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How To Make Wellington Boot Bags


Remember these socks?

And these wellies?

Well now they have a welly boot bag to keep them in – click on the link to see the full blog post over at Minerva Crafts.

Tutorial: how to make welly wellington boot gumboot bag free pattern

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16 thoughts on “How To Make Wellington Boot Bags

  1. Genius, beats a Sainsburys bag for life any day.

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  2. Still love love love those wellies! And what a way to see those fab socks too! I am afraid my wellies live chucked in an understairs cupboard. I dream of being organised enough to have dedicated wellie bags – one day I will be organised !

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  3. Wow, amazing. With boots like that I will wish to live in a country that is damp and wet all the time. 🙂


  4. Those boots look great. But I doubt I could ever wear ones like that, I struggle massively to find boots that fit me. The socks look amazing, I hadn’t realised how long they were

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  5. So cool! What a fab present idea!

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  6. Still loving those boots with clear wellies. Better put a watch on ebay, see if I can turn up and size 9 ones.

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  7. What a clever idea! I love your bag design and of course those gorgeous socks inside the see-through wellies.

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  8. I ha e tried to find instructions for the Wellington boot bag but have had no luck. Just asking if anyone has them.


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