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Sunday Sevens # 82


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series to show seven photos of your week outside the blog. Visit Nat at Threads & Bobbins to find out more. 

1. The girls made rag dolls in a workshop this week.


2. The boys made superhero bunnies!

3. Whilst No.3 Son was at a football camp in Taunton, we took No.2 Son for a walk at Combe Sydenham country park. We found a lovely pub, The Notley Arms in Monksilver, but forgot to take a photo.

4. Sneak peek of the guest bedroom redecoration project – now completed and a blog post will follow.

5. We were invited to lunch by a family member who has a farm and her little border terrier decided that Mr H-L made a very comfortable cushion.

6. Mr H-L and The Boys recorded the scores of the T20 final the old fashioned way.

He even downloaded a proper score sheet – what a nail biting game that was!

7. Homemade sun dried tomato bread, proved in the sunshine on the back of the sofa and ready to be baked.

8. Remember the little vintage sewing table that No.1 Son bought me for my birthday/Mother’s day? He painted it and I added a bit of bling in the way of a touch of gold paint.


9. The hand painted lines are very wobbly but I like them that way. A bit of gold paint was dry brushed onto the dull knobs, too, just to brighten them up a bit.


10. In use at last! I love it. Perfect for storing bits and bobs for hand sewing in the lounge and means I don’t have to hike up to the sewing room in the loft for a needle and thread. 

11. And finally……we drove past this truck transporting a greenhouse frame and spotted it on the front page of the local paper this weekend!


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29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens # 82

  1. It looks like you have had another busy week. I would have had to stop and take a photo of the truck transporting the greenhouse, very funny. You have to give people credit for ingenuity and at least he won’t have to reassemble it when it arrives at its destination (except for the glass).

    I love the slightly wiggly lines on your sewing table, I figured they were specifically designed to be like that. So much nicer than dead straight lines.

    I bet your sun dried tomato bread was delicious – thinking about it is making my mouth water. It wouldn’t last long in our house!

    Debbie x


    • The truck whizzed by before we had the chance to get the phone camera out, but we had a good laugh! I’m thrilled with my sewing table and, as it doubles as a gin table, it is a lovely addition to the lounge. The bread lasted as long as the macaroni cheese I made it to go with:)


  2. The gold decoration on the sewing table is the perfect finishing touch!

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  3. What a lovely week. The sewing table is just beautiful with with the gold touches and I love that it doubles up as a gin table too, haha!

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  4. Gin & sewing what a lethal combination. The touch of gold has really lifted the table K xXx

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  5. Oh, the vintage sewing table is glorious. And I love the rag dolls – I’m just pondering making a similar one as a birthday present.

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  6. What a great job the children did on their Rag Dolls and Super Hero Bunnies! Love the sneak peek at the new guest bedroom! I bet you’ll wonder how you lived without a sewing table downstairs ~ looks great with just the right amount of bling too πŸ™‚

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  7. Another lovely week in pics! That truck with house frame is hysterical. Love the rag dolls and super heroes. Your sewing table is perfect with wavy lines, and so roomy. May I please come stay in your beautiful new guest room and sample that bread? πŸ˜‰

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  8. So much to smile about this week Sheila – and to finish off with a good giggle too. I’m assuming he didn’t meet anything large and wide on the road coming in the opposite direction. Now that would have been interesting!! πŸ™‚ The bread looks like it was most successful and your proving area took my fancy πŸ™‚

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    • Well, the truck was definitely a wide load and we had to pass with plenty of room. He was lucky to get away with it around these narrow lanes! The bread was eaten warm, straight from the oven and lasted about five minutes!

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  9. Congratulations to the young sewers & their creations, and the baker, too! Looks like another grand week. Will look forward to seeing more of your latest decorating. 😘

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    • Thanks Del, I’m very proud of my little students and their creations! We managed to throw a few full days at the decorating and got it out of the way in a short space of time, after all, who likes wallpapering? I had fun remaking an old pair of curtains, though:)

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  10. That touch of gold paint really works well. It’s always lovely seeing what your budding sewist’s achieve. And how proud they always look πŸ™‚

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    • A touch of gold was all that table needed, I think; I love it even more now! My students are so pleased with what they achieve and it’s really lovely to watch their skills and confidence grow.

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  11. I smiled at the greenhouse. How neat. What a way to make it happen. Love your sewing table, it is just perfect.
    Looking forward to seeing the guest bathroom, from the peak I like your ideas.
    Great time all round. Its nice to bake, it always tastes better.
    And the score sheets brought back beautiful memories. When my daughter was still in school, she was the official score keeper at the cricket games for the school teams. She recorded all the scores on these sheets. πŸ™‚

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    • We were listening to the cricket final on the radio rather than watching it on the TV, so it was more exciting anyway. The Boys (including Mr H-L!) had great fun doing the scoring the old fashioned way as they’d never done it before. You daughter was the official score keeper, was she? Did she play too?

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      • Its always nicer on the radio. You get much more commentary and can imagine the runs.
        I am sure they had great fun.
        Yes, she was the official score keeper to the school team, but it was a boys team. I think she did bring them good luck, they had very good seasons. πŸ™‚


  12. Love the sewing table. I need one for my little sewing area in the living room and will have to look out for something similar x

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    • Thanks, I’m so pleased with it as it’s a nice piece of furniture which is useful as a table, too. Good luck with finding one – I’ve never seen one like this before!


  13. Can always trust you to find a good pub πŸ™‚ Love the bunnies and the dolls. Look forward to seeing more of the guest room. The sewing box is perfect.

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    • Oh yes, we can sniff a good pub out! The guest room needed a facelift as we hadn’t decorated it in ten years and it was very tired. Much more warm and welcoming now. The sewing table was such a good find and is proving to be as useful as I knew it would,

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  14. The cloth dolls are super cute. I will have to make a couple of those for the grandkids. They would love them. Now to see if I remember how to thread the machine. LOL The greenhouse truck is hysterical. The things people do in a pinch. Lots of love to you and the family.


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