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Sunday Sevens #79

It’s Sunday again – where did THAT week go? Well, I’ll show you in this week’s Sunday Sevens – a weekly blog series devised by Nat at Threads & Bobbins to give readers a glimpse of what you do outside the blog in about seven photos.

There are no rules, which is just as well or mine would have to be renamed “Sunday Twelves” most of the time. It’s easy to join in, so visit Nat to find out how.

  1. It was my birthday last Sunday, as previously mentioned and, because I share my birthday with my daughter, we went out for lunch on Monday to Summer Lodge in Evershot. It’s my favourite place – and now my daughter’s, too:)


2. The food was amazing as always and we even both had flowers, a birthday card and box of chocolates given to us by the hotel!

3. My daughter bought me a gorgeous Lamy fountain pen in pink……

Lamy fountain pen

4. ….and a bottle of 24K Prosecco!


5. Progress on my lacy cardigan is slow which means there’s no way it’s going to be finished for Spain in May:(


6. No.1 Son has finished painting the sewing cabinet he bought me for Mother’s Day/ Birthday. It’s much better but I still feel it needs something more. A bit of gold leaf maybe, to tie in with the gold cording on the inside?


sewing cabinet

7. To quote Hot Fuzz – “What d’you wanna do?” “I dunno……pub?”


8. Just LOOK at the size of those (empty) bottles of wine!


9. On the walk home from the pub, we spotted these deer grazing in the middle of the afternoon.


10. Our lovely cleaner hoovered the (not inconsiderable) dust from every single one of the buttons on our antique French bed. I wouldn’t have dared showing you what it looked like before!


11. The Boys washing up again!

Boys washing up

12. The Boys after another riding lesson. I think No.3 Son will be getting new jodhpurs for his birthday….


13. The hens appreciated The First Mow Of The Year. That’s Mr H-L with his head in the chicken coop:)

first cut of the year

14. And finally, I whipped up some sample bunting for one of the Easter Workshops. It will also be a late Easter present for our granddaughter:)