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Sunday Sevens #142


Late with my Sunday Sevens this week – seven or so photos showing my week outside the blog.

1. Blue skies aplenty this past week meant getting out and about a fair bit. It has turned chilly enough for Fifi to need her coat on walks now.

2. We popped over to Frome for a couple of hours to check out Catherine Hill. Marmalade Yarns had a very inviting door don’t you think?

3. Inside, Mr H-L sat patiently whilst I stroked some skeins of hand dyed yarn.

4. I bought a skein of ‘Sparkling Cyanide’ to make some socks for myself in the New Year. Quite an apt purchase after our visit to the cinema last week to see ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ on its opening night.

5. These six balls of yarn from my stash are set to become a handmade gift for my yarn partner in this year’s Stitching Santa.

6. Here’s how it’s shaping up so far – a stack of Granny squares!

7. Another little handmade gift for my sewing partner, too. Just a glimpse here – more to follow in a separate blog post.

8. A handy charity shop purchase, brand new and unopened. It will be worn out by the second of January, no doubt…..!

9. Coffee with The Dogs in At The Chapel, Bruton, after a walk locally. Fifi shivers if she sits on a tiled or stone floor, so she inevitably ends up cosied up on my lap:)

10. A friend and I spent Friday morning visiting a few craft/vintage fairs. We popped into FMLY where they were doing ‘Fizz Friday’ and had a glass of Prosecco thrust in our hands no sooner than walking through the door!

11. We had a fab lunch afterwards at the Roth Bar And Grill in Hauser and Wirth.

12. I ran the refreshments stand at our village Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday. Lots of festive stalls to enjoy.

13. This lovely lady who lives in our village sells wool from her small flock of Zwartbles sheep. Their fleece is chocolate brown so remains undyed and in its natural state.

14. Of course I HAD to buy a skein for my Stitching Santa yarn partner! That’s most of my budget spent so I will have to be creative in order to put together a decent parcel now.

15. After the craft fair, my sister and I dashed down to Southampton where my niece is at University. It was her birthday so we went out for a meal and stayed overnight in local accommodation. It was 2am before we knew it – unheard of for us country folk where the pubs shut at eleven!

16. Sunday was spent Christmas shopping in Southampton with my sister, followed by a pub supper on the way home by which time the late night had caught up with us and we were seriously flagging.

17. Hubby sent me this lovely photo of No.3 Son being treated to breakfast out whilst I was away. He ate the lot!!

18. The biggest and best news of the week though, has to be that my dear little Fifi made it to her fifteenth birthday on Thursday. A milestone we never expected her to reach as she has had several touch-and-go moments over the last twelve months.

Happy Birthday Fifi, and here’s to the next one!

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #142

  1. Another wonderful set of photos. What IS that gadget? Something to do with wine?
    How on earth did your son eat all that!!!! Looks delicious. You Stitching Santa partner is in for a treat – well several treats!
    Just love the Hauser and Wirth place – must go again sometime.

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  2. That wool looks lovely. Your partner is very lucky.
    I would say that you should have let me know you were going to be in Southampton but I wasn’t even there this weekend :-p which uni is she at?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Do you know what, that’s the first thing I thought of when we decided to go down, but I seem to remember thinking that you wouldn’t be there. Must have been something I read on IG or your blog. She’s at the Russell Group one, the University of Southampton, reading History and loving it.


  3. Happy birthday Fifi 🐶🐶😀☀️ 🍖🐕


  4. Happy Birthday to Fifi, you saved the best to last. The Mr looks a bit fed up in the wool shop, he needs to work on looking patient a bit more. All that food and the yarn. You have an extremely lucky knitting recepient I think. I have commenced some nitting for my Secret Santa now, and some yarn is on its way to me for some more gifts. Such fan, you are a star organising this.

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  5. Lovely brown yarn – I’d never heard of that breed of sheep before, it would make a good Scrabble word 😉 I did a similar thing for my knitting partner last year as a friend of mine has a small flock of Jacobs sheep here in France and had the wool spun into balls so I reserved one and, yes, that also used up most (if not all) of my budget.
    I’m sure your ‘industrial strength’ corkscrew will pay its way in your house as it would in mine. We have an old one, actually out of a pub, but I haven’t got anywhere to install it where it doesn’t represent a danger to passers-by so it’s languishing in ‘the shed’
    Bless little Fifi and a big happy birthday to her. My last two dogs only reached their 11th birthday but they were big dogs which tend to live shorter lives anyway. Taz, however, has now turned 12, despite having his spleen unceremoniously whipped out a couple of weeks ago.


    • I’m not a brown fan, really, but this is so unusual in its natural state that I had to buy some. Mixed with 10% alpaca, it’s a bit softer than you’d expect, too. The name is a new one on me, though. We’ve installed the corkscrew on the worktop directly underneath the optics (what, doesn’t everyone have optics for their gin consumption?!). Taz is doing fine, I hope, after his spleen experience? I always had Border Collies before, the oldest of which lived to thirteen which, as you say, is old for a larger dog. I’m pretty sure Fifi won’t see sixteen, though, as she’s definitely living on borrowed time.


  6. Happy Birthday Fifi!
    I see you got to see the Southampton ‘Christmas Market’, can’t say I’m particularly impressed with it this year, it seems to be entirely filled with places to get beer and bratwurst 😛
    Looks like you had a jam packed week and your secret santa pressies are looking awesome. (As always!)

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    • To be honest, the market looks pretty but, as you say, is mainly food and drink rather than gifts to buy. Yeah, I’m enjoying all the making for the swaps, as always. What’s not to love?!


  7. Good old Fifi – you can’t stop a good dog! ❤ here's to the next birthday! Your secret recipient is a lucky gal!

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  8. What a fun way to find out a little bit more about people!

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  9. Happy 😊 birthday 🎂 Fifi xxxx You are such a sweetie.

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  10. Such a wonderful week. 🙂 The walks are my favourite. I get to see so much of things around you and your home.
    Super yarn shopping, I think the pink will be especially cheerful on rainy days.
    And of course, working on the Secret Santa goodies is always so much fun. i look forward to seeing what you are planning and getting up to.
    There is just something special about Christmas markets. I think it must be all the pretty lights.
    Hugs and kisses to Fifi. she is so adorable.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and the coming weekend. 🙂


    • You get very blasé about your own surroundings, don’t you? We do live in a beautiful part of the country but don’t always see it that way. Couldn’t resist that pink sparkling yarn for myself, although I’m not sure when I’ll have time to knit them. I’m going to Bath Christmas market next week with my daughter, so I’ll try to remember to take some photos. Bath is a Roman city so has some really ancient architecture. Fifi is curled up beside me (as always!) wrapped in a blanket quite happily, hugs and kisses duly applied at regular intervals😬

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      • 🙂 Very true. But walking one’s dog makes you see things differently. I think that is one of the reasons I live in an oldish neighborhood outside the city, rather than closer to work. The city is great and very convenient, but sometimes just to busy.
        And if you dont knit the socks for this holidays, there are always next year.
        Thank you, I appreciate it very much when you share photos of your part of the world. 🙂
        Hugs to Fifi as well, Miekie is enjoying the cooler days we are having. Should last well into the weekend, and even with some nice rain 🙂
        Enjoy the market next week, it sounds like super fun times.

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  11. Not sure how I missed this post last week! Happy Birthday to little Fifi – she’s a real trooper!

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  12. So behind with my blog reading, have only just found this. Great to see fifi having fun – give her and Tess a hug from me. As for Mr H-L he has the exact same ‘waiting in a wool shop’ look as my hubby 😉

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