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Sunday Sevens #81


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series started by Nat at Threads & Bobbins – why not go and see how it works and how you can join in?

1. No. 2 Son went to Kilve Court for four days with the school and braved all the teasing about having my pink suitcase! (No.3 Son had a pirate day at school).image

2. The postcard we received from Kilve – cheeky little beggar! image 3. A lovely lady in the village picked a posy of flowers from her garden for me. How nice?!

4. Mr H-L and I shared a seafood platter at the pub – it was lush!image

5. Fifi had prime position in the pub window. She loves to watch people walk by.image

6. Bagged these two bargainous ‘as new’ books from the charity shop. I bought the DIY one for No.1 Son only to find out I’d already bought him the same book some weeks ago:)image

7. This amazing cross stitch was going for a song in the same charity shop so I snapped it up.image

8. Just Β£6.50 for all that work – criminal.image

9. I reckon there’s at last a year’s hard labour gone into that.image

10. After a glorious day on Good Friday on which all the french windows in the house were flung open all day, the rain came on Saturday. It didn’t stop The Boys playing cricket in the garden, though.image

11. We spotted two pairs of extra long full length curtains in a second hand shop, originating from some grand country house or other. image

12. A considerable investment but a bargain at the same time. All interlined and lined, they’re such good quality that they’re going to be dry cleaned and stored until they find a new home in our future B&B.image

13. We stayed with my brother at the weekend and had cocktails down the pub.

14. On the way home we were faced with cattle walking on the road through Burrington Combe – not a usual occurrence and they were lucky not to be hit.

15. Mr H-L and No.1 Son started stripping the wallpaper off the walls in our guest room. We haven’t decorated it in nearly ten years and it was looking a bit tired to say the least.


Well, that was part of my week, although I’ve got lots more to share in blog posts of their own to follow soon, including progress on the guest room decorating front. Talking of which…..back to the sanding down!

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #81

  1. The cross stitch is beautiful – great that after so much of someone’s work went into it that it has found such a good home.

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  2. That seafood platter looks amazing! Looks like you have a great local charity shop! So exciting that you are starting to buy things for your B&B 😊

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    • There is only one charity shop in our nearest town and it is a brilliant one. The curtains were an impulse purchase but we couldn’t pass them up when they’d be so perfect for the look we’re after for the b&b:)

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  3. I’m used to seeing sheep on the road and in gardens and don’t think twice about it but somehow seeing cows on the side of the road seems much stranger – the seem huge.

    Your tapestry was a bargain, what a shame that people don’t value the work and skill that went into making it. I’m glad it has found a good home.

    I loved your son’s postcard, it made me smile as it is exactly the sort of thing that my son would say!

    Debbie x

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    • You’re right – cows on the road are a rarity and I think they must have escaped as I’ve never seen them on that stretch of road before. Scary coming face to face with one driving around the bend though! The cross stitch is just amazing and it will stay with us for as long as I’m around. The workmanship is beautiful and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to get rid of it!


  4. The curtains are wonderful! Sounds like lots of nice family time.

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  5. I’m was still smiling at the post card when I got to the end of the post. With his immaculate handwriting and spelling he can get away with that lovely cheekiness! H’s favourite colour for years was pink, if that suitcase was bigger I’d be asking if I could borrow it for when he goes skiing with the school. You find some fab things in your charity shops, I’m going start looking properly in mine. I have a lovely pair of curtains that were in my lounge, I can’t remember if I gave them to the charity shop, I had them made as I darent cut into the expensive fabric. Seems stupid now. If I’ve got them still I’ll save them in case I ever meet you and they can go in my room in your B&B! πŸ˜‰

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    • Bruce wears pink with pride, too, so The Boys don’t bat an eyelid. Poor thing was teased as soon as he walked down the school path, though, but braved it pretty well. Our charity shop (there is only one) has a reputation for quality and has a quick turnover so you have to be quick if you see something you like. The curtains were from a designer second hand boutique a few doors down from the charity shop and were Β£150 – still a massive bargain ‘cos they would have cost a couple of thousand brand new! Yes please to the curtains if you’ve still got them!

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  6. The youngest boys are growing so fast. #3 son looks like his curls have already grown back. I love going to thrift stores. I can always find a treasure or two. I love the cross stitch you found. I enjoy cross stitching as well. I can’t wait to see the newly decorated room. I love the show Downton Abbey. Super interesting, Love those red socks Mr H-L! πŸ™‚

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    • The Boys definitely need a haircut before they go back to school, although it will still be long compared to the other boys at school – we like it that way. I love a good rummage in a charity shop; it feels good to rescue something that someone else has discarded. The bedroom is finished now, so I’ll do a post on that this week:)


  7. What fab finds in your local charity shop and very exciting that you are accumulating treasures for your new B&B! Fifi looks very happy on her elevated look out position and that little posy of flowers sum up Spring perfectly with all their colours πŸ™‚

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    • We’ve only got one charity shop in our nearest town so it gets some brilliant things donated. You have to snap anything up pretty quickly, though, or it’s gone in a flash. Those curtains would have been thousands when brand new, so there’s no way I was going home without them!

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  8. Ditto all the other comments about the cross stitch. It makes me sad seeing things like that in charity shops and starts me wondering if that will be the endgame for some of my makes.
    Those curtains were a good buy and will look beautiful in the right room. It will be an expensive dry cleaning job I should imagine.
    The seafood platter looks gorgeous and I am not saying anything about you being in the pub yet again πŸ˜‰

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    • I’m sure some of my handmade things have already ended up in a charity shop – not everyone appreciates the time and effort that has gone into these things and, if it’s not quite their thing, will find it easy to part with. I try to only make for people who I know will love my creations, but sometimes I still get it wrong. I often rescue handmade treasures – embroidered runners are two a penny and I really must do something with them other than store them away!


  9. You’re spoiling us this week with all those lovely images Sheila πŸ™‚ It’s the lovely Noah’s Ark needlework that caught my eye the most though. What a find! I wouldn’t have been able to leave it either.

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    • The Noah’s Ark had been reserved until the day before, so when I went in the next day and it was still there, they had to ‘phone the manager to see if they could sell it to me – I was determined to take it home! It really is stunning in the flesh, so to speak, and quite large too:)

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  10. Wow! You have some good charity shops to get those curtains! Beautiful. I do worry about the animals here in road when it’s tourist season. People come to see the moor but carry on driving as if they’re on city roads 😦 I’m looking at Fifi in that first pic, wondering if she’s trying to sneak of to Kilve too πŸ˜‰

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    • The curtains were in a designer second hand boutique, not the charity shop, but we’re still a relative bargain at Β£150 rather than the thousands they would have cost originally and will be perfect in the B&B. The dogs thought we were going camping when we got the suitcase out, so they were all excited, poor things!

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  11. I drive through Burrington Combe all the time and I love it when the cows are around. 😊

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    • I’ve never seen the cows on the road through Burrington before and assumed they had escaped from the nearby farm? It was scary to meet one head on. On the wrong side of the road around a bend though!

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  12. Another lovely, slice-of-life, update. Congratulations on all your bargains.

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  13. What a busy week – and what a treasure trove that charity shop was! That cross-stitch was stunning – the curtains too! πŸ™‚

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  14. That cross stitch is beautiful, I’m glad it found a good home with you and wasn’t left to gather dust somewhere. Great find with the curtains too!


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