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Sunday Sevens #114


Time for another Sunday Sevens instalment – linking up with Nat over at Threads & Bobbins.

1. Mr H-L was working abroad for a few days and needed a new suit, so we went to Clark’s Village and had breakfast at Tamburino Village afterwards. No, I didn’t manage to eat it all – it was a huge breakfast!

2. Bekki, from The Dartmoor Yarn Company, set herself a UFO challenge which spurred me on to sew up the hat I made for No.1 Son before Christmas so he could finally wear it.

3. Lovin’ using the blue lidded dish I found in a charity shop a while back. This time it contains homemade smoked salmon pâté.

4. Talking of food, I’ve found my appetite is changing and I can no longer manage three meals a day (an age thing?). Mind you, with breakfasts like these, it’s not surprising I don’t want to eat again until supper time!

5. Does anyone else subscribe to The English Home? I love this magazine and immediately sat down with a coffee to enjoy reading it when it popped through the letterbox.

6. Apologies if this makes you choke on your toast, or if you’ve already seen it on IG, but I’m dressing up as Dolly Parton for my sister’s 50th next month and tried on the wig for a laugh. The fabrics and sequins have arrived and my aim is to recreate Dolly’s Glastonbury outfit, as it is a Glastonbury Festival themed party.

7. So proud of my students’ achievements – Ellie made this adorable little outfit for a baby girl, over the course of a couple of months.

8. Blocking my Teal ‘Yoga jumper’ before sewing it up and starting on the hood. This has been my Winter project this year and I’m pleased to be near the finish line as I have plans for my next project already.

9. Three day’s worth of washing in our house which they all groan about when asked to sort it out. Bearing in mind it’s all been washed and dried for them and the fact that the sum total of my laundry amounts to the pile of knickers on the floor in front of the basket, I’m damned if I’m doing it!

10. Morrison’s café has just reopened after refurbishment, so I took The Boys in there for supper one night after they helped me with the shopping. It’s a vast improvement and, after saying as much to the staff, it seems that they love it, too.

11. I finally found the right shawl pattern for the yarn that Claire hand dyed for me as part of this year’s Stitching Santa gift. It’s the Eyelet Neck Scarf by Allyson Ryan on Ravelry – and it’s free!

12. Couldn’t resist this cute pair of ankle boots from Heavenly Feet.

13. Finally, on Saturday night we went to watch Snow White, a pantomime by the Shipham Players, in which my brother-in-law is heavily involved. It was ace and the seven ‘dwarves’ stole the show as far as I was concerned – head dwarf ‘Grouchy’ being about 6′ 4″!

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #114

  1. Love those boots! The Dolly Parton wig is a scream – you are going to look rockin! Does UFO stand for Unfinished Object?
    I have finishing 12 WIPS as part of my 17 for 2017 challenge, I’m interested in the difference between a UFO and a WIP.
    A fab week again Sheila – thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, but it refers to a project that has been abandoned and are no longer WIPs. I love your 17 for 17 challenge – just too chicken to set myself many targets. Glad the wig made you smile and not choke😂


  2. Great post! Great week! Love the boots, love the scarf pattern, love the yarn from Clare, love the food (no it’s not an age thing, so I need you to work out what it is, instead of tempting me with all those scummy pics.) Rightly proud of your student – lovely little outfit! Thanks for the mention – glad to have spurred you on – I still have a sock heel to finish before I’m UFO free. But what’s all this about a hood on your sweater? I didn’t think you did hoodies? You’re going to make a fab Dolly! 🙂


  3. I love Dolly Parton – ‘Jolene’ is one of my favourite ever songs – she’s got one of those voices that can break my heart when she’s singing a sad song. This from somebody raised on reggae and soul music but I’m nothing if not eclectic in my musical tastes. Can’t wait to see you in the full get-up. Will you need padding? 😉
    Bless your little student – what a grand job she’s done.
    Where did you get asparagus in February? I love it when it’s in season even if it makes my wee smell funny.
    I spotted Fifi (or Daisy) wearing her new dog collar – I’m glad it fits.
    I am resolutely ignoring those gorgeous boots – you’ve cost me enough money this year so far 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • No, no padding needed – just a corset to give me a waist! Tess wore her bandana when we went out at the weekend and it drew several compliments. I didn’t put a link in for those boots, so you won’t be tempted to go and look at them. As for asparagus – I can’t get enough of the stuff, despite the odorous side effects!!


  4. I totally agree with the laundry comment! Hilarious. Does everyone everywhere in every household complain about being asked to do contribute to some part of keeping their clothing laundered?! And I love those ankle boots.


  5. What a wonderful week and many colourful pictures captured during it too 🙂 Both your student and yourself should be sooooo proud, she’s done a fabulous job on that little outfit!! I’ve got to say…that wig really suits you 😉 I’m sure it will be an amazing party to remember for many a year!!


  6. Lovely week, makes, and meals! Have great fun with your Dolly rig, and thanks for not linking those boots… I think. 😉


  7. Hello Dolly😂 Love the wig, your going to look great in those fabrics. Were you at Glastonbury to see her? I was in the middle of the massive audience!
    Well done to your student & to you for finishing an UFO, I always find it difficult to pick up that abandoned piece.
    As for all your food pics…yum…you’ve made me hungry so I’m off to find breakfast😃


  8. Crikey! Those breakfasts are something else! I’m not surprised you don’t need 3 meals a day. Hope the fellas have sorted out the washing! I have a similar problem here and there;s only 3 of us. I spoilt mine and gave them both their own washing baskets so as it dries I throw it in the appropriate basket. Except the socks – I never know who’s is who’s! I bet the show was fab! with a 6ft 2 dwarf,,,,that’s so funny. And got to mention the boot envy, I’ve be glad when springs here and I won’t be tempted any more to buy new ones!


  9. Oh yeah, boot envy here too. And I adore Dolly too but never have ventured to that part of the country yet. She’s definitely an icon over here. We just had a horrible fire all through her part of Tennessee and she donated $1,000 a month for 6 months to 150 families that were displaced and lost everything. Truly an angel. Laundry is such a chore and with boys all around (grown ones too) it’s worse. I do mine in a system: Mon/Jeans, Tues/Sheets&Towels, Wed/Whites, Thurs/Tops&Trousers, Fri-Sun/No Laundry! It’s a beautiful system and with doing a little bit every day, putting things away is manageable. Of course, the real trick is not to have overfull drawers. Laundry gets put away when there’s somewhere to put it. Great post!


  10. I’ll be looking forward to your Dolly special!


  11. Ahh more shoe envy. You have good taste. That shawl pattern looks great. I’m about to embark on a giant circle shawl for a friends wedding. Wish me luck


  12. Those boots! No wonder you couldn’t resist. Can’t wait to see the whole Dolly Parton rig out.


  13. LOVING the Dolly Parton wig, when does the ‘I can’t manage 3 meals a day’ kicks in ?? I can’t wait LOL


  14. I really need “colour” boots this winter. I love yours.
    Great job on the laundry. We think women would have a lot more, but you just proved to everyone that we are very good at washing and laundry and keeping things to a minimum, when it matters. NO Sorting. If its not mine, I dont sort it.
    🙂 Lovely breakfast, I would not be able to eat it all as well. But once in a while I do try though.
    Have a great day and coming weekend. Enjoy. 🙂


  15. You are going to have fun being Dolly – she is one fabulous female! I was lucky enough to see her in concert some years ago and can’t remember a better performer.(And I’ve seen a few greats).
    I have boot envy too, although they would need to be flat for me.
    You have clearly had a great week here. Hope you have many more just as good.


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