoy my Sunday Sevens – I’ll keep the pub posts coming!


  16. You make me busy weeks look mundane! The picture of you and your daughter is stunning! Looks like you you’ve had a fab birthday week, I could comment on every photo but I finished work 5 minutes ago and I’ve not sorted out my car so must dash! Happy Easter!! ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฃ

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  17. I quite like the photo, too, which is unusual as, like most people, I don’t like photos of myself. Off to be more busy now as we’re redecorating the guest room this weekend. Happy Easter!


  18. Looks like a really lovely week, and it sounds like you celebrated in style for your birthday – what a gorgeous meal you shared with your beautiful daughter!


  19. What a lovely week. Gorgeous times with all. Your daughter looks so much like you!
    Sewing table is stunning, I totally envy you. Finding such an item is always so much fun.
    Love your bed, its a beauty.
    Enjoy your weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • She does look like me, doesn’t she? I think it’s mainly the smile which is similar – big and toothy! Sewing table is finished, I think, I don’t want to overdo it on the bling front. I’ll show it later. The bed is original from a French chateau. Who knew I’d like pink velour?!

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      • You daughter is really pretty. Lovely to see you two together.
        ๐Ÿ™‚ I adore the sewing table. And I agree with you. Maybe if you sometime come across antique porcelain drawer knobs, they may look pretty. Looking forward to seeing it later.
        Your bed is stunning. Its so nice to have a big home with big rooms, you can do so much more. Perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚
        New week, and back to busy and normal. Have a good one.


  20. Happy belated birthday to beautiful you and your beautiful daughter! Lots of stuff going on this week again – love your Sunday Sevens-series!


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