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Sunday Sevens #105


Extra hour in bed? Who’re they kidding? I woke up at the usual time and couldn’t get back to sleep so decided to get up anyway and get more done, starting with this week’s Sunday Sevens. Visit Nat over at Threads & Bobbins to find out more.

1. The knitted baby shawl is finished and I’ve started to sew it all together which is a loooong job.

2. See the proximity of the goal? I’ve decided that, if I make The Boys clean off the zillion football imprints on the French Windows, they might be more careful about where they kick it.

3. The Boys have been brilliantly behaved this half term, so I treated them to a pub lunch. They played with their Match Attax whilst waiting for their meals. Just look at that expression when faced with defeat!

4. No.1 Son was working from home on Thursday when my sister came down for the day, so we snuck out on our own for an hour and had coffee in Divine Wines. This is the front of the shop and there are several tiny rooms out the back where you can sit to eat and drink. It’s really lovely.

5. Without a doubt, the highlight of my week was Date Night, when Mr H-L surprised me with tickets to see a talk by one of my heroes, Architectural Historian, Dan Cruickshank, in Sturminster Newton. He signed both books and was more than happy to pose for a photograph. What an incredibly charming man, such a gentleman and exactly as he appears on TV.

6. Arghh, what a mess! We decided to bite the bullet and clear out the office which has become a bit of a dumping ground. I say ‘we’, but Mr H-L actually suggested that he mowed the lawn whilst I did the office, thinking it would take us each an hour.

Nine hours later and we weren’t even half way through! Guess what we’ll be doing again all day today?

7. Before you ask, no, I didn’t take this photo, but it serves to illustrate the beautifully haunting call of a Tawny Owl that woke me up at 2am this morning. It was so loud outside our open bedroom window, that I think it must have been perched on the ridge of our stone shed just a few feet away.

Finally, just a quick reminder that midnight tomorrow on 31st October is the last chance to sign up for this year’s Stitching Santa, so if you haven’t sent me your details yet, you’d better be quick!

That’s it for this week folks – hope you all have a great weekend!

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33 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #105

  1. What a super week. Am very envious that you met Dan Cruickshank. Didn’t he do the series around the world in 80 buildings? Enjoy your weekend, and good luck with the office tidy!

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  2. Fab idea to get the boys clearing up their own mess, it’s the only way they learn. Can’t wait to find out who I get for my stitchin Santa and thinking what I can make. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know your hero, but I’ve got a few who I’d love to meet so I get your excitement! Another fab week!! πŸ˜ƒ

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    • Oh, don’t be embarrassed, David Attenborough is another hero, although I don’t think Mr H-L will be able to pull that one off! The hardest bit of the Stitching Santa is pairing everybody up with someone new, and in their own country to boot. Wish me luck!

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  3. I don’t envy you ‘ the sewing up of the shawl’ – I imagine it will be very fiddly.
    Yes, I can’t wait either to see who I get in the Stitching Santa so I can start to stalk them on their blog – if I don’t already do so πŸ˜‰

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    • Yes, the sewing up is fiddly and I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough yarn left – oops! I also can’t wait for the Stitching Santa to start as I LOVE seeing all the progress on everyone’s blogs. Not long now:)


  4. Dan Cruickshank! Green!! I’ve promised myself to join in with your Stitching Santa next year – I’ve wanted to for the past two …. πŸ™‚

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  5. Well done you for getting the boys to clean up their own mess. If only there were more parents like you. We have a tawny owl too that haunts our garden. So beautiful and amazing how noisy they can be but so soundless in flight. Good lluck with the rest of the office. Our house is such a mess, but hopefully after next weekend I can make some inroads into it. Take care and have a good one in the coming week xx

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    • It doesn’t do them any harm to see the consequences of their actions and help put it right. I try not to make it a punishment, though, more just a case of making them aware of what they’re doing. I hope the owl returns tonight as it was such a beautiful sound. Office is finally CLEAN AND TIDY! It took until 7.30pm tonight so that’s the whole weekend gone:(

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      • Well done on the office – has to be done eventually. I how it’s hard, but it probably won’t be until they’re 25 or so before you find out if they thought it was a punishment or not πŸ™‚ But whatever, they’re very lucky kids to have you as a mum. Fingers crossed for the owl.

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  6. WOW Look at you hobnobbing with no less than Dan Cruickshank !!! Green with envy or what LOL

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  7. What a lovely, busy week, as seems usual for you, Sheila! Thank you for mentioning Mr. Cruickshank, as I’d not heard of him and immediately located some clips online. Fascinating! Best wishes wading through the office, and staying with your younger boys’ home care lessons. We all had our chores, and that’s how we learnt. Best wishes with that beautiful shawl. Is that your photo of the owl? It’s stunning! And spot on for tomorrow’s holiday. πŸŽƒ

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  8. Good idea to get your boys to clean the windows. I can barely get my eldest daughter to do a thing, luckily her little sister is a great help with cleaning.

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    • Well, I’d end up doing everything otherwise and they’ve got to learn to clean up after themselves at some point, haven’t they? He quite enjoyed it actually, and his little brother joined in with the ‘fun’ too!


  9. WOW the baby shawl is so pretty. It really is so dainty. I bet it is super soft. I bet the noise of a flying soccer ball hitting the French doors would scare the pants off ya. Son number two doesn’t look too thrilled but seems like he is taking the job seriously. Congrats on meeting Dan Cruickshank. My sister loves historical architecture as well. She would be thrilled. Have a great week. As always much love to you and the family.

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    • Oh yes, the shawl is lovely and soft – and very light. You’re right about the sound of a football on glass! He was quite happy to clean the windows, just didn’t know why I wanted to take a picture of him:)


  10. I loved that photo of the window cleaning- Just brilliant! Sorry you didn’t get a lie in, I’m amazed to say I actually did for the first time in years, it felt wonderful! Your office photo is very reassuring- I have a few corners in our place which look rather similar πŸ˜‰

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  11. Good idea, cleaning the windows. πŸ™‚
    It is great to meet someone so special, it makes the day the best ever.
    I am loving the baby knit, it looks pretty big and was definitely worth the knit.
    All the best with the office work. πŸ™‚ Have fun!

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  12. I don’t know Dan Cruickshank, but will doing some research, he seems fascinating! What a productive week you’ve had…..we have areas (yes, plural) like your office and I just dread digging in. That shawl is gorgeous!!

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  13. What an exquisite, occupied week, as appears to be common for you, Sheila!.WOW the child shawl is so lovely. It truly is so dainty.

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  14. What a super week..Enjoy your end of the week, and good fortunes with the workplace clean!

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