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Pin Cushion & Thread Catcher ‘Tadah!’


I don’t know about you but, although I do a LOT of sewing, I don’t even have a pin cushion which means grappling with loose pins from the tub and dropping most of them on the floor….so I thought it was about time I made one.

A pretty one. Not just a functional one.

When I first had my own studio I promised myself that I would indulge my girly desires to make pretty accessories whenever the need arose – and now the need has arisen.

After browsing Pinterest for pin cushion designs, I came across this one by Curry Bungalow – genius!!

thread catcher

It consists of a detachable pin cushion and a thread catcher weighed down by a covered bathroom tile. Such a clever idea and, hopefully, it will save me hoovering after every sewing session:)

You can buy the pattern here as an instant download PDF which is what I did as soon as I saw it! You just know when something is exactly what you’ve been looking for don’t you and, if you’re anything like me, can’t wait to get started.

One of my favourite textile artists is Pants and Paper and I love this particular design of hers on an iPad mini case:-

iPad mini case

One of the reasons I bought my new sewing machine was to do more free machine embroidery as my old one just wasn’t up to the job. I could never seem to get consistent stitching and it was always missing stitches despite using a new needle each time. My new one is ace, so simple and quick to set up and the results are fantastic even for a free machine embroidery novice like me.

I kind of already had an idea how to combine the original pattern with the design I had in mind, and I just had to adapt it to the size tile that I had leftover from a kitchen refit ten years ago in my old house (well, I can’t throw spare tiles away; they might come in handy one day!!)

The entire project was created using scraps of fabric leftover from various other makes, so it satisfied my craving for a craft fix without costing a single penny – bonus!

This is the detachable pin cushion which fastens to the thread catcher via a strip of velcro (hook and loop tape) on the covered tile;

Pincushion thread catcher - 13

Pincushion thread catcher - 03 Pincushion thread catcher - 05

Here’s the thread catcher with a handy little loop for storing your embroidery scissors;

Pincushion thread catcher - 07

Here’s how it looks from the front;

Pincushion thread catcher - 02

Some close up detail…..

Pincushion thread catcher - 06 Pincushion thread catcher - 04

And finally….


Pincushion thread catcher - 09 Pincushion thread catcher - 01Pincushion thread catcher - 10 Pincushion thread catcher - 08

I chose some scraps of ‘Rosetta’ by Clarke & Clarke for the lining so the inside is just as pretty as the outside!

Pincushion thread catcher - 11

The tile does a brilliant job of securing the whole thing to the worktop right next to the sewing machine. In fact the entire design works so well that I have no idea how I’ve managed over forty years of sewing without one!Pincushion thread catcher - 12

I’m thrilled to bits with it and it looks soooo pretty in my studio. In case you missed it, here’s the link to the pattern again Pin Cushion Thread Catcher so why not have a go at making one for yourself?



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15 thoughts on “Pin Cushion & Thread Catcher ‘Tadah!’

  1. Amazing ❤ ❤ ❤ it


  2. That is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not very often I suffer from envy, but…. I don’t sew but I want to learn so I can make one!!! How lovely to have in your studio. *makes mental note regarding having a studio*


  3. Oh that is just gorgeous! And practical too – win, win! I love to free motion embroider, which reminds me it’s been far too long since I’ve done it.


  4. Simple, functional, pretty and free…what more could you want? 🙂


    • I know, we crafters are easily pleased really!


      • I agree it doesn’t take much to make us happy! 🙂
        I always get really excited when a new creation is formed from saved bits and pieces – which is why I almost never throw anything away. I keep telling my Dearest, ‘…it all has a purpose, though, as yet, I just don’t know what it will be…!!!?’ ;-/


  5. I’ve seen this style of pin cushion before but have been unsure how stable it is with this bag hanging off the desk. Yours looks beautiful, so well made and I’m tempted to make one for myself now. Jean


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