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DIY Alternative To The “Cone of Shame”!


Back last Summer, Fifi had some mammary tumours removed and had to wear the Cone Of Shame for ten days. She hated it for the first few days, then gradually adapted to moving and sleeping with an unwieldy plastic funnel clipped to her neck.

This week, another trip to the Vet meant either another plastic cone, bandaging or some other method to prevent her from literally licking her wounds.

I found some leftover fleecy fabric from a nightshirt that No.3 Son made, and decided to make her a comfy coat instead. Whilst she already has several coats, none of them were long enough underbelly to cover the affected area.

So, for those of you who would rather not put your own dog through the trauma of The Cone, here’s a quick way to make a lick-prevention jacket.

 Measure your dog around the widest part of her ribs, just behind the front legs, then add an inch for seam allowances.

Measure from the back of her neck towards the tail, at a point just in front of the back legs (so he/she can still wee easily!).

Cut a rectangle of fabric to these measurements.

With right sides facing, sew the short ends together with a half inch seam.

I pressed open the seam and top stitched it flat so there would be no irritation next to the skin.

Measure the distance between the front legs and cut two leg holes on the underside. The distance from the neck to the legs will determine how far back these openings are placed.


How long did that take? Five minutes at the most, but your dog will thank you for your efforts, trust me!

See? She can’t get to her wound because the coat is completely covering it.

She soon gave up trying and settled down happily. 

And we’re happy because: –

a) she won’t keep us awake with her licky sounds all night long – you’d be surprised how loud (and annoying) licking can be in the middle of the night.

b) no oozing on the (very white) duvet cover. Yes, she sleeps on our bed. She’s 14, what the hell.

c) she can actually get comfortable and sleep, which is virtually impossible when wearing a plastic cone to bed.

Failing the ability to actually sew a seam, just grab one of hubby’s old long sleeve T-shirts, cut it to the right length and make two leg holes in the appropriate place. No sewing needed:)

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56 thoughts on “DIY Alternative To The “Cone of Shame”!

  1. Good ide to make it yourself my vet gave us a kind of long t shirt after neutering and it’s so much easier for dogs than the cones and it diminishes shedding too.

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  2. Now here’e a business venture if ever I saw one! Bless your lttle woofer.

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  3. Very nice πŸ™‚ Hope your puppy gets better soon πŸ™‚

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  4. Bless her – that face!! Hope she’s all healed up very soon. x

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  5. Sorry to hear Fifi’s had to have more attention from the vet. Hope she’s fully mended very soon. Meantime she looks fab. You’ve missed mentioning that it also saves the doors and door frames getting battered. Having a bigger dog, I’ve cheated completely and put the kids t-shirts on Hicks when they were younger – although you still can’t leave him or go to bed with him in them, because he rips them off when you’re not looking 😦

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    • Yes, I’d forgotten about the damage cones can cause! Not to mention the ricked neck they get from misjudging the width of the cone and ramming into door frames, table legs etc.! A T-shirt is a great idea for a large dog:)

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  6. Wow, this is a great idea!

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  7. Reblogged this on winwithmindyb and commented:
    This is one of the best ideas I have ever seen. Thank you

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  8. Hope Fifi feels better soon,good idea so much more comfortable than the plastic thing

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  9. Bless her! She looks so glam while recovering. Get well soon Fifi!

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  10. Aww gorgeous idea! Looks so cute!

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  11. Terrific idea. Our litter beagle was neutered and had to wear the cone of shame. Somehow he managed to tear it off and play with it. When we looked in the morning he had torn the entire cone in half and was sleeping with one half under him. He is a funny little beagle and makes us laugh because of his non stop antics. Thanks for all your information. I love your blog

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  12. A super stylish solution !!

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  13. This is a brilliant idea and far more humane than those cones. I hope you’ll share this idea with your vet, any local animal shelters, etc. I love that you were able to come up with such a creative solution, Sheila.

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  14. Grand solution, Sheila! πŸ‘

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  15. Such a good idea! Fifi makes the perfect little model too. Is she feeling better now? We’ve had a real struggle with cones for Buzz: we went through 3 last time. I may try this next time. I’m also thinking this would be good for them almost as pajamas, so when I let them out in the morning they won’t get wet tummies!

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    • Cones are just the last straw after dogs have been through the trauma of a visit to the vets – I would definitely try this next time if I were you. Fifi wears a coat all Winter as she gets so cold, but I’m sure Buzz would like one as a nightshirt!

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  16. This is a great idea! I don’t know why the Vets aren’t handing these out, instead of cones!

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  17. Hope she recovers soon. It’s so much better & less distressing than having a plastic thing on your head. We have always tried to cover any wounds with t shirts etc, as we have dachshunds with long noses & short legs, not a good combination for a hideous plastic cone. Al though funny to watch when they are better

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  18. She looks great in her camouflage bodysuit! Great ideaπŸ˜ƒ & hope she’s better soon.
    I remember how loud the licking can be!
    Almost a year since losing our dog but dog sitting this weekend has reminded us of what we have been missing….she’s currently sat between us on the sofa!!

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  19. I can’t imagine trying to sleep with a plastic cone around my neck. I can’t believe these body tubes are not standard issue. What a lucky dog!

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  20. Poor thing those cones look terrible what a lovely alternative hope that the recovery goes well x

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  22. OMG! So coot! That fabric nearly gave me a miagraine……..Meiji has never had a cone of shame…..sadly. And she sleeps on my bed too. Trust me it’s easier to just give in.

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  23. Soz…..Meimi. Short for Jamima………


  24. She’s so sweet. A Silky terrier?

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  25. Excellent idea – and no bruises on your legs from the cone too!


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