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Sunday Sevens #143


Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins, Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing a snapshot of life outside the blog.

1. All 34 Granny Squares are finished and starting to be crocheted together. This is going to be a gift to my yarny recipient in the Stitching Santa.

2. This cross stitch I found in a charity shop might possibly end up being reinvented into a gift for one of my Stitching Santa partners.

3. There’s a new Tailor in town! A Savile Row Tailor, no less, which is big news for Wincanton. We spent half an hour chatting to him about his work. I feel a bespoke suit coming on for Mr H-L….

4. Afterwards, a quick spot of lunch at a local pub. Even though we shared this pudding, we still couldn’t eat it all.

5. Thursday night, hubby cooked Singapore Green Banana Curry whilst I was teaching. The smell was utterly distracting.

6. Friday was a trip to Bath with a couple of girlfriends. First stop was a light breakfast in The Pump Room, serenaded once again but this time ‘just’ by a pianist on the rather spectacular Steinway grand piano.

7. Choosing a sofa in!

8. While they played silly buggers, I collected a ‘few’ samples of velvet. Should come in handy for covering buttons and the like.

9. We had a seriously good two course lunch at Thai Basil for just £7.95 a head, including Jasmine tea!

10. Although I prefer more colour, I had to admit that the silver theme in Brissi was very Christmassy.

11. On Saturday, we helped No.1 Son move into his first home with his girlfriend – in Wales:(

10. The mother in me prioritised a cosy bed to fall into after a long day humping furniture about, so the first thing I did was to organise putting the bed up, finding all the bedlinen and some makeshift bedside tables on which to put some lamps.

12. In the meantime, The Boys helped their brother by ripping up the sixty-year old carpets to reveal original floorboards in every room but one.

13. His face says it all when this gorgeous Victorian tiled floor was uncovered in the hallway!

14. Even more original features were found – every single door in the house had been covered over in the Fifties and he was lucky enough to discover that all the Victorian four-panelled doors were intact underneath.

15. On the two-hour journey home to Somerset, No.3 Son fell asleep. This photo was snapped just as his thumb fell out of his mouth. Cute!

16. Sunday morning saw me taking No.2 Son to Yeovil to spend his pocket money on Christmas decorations to decorate his corner of the dorm, as there was a bit of a competition going on at school. Thank goodness for Poundland!

See you next week folks!

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #143

  1. Number 3 is going to have serious words with you over that picture. And who was playing silly whatsits in photo 9?Love those tiles ,thay are amazing. Another fabulous week there.

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    • Luckily, he’s quite happy to raise a smile and grinned when I showed him the photo. The girls that I went shopping with were asked to pose for a photo for my blog – and this is what I got! Yes, it’s exciting when you uncover original features that you were hoping would be there, but not quite sure until you pick up the keys.

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  2. Wow! That’s some stitching Santa gift! Guessing the embroidery may become a cushion? So happy for number one son moving into his first house – nothing quite like that experience – and it looks like a real find.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The cross stitch is only 5”x7” so I’ll probably turn it into a book cover or zipped pouch. I still remember picking up the keys to my first home at nineteen, although I think he’s doing well to own his own home at twenty-three in today’s market, as are both of his older sisters who did the same. He’s got the week off work to make a start on the renovations and is uncovering some real gems. So exciting!

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  3. Full of fabulousness again! Love that old piece of stitchery!!

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  4. OMG – another fabulous S7s post! That house – those features – Wow! Love your silly friends – silly is deffo cooool!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’ve got to have a laugh, haven’t you? Ask your friends to pose for a Sunday Sevens photo and this is what I get for my troubles! To uncover original Victorian features is every buyers dream, I think. Nothing was certain until they picked up the keys as you can’t pull up carpets until the house is yours.

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  5. Somebody COVERED those tiles up? What is the world coming to?

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  6. Always so nice to see what you get up to. 🙂 What a lovely week.
    The banana curry looks delicious, even from here. The colours of the ingredients says it all.
    Great sofa shopping, and a nice little supply of “samples” 🙂
    The silver theme is very pretty, but I am with you on a bit of colour too.
    I love the home, with all its pleasant surprises. The entrance is stunning, and I love the staircase. So many ideas. 🙂 Well done to your son, great buy and find.
    Have a fab week and weekend, when it arrives.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Joey, my son has the week off work and they are working hard on the house and still uncovering more original features. The green bananas taste more like potatoes in the curry, which is unexpected but nice. I do love colour in my life, but the silver theme in that shop did look stunning.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your son’s house is amazing. It truly is a find, and I love the features they are uncovering. It is an adventure.
        I tend to bake bananas in the oven, and then serve them with roast chicken. 🙂 It is just me. I like the taste of the two together.
        Have a great new week. 🙂 And stay cosy. Hope you are feeling better too. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, fruit and meat together is nothing new, I suppose, but bananas are usually a curry thing – we’ll have to try them your way! Yes, they are keen to uncover as many original features as possible and reinstate those that are missing, like ceiling roses and picture rails. They’re not afraid of hard work!

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      • 🙂 Indeed bananas and curry and the best. I once had the bananas this way with chicken when visiting friends in Durban, and I loved it immediately. So I have always done it that way since. A little different. 🙂
        Wow, great ideas on reinstating items in the house. I have forgotten all about picture rails. Those will be nice.

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  7. How lucky to find a house that still has all the original features in tact. Curry lovely (but I am sorry – not a fan of bananas!). Great fun to read!

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  8. Your son’s place is amazing! What a grand old home, full of so many original gems. It will be hard having him live so far away, but what a nice place to visit.

    I’m so exciting to see all the stitching Santa/knitting Santa reveals.

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