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Sunday Sevens #139


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog post whereby you show seven-ish photos of your week outside the blog. Anyone can join in at any time.

1. Last Sunday, No.2 Son had a football match in Weymouth – it was a beautiful day so we all went.

Afterwards, we decided to park up by the harbour and go and have fish and chips for lunch.

2. It turns out a ‘fish burger’ consisted of no  less than a whole battered cod fillet in a bun! How he managed to eat it all AND the chips  is beyond me. Must have been all the energy he burned off scoring a hat trick in the match:)

3.  No.2 Son plays rugby for his school so Mr H-L went to watch him midweek.

4. No.3 Son had an inset day on Friday so finished early for the half term. Mr H-L and I took him out to a lovely tea shop nearby where we had coffee and cake.

5. I’ve been trying to find ways of using the left over fabric from the coat I made last week and have been pretty pleased with what I’ve managed to do with it. All are to be Christmas presents, some of which are destined for my Stitching Santa parcel.

Any guesses as to what this might be?

6. Or this?

7. I’m making good progress with the Eastern Jewels blanket. It’s quite addictive as no two octagons are the same so there’s no getting bored whatsoever. I’ve seen some finished ones on Instagram already, and they look amazing.

The kit seems to be sold out at most stockists, but I bought mine here.

8. Oops, the photos aren’t in order as this was on Thursday – hubby took me out for lunch at The Old Inn in Holton.

9. No.2 Son came back from boarding school for half term and his little brother is THRILLED to have his playmate back!

10. Last night we had friends around for supper with a nice bottle of Laurent Perrier to celebrate his new job.

11. I made individual Tiramisinis for pudding and they were amazing – definitely one to do again!

12. Sunday morning saw hubby shampooing the carpet in the back bedroom before zipping off to football with No.3 Son again, so that’s the rest of the day sorted – putting everything back in when the carpet is dry.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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20 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #139

  1. What a lovely week, enjoy having both boys around for a while it is going to be a good half term!

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  2. Another fab week at Chez H-L I guess a small bag and a mitten (or pot holder and oven glove) 🙂

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  3. Another fab week. Bet it’s great for you too to have No 2 son back for half term. Hope he’s enjoying boarding school. The crochet is coming on beautifully. No wonder it’s addictive. The tiramisu looks delicious. Where is your recipe from, or did you make it ? If I’d known your hubby was cleaning carpets I’d have asked if he could have come and done ours 😉

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    • He loves school and finds it hard to adjust to being at home, which can be a tad testy for everyone. When he settles back in he’s back to his normal self after a day, though. The Tiramisini recipe is one of Nigella’s and is the nicest I’ve tried. Carpet cleaning was rather forced upon us as someone walked mud on the carpet. It rather gave me the push I needed though, as I ended up redecorating the entire room the next day!

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  4. Enjoy every minute of half term! Weymouth is lovely

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  5. It’s shaping up to be a great half term. Have fun – I know you will.

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  6. A lovely week. 🙂 With a lot happening and going on.
    The fish burger looks just perfect. I may need a week to get it done though. Well done to your son!
    Great crafting, you are definitely keeping busy. Starting early, as it seems some days may be turning cooler already. Or just a bit damp.
    I love the top you wore to lunch, it is a beautiful fabric.
    Enjoy the new week and happy crafting. 🙂

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    • It’s true, you get a lot more productive in the Winter, I’m sure, and making things makes me so happy. The top was one I made last year and I’ve just got it out for this year as it spans the Autumn/Winter period really well. Have a good week!

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  7. How lovely to have No. 2 home for a while (even if he gets a bit sulky). I imagine yours is just the most fun household! Dinners out, amazing dinners in, interesting travels, and pajama days for heaven’s sake! Yay!

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  8. Looks like you had a great week. Weymouth can be a lovely place when the sun shines. 🙂

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