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Sunday Sevens #121


1. I always love a good rummage through the box marked ‘fabric scraps’ in charity shops. This week I was lucky enough to find some good quality, unused lengths of upholstery weight cotton drill…..

2. ….and some black denim, which I’m thinking of turning into a classic denim jacket for No.2 Son – for just £1.00!

3. Looking ahead to Ascot Ladies Day, I’ve pretty much decided on View B, but in navy and cream instead of black and white.

4. Midweek, we had lunch out at one of our favourite haunts, Holbrook House.

5. Usually it’s me taking the photos, but I managed to sneak on the other side of the lens as well, this time.

6. Carpaccio of venison – yum!

7. The Boy’s school presented their biennial production. This is the enitire school on stage for the finalé!

8. The teachers are good sports, too – here’s the headmaster and the reception teacher doing their bit.

9. No.3 Son’s football team won 5-4 in an exciting match. We took them out for Fish and Chips on the harbour at Weymouth.

10. Spring arrived on Saturday and the whole day was spent tidying the garden. Hubby did the first mow of the lawn and we flung open the French windows to let in the sunshine and warmth. Lovely!

11. After supper, we popped down to the pub for pudding! Even though it’s warmer now, there’s nothing quite like a cosy fire after the sun’s gone down.

Linking up with Natalie from Threads & Bobbins for Sunday Sevens – a weekly blog post showing your week in seven-ish photos.

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36 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #121

  1. What a wonderful week – cosiness, and sunshine! The food looks so delicious, mid week must be wonderful! I love the fabric, can’t wait to see what you make!
    That View B get’s my vote – the panelling will make you look gorgeous ! Ascot will be great fun!

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    • Spring is just the best season in my mind – all the promises of good weather to come and so welcome after Winter. I have no idea what to make with the stripy fabric as yet, but it was too good a bargain to miss. I’m hoping that the dark side panels will give me the waist that I am sadly lacking! We go to Ascot ladies’ day most years and I always make a new dress. Oh, the dresses on ladies’ day – such a treat to see!


  2. View B! Ascot Ladies Day – WWWOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! That will look stunning – can’t wait to see the pictures!

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  3. Super cute fabric finds! I also can’t wait to see your finished dress for Ascot Ladies Day! 🙂 Always love seeing your growing boys, they are such darlings! ❤

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  4. Your Ascot dress will be awesome. I can’t wait to see it all put together. Great finds. Boy youngest has curls that grow like wild fire. Love and hugs to you and the family.

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    • I haven’t even ordered the fabric for the dress yet, but there’s no hurry as Ascot is in June. No.3 Son’s curls are getting a little out of control, but he likes is hair long and won’t let me cut it!


  5. That’s a good looking week! The dress will be fabulous!

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  6. lovely fabric finds and your frock is smashing

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  7. Superb fabric finds and good to see the sun paid you a visit this weekend ~ we had a gorgeous weekend but back to grey cold weather today LOL

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    • Charity shop fabric buckets always bring out the little kid in me as it’s a lucky dip every time. Hope the sun is with you this week – it’s blazing down here again at the moment.

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  8. Thinking navy an cream will look great for your RA dress! Isn’t it lovely to let the new season waft through open doors and windows 🙂

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    • Navy and cream are better for my colouring than black and white – a subtle difference, but it seems to work. Oh, the first time you throw the windows open in Spring is just heavenly!

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  9. Great week! Loved all rhe costumes. 😊

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  10. Great week. Great bargains! When you said style ‘B’ my eye immediately went to the middle dress 🙂 You’re looking very radiant in those pics 🙂 Yes, very chilly of an evening. We’re still lighting the wood burner every night.

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  11. Like your post and pics. I really should take more pics myself. Spring sprang and we hit the garden too – a little bit of sunshine cheers us all up, doesn’t it! Following a day in the garden we took a trip to a beach the next day – along with many others it seemed – still, we found a quiet spot on a groyne and watched the world drift by. And, currently sorting my stash of wool and fabric too!

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    • Sunday Sevens is a lovely way to recap on all we’ve done in the previous week – it’s so easy to forget without a record like this. Gardening and stash-sorting are both types of Spring cleaning, I suppose – and definitely put me in the mood for some outdoor living!


  12. Wonderful fabric bargains! Look forward to seeing your Ascot dress, sadly we aren’t going this year as it’s the same week as Glastonbury… I’ll be making festival wear instead of a posh frock😃

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  13. Life in your neck of the woods looks wholesome and wonderful. I’m so glad you’re enjoying life.

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  14. That dress will be ‘a stunner’. Look forward to seeing your navy and cream version.

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  15. Wow, what a lovely week, and even warm enough to start the first bit of mowing. How awesome. I love that fabric, you got really lucky. It is stunning.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope the weather gets warmer each day now. 🙂

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    • I was very lucky indeed with the fabric as you never know what a charity shop will turn up. The weather is definitely getting consistently warmer now, and we’re starting to spend more time outside. Eating outside is such a simple pleasure, yet a pleasure it most definitely is.

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      • Indeed, eating outside is always a pleasure. It is jokingly referred to here as one of our favourite “pass times” know as the ever popular “braai” or BBQ. Any and every reason to “braai” and if the weather holds, even the more reason. 🙂 And so much less work.
        Have a great week and take care. 🙂


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